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Today, August 15th, a young man wearing trappings of a Confederate uniform and carrying the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia and an AR-15 went to Lee Park to "pay respects to his ancestors." Leftist agitators spent and entire hour yelling obscenities at him as he stoop silently, saluting. My blood is boiling to bursting after watching this, but the terrible, cold look in the cop's eyes as he tells off one of the leftists at the end is something to behold.

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commie genocide when

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The source.

This sums up the situation rather nicely.



Commies sure are begging us to lynch them and their pet niggers arent they.

I got to give credit to that guy. Pretty cool.

The people doing this are obvious assholes. But I do have to wonder if you'd be as angry if the guy was supporting soldiers in an army you didn't like. Like the Soviet Revolution or something.

It's acceptable to dislike what this guy is supporting, and even to talk with him about it after. It's the chimping out like they did that makes them absolutely ridiculous and deplorable. These people don't know how to have a conversation and actually express their ideas. They have to threaten and bully and frequently resort to actual violence because they're too stupid to actually have any understanding of the situation, and are probably just bandwaggoning.

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That's why I kind of like this one. The guy didn't even talk back or anything he just stood still. There are so many other examples where both sides are chimping.


It's nice to see a cop who clearly wants to protect white rights for once, even if he can't under risk of losing his job. The tub of lard needs to cut back on the Southern cooking, but he has balls of steel. God bless him.



south wanted to keep slaves and not have north telling them not to
he wanted a show
maybe u shouldnt erect statues to commemorate trying to keep slaves
maybe keep it to museums

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That's an historical inaccuracy. What the south/north was mainly arguing over was the 10th amendment, not over slavery. Sure, there is some small truth in it being a war over slavery, but it's not the whole reason why they were going to war, as it was most certainly not the cause. What the north was fighting for was a more centralized federal government that rules over the people while the south wanted a more decentralized government with more freedom to the people/state to state. AND now look what we have as a result over that damn war. What we have now is a surveillance police state. Also, you have to be retarded to think that the people who didn't own slaves fought for people who did have slaves. Another reason why is because they didn't want property taxes/higher taxes on there day to day life. In other words, no progressive income taxes and no seizure of property under the bounds as "Eminent domain". This just shows that history books are written by the victors for the victors, regardless of historical accuracy.

What u got now is every stated being able to give midle finger to the government and have ppl migrate, just to smoke weed or have gay marriage

The left should expect no defense of their civil liberties if they are going to do everything they can to destroy this country and the civil liberties of the right.

They need to be hung, no need for courts and jury. Maybe when they start realizing how much damage they did to America will they beg for its founding principles again.


That's a big guy.
He fucking towers over them.

An honorable man. Even him being fat doesn't do anything to diminish his character and bravery. Fucking liberals need to die.

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Nothing wrong with communism. It hasn't even been tried yet.



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Forgot to add that that nigger is stupid. Notice how he doesn't make an argument it's just emotions to him.

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