Trolling Craigslist FTW

Who can win?
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i might call that number lol. I'll roll up an account now.

Wow Cheryl's legal? I wanna fuck her

Get cheryl to send you nudes

Wonder what she looked like at 16

probably small tits and less legal

we can stop namefagging now

Probably more adorable and good size



Is "Cheryl" Ukranian? I mean, she has the hair-do and the right face shape.

Still tryin


they replied to "Cheryl"
I'm gonna tell them her full name is Cheryl Sharón Rimkís. And eventually say she's "not really 18"


Still goin

Holy shit, this is either some fine ass ruse or this girls are all whores xD

I'm a russian

He's literally asking for whores.

Maybe they caught the ruse…

Yea you went a little fuckin heavy on the I'm a rich sugar baby act.

it's all in fun. Trying a new one



They replied….what should I do?

obviously you should go

Also dude wants to come do a vid at my parents house he posted an ad wanting to do a facial video ….for no pay lmao. I'm gonna send him to some random rich looking house in fort collins.
Asked how old I was. LoL
I said "you got a pic? I'm 18 dude…like really, you gonna ask me that!?

It'd be weird and I don't known think they'd pay when a 32 year old man showed up