Must watch

That was quick

based cantwell

i ain't watchin a 20 minute vid of nazis


worst tl;dr ever

fine. stuff happened.

Gee, I can only wonder who this could be…

Man, shit happened WAY too fast for there not to be some level of false flagging going on.

propaganda, funny the whole thing was getting recorded TV reality show style

missing Antfa and black lives matter in riot gear, body armor, carrying, baseball bats, sticks like shovel handles, clubs, makeshift flamethrowers, bottles of piss, etc and where assaulting violently people who were unarmed other then those who flags.

yep people just have to watch the you tube videos.of the people there





I have no idea what's going on in this video



Nigger, you can't clearly see shit, shut the fuck up.

Cant believe one hamplanet dying is seriously criterium to call you a nazi nowadays.

Meanwhile, the kike officers boxes them in as way to try to force a conflict between UTR and antifa trannies… hmmmm, REALLY makes you think!!! This can only prove that law enforcement and anarchism work hand in hand in a way to force domestic terrorism. Antifa will burn down buildings, beat innocent bystanders up, kill people and the media won't say a word!!!

good goys think they're doing anything by looking like retards and literally killing people in the street. that guy who did it a Holla Forumsfag.

There's definitely an above-average chance

they hacked his facebook. mods deleted the threads and I didn't save any pics.

You mean there was evidence of it?

are you retarded?

back to leddit then you filthy kike

Looks like youtube Holla Forumsled Cantwell's ass

Because of the left's Relentless provocation this will be a self-fulfilling prophecy.


The ones in the helmets are Antifa? Unfortunately, it's 4 seconds long and doesn't show what led up to it.

Either way, I wouldn't care if the Confederate sympathizers were all gassed, so the "b b but THE LEFTISTS are the real hateful ones" bullshit won't work on me. And I think it's safe to assume that the white nationalists/supremacists/whatever, were the most violent.

he needed two other buddies to gang up on an unsuspecting old man? jesus christof.