You wakeup and you found out that there is nobody on the streets/homes/city/whole world.What do u do

Fuck, this is one of the hardest questions out there. Too many possibilities.

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I wouldn't know, I never come outside. Nor can I look out of my windows

Light up a gas station and watch it burn


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id finally go outside, knowing there are no niggers left to be niggers.

how im supposed to know im alone in the world?

What kind of fucking mine is that coming from?

Roll over 360 degrees and go back to sleep.

Collect fifteen years of supplies; start learning how to make machinery last; build a farm as a base to protect against feral pets; start learning how to farm

Waste of time. There is only one of you, you can forage easily enough. Besides, all the fuel that farming equipment needs to run on is going to go bad inside of a year. You'd be better off gathering deep cycle batteries, industrial generators, and solar panels while you have usable fuel.


only if I live near a number of farms with a wide variety of foods, and even then It gets risky. Canned foods go bad within 20 years, emergency rations go bad in 30. I need a source of fresh food and preferably meat. Commercial ranches will be filled with wolves and other predators within 5 years and commercial farms will die much sooner.

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I doubt it would be possible for one person to get into, say, a presidential bunker. Not without years of work


A bunker would be a comfy and convenient place to easily avoid hostile fauna. Feral dogs will fuck your shit up.


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You would definitely die trying.

Day 1
Travel to the homes of the boyfriends of all the attractive girls I know and check their phones for nudes.
Find the fastest, most fun car I can and take it for a joyride.

Day 2-10
Steal a fuel-efficient car and stock up on gasoline.
Begin traveling the US for a new home, in a non-disaster-prone area with a warm-ish climate year-round so I don't have to worry about heating or cooling.
Settle down in my mansion or large farmhouse or whatever.
Stockpile food and water.

First Year
Get all traveling out of the way before the gasoline I can scavenge starts to go bad.
Pursue interests such as music, read lots of books, etc.
Shoot guns, blow things up.
Exercise extensively.
Learn to hunt, fish, farm, etc., for sustenance once scavengable ready-to-eat and easy-to-prepare food begins to run out.
Fortify my new home against potential natural predators and/or the possible return of people.

Oh, and I'd try lots of different drugs.