Pedo thread

Mods are cancer edition

not a good time

I'm game fam

Aww, forgot my cookies and milk boo hoo

too old

fake pedo detected

we got cancelled


Here you go

reaching levels of cuteness we never thought possible!

Who is she


she looks ridiculous trying to look all made up. she should mature a bit then try modelling.


she IS mature, you fucking sperg

no she looks like a tryhard child pretending to be 20.



because OC is so easily accessible

if you don't like it, go make your own.


It's like you're asking or disappointed no OC gets posted, diaperfag.

because 'muh dost' that's why. you have to walk on egg shells to avoid posting anything that can get you banned. otherwise the content would be sexier and nearly endless

The butt that launched 1,000 stained bedsheets

The Holy Trinity


Little Sonya got Ha-ked

what would you do for her fags?

i love her english. too cute tbh

the plot thickens.

Would you get a face-full? :P

hi, u know where webm related come from?

is it from YT? i just saved it randomly from months ago


I'm aware of the recent ones, but I mean the webm I posted in here fam

that last pic though. it's amazing how her face matured in just 1 year and a few months. her face is not round that anymore. she's becoming a young woman. not loli anymore. :D

I understand, bitch

I consent

Too old

fuck u





Anti-pedo here. What's the oldest you can go :P



By which I mean three 12-year-olds.

how old is she ?

4 to 27 for me

This is Holla Forums. You can't get banned from here.

data miner

am a pedo and I also fall in love with girls my age, or older

age really doesn't matter when you fall in love

though, I'd say around 35 years old

hold my beer…

I'm not realy a sonya expert, but I think she's around 11 or 12 now

I might be wrong though

You need to lurk more or better because I have seen honest to goodness hardcore penetration CP vids on this board even within the last week, let alone the last couple years.

Right. Like getting a 'CP' ban for posting an Instagram image…

she is "kind of" cute but swarthy for a Russian (?)

Nice try fbi


(Mentally deranged)

Nice try at what? If you use a VPN and you get banned, all you do is switch the route, spoof your MAC, and boom you are back in.
And if you don't believe me about the CP on this board, you can go read the mods talking about it in the sticky thread. Because that is one of the places it was posted.

I fucking hate cp, I clicked a spoiler image and it was some sicko doing mean stuff to little girl from foreign country.
There also a really weird one of this girl.

What is 'mean'?

I hate all porn

vargposter, pls go


mean=shoving little girl's head

Sick bastards. good thing mods take care of the shit!!!

I bet it was pretzel girl


like hurtcore?
That is grotesque even by normal pedo standards

back off, hurtcorefag

I got much better shit than this lmao

[email protected]/* */

Officer, at least use a different email…

They delete it…eventually.
But they don't do anything to keep it from coming back.
user is right, they don't ban anyone here, and they can't unless they disallow VPNs and proxies, which Dysnomia won't do.

If they did this board would've died a year ago

how fucking terrible of them. they should be ashamed

if you dont like vpns go back to halfchan

Yep, they can't take 2 hours. Edgy pedos.

VPN's and proxies don't do that.

I didn't say that I didn't like them. I do, and think that if you are not using one when you surf chans you are an idiot. But if you re-read what I wrote, you will notice that I was not talking about what *I* like or don't like. You just assumed something without any basis for doing so. And you were wrong. In my country, we call that being a dumbshit.


dude, pedos are savages and cowboys!

dav on them haters


it's up to the individual posters to decide :P

If they don't protect anonymity, What's the point of VPN and tor then?


Ill fug tbh

What's pretzel girl I've heard mentioned here before but never seen it posted

Can't believe they'd do that.

false sense of security? collect all the goyim in one spot to make monitoring them easier?


is "pretzel girl" that blond girl?


go away please

insta used to be "sonyaswirli", but I think it's gone now or have gone a diff. name.

and 'sonyafreeze' was her YT, dunno if it still is. I stopped actively following her once she got mainstream.

no :)

I hate the face of this lil girl, I dunno why

and she always get posted


Mods are not cancer if their only objective is to keep the board afloat while providing you a consistent platform for you to forward your concerns, and ideas over a controversial topic that has such deep implications on the lives of anyone who is involved in it.

You people have to understand that what Holla Forums is providing isn't a gateway for you to get your daily fix of 12 year olds' ass, it's more like a place for you to make your point to a wider audience, hopefully reaching those who can actually make good use of the ideas, advices, and entire points, as to why the current state of matters has to be reformed.

If you come here to see 12 year olds naked, you're only perpetuating the already fucked up stigma surrounding your entire group, while making yourselves look like wild animals who must be hunt down like the irrational beasts you are. You already have tor and countless, literally infinite, sources for the material you're looking for, why do you still want to make the only place where you can actually reach other people, to be just another porn dumpster for questionable material?

fuck of

Kill yourself immediately!

some of us are anti all porn and are on nofap forever so fuck of globalist

Yeah fuck off buddy.


It's like talking to a bunch of turkeys.


i'll see your "sage" and raise you a "bump"


▲ ▲ ▲ █ █ █ __/___ _____/______| _______/_____\_______\_____ \ < < < |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


…well shit

And that is where your post falls apart. Because the mods here do NOT have as their only objective those things you said. In fact, those are barely even secondary objectives of the mods here.

I could get a wider audience by opening my window and shouting.
Please explain how someone could make good use of a pic of Pepe accompanied by a whining teenager whose life is falling apart because his mom told him to take out the garbage, so now he is crying on Holla Forums wondering "what do"? And what "good use" is there for repetitious pics of cocks? Seriously, user, Holla Forums is a shitposting board and nothing else, meaning that there is no good use for any of it. Wake up and look at where you are, FFS.

That is one hell of an ego you have there, Mr. Mod.

Ah yes…the epitome of literate intellectual discussion– "Fuck of".

Tell you what, Mr. Sagefag. We'll all leave Holla Forums if you promise as the last one here to turn of the lights. That would be very good off you.


stop posting that shit candydoll faggot

CP dump here

samefag pls go

If you add "shalom" to the beginning of that post it will be perfect.

Yeah, no. I do my shilling on websites that have actual traffic.

~ jake paul



Yes pls