Becoming a board volunteer

How to become board volunteer? I want to moderate and delete CP

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cp is barely posted, stop bitching

Me too, I'd do good, what do the mods think?

I think you'd be pretty good too

so do i but it will never fucking happen

samefage spotted

will you also delete halfchan tier treads?


Yes, so when I become a mod I will delete this thread


I'd ban you for spam

well, thats enough of this thread

Me too.

you sound like you'd make a good cop of you didn't weigh 350 lbs and sweat when you eat

I just want to ban people from posting child pornography… It's illegal and immoral.

I bet you're the same fag that posts cp

I'll interview you here.
Y u want 2 B 1?

No, but I am looking for how to become a board volunteer

just do what i did

Why would you interview me, you aren't in any position of power

What should I do?


Some day a mod account will fall out of the sky, just be there when it does. Also be sure to change the password.

I myself am a calm man. I do things and get things done very professionally. Thank you for your time.

good luck.
wew. who cares about morals and laws, you should be wanting to remove it to benefit the site, not because of some sense of duty, besides that, why would you want to purposely look at it if you have such moral high ground?

i would think most mods abuse the report system for ez fap finds

Get out of here, you don't belong.

Does dysnomia think im a troll or something? start replying to me more often you faggot



you should spam the board and then wait for dysnomia to drop a free mod account. like mr.spammer hex said, make sure to change the password

just so you know this board is garbage & it's not worth modding

jump into a lake


I'm intelligent enough to limit my childish behaviors, my good sir. Me being mod I would lurk around and only sometimes insult people. I'm a very open-minded guy who's willing to do my job :P.. I'm more intelligent than you think. A genius at that.

hot diggity dog :D now fuck off im trying to be mod. Whos in charge here?

you have to be highly suspect of people that are begging to be mods and janitors and volunteers. they always have an ax to grind, they want to purge certain users to start with, then just push that ban button like there's no tomorrow once they get comfortable with it. i recall halfchan /soc/ after they started advertising for janitors and mods. many openly posted on threads hope they were going to be eventually promoted to mod so they could white knight and protect their favorite camwhores and would indiscriminately ban people that weren't breaking rules, but just to clean up the board to how they want it to be and some talked about purging contactfags so they could quietly dox and contactfag their favorite girls.

and sure enough though that board was always cancer containment, it went to shit even faster not long after. instapermabans were pretty fast and frequent when there was a perceived slight. at least one girl complained about being harassed by a mod behind the scenes being banned from the site because she wouldn't give him nudes after he doxed her and tried impressing her that he was a mod. many of these same people would rage against contactfagging because they were so autistic they couldn't do it themselves. in /sma/ there was at least one retard that was a fréddit mod on gw or some shit and pull similar shenanigans between the two sites.

Hex is a good boy. He didn't do anything wrong.



moar gibs tho pls

This. If you want to be a mod try to be one for >>>/srz/

besides, you can only be a mod on Holla Forums if you can see the fnor​ds

delet HeX/0


wow, you're really smart!

i'm not very smart. what are s. pls halp

The true Holla Forums premium.


What the fuck's wrong with you?

a payment more valuable than coin

Remember guys. This is the FBI trying to make us feel safe

try it, user

type the word. see if you can see the f n o r d s

i swear i'm not fbi. i'm just another Holla Forumsro like you. srsly guise

mod me niggers

user, you're not sincere about it tho. you only want in after the pot o gold at the end of the rainbow was exposed

i just want to set the world on fire

if i had the power, i would mod you

fnord. i don't see the problem??

Out of curiosity, who told you that mods can do that? Because they can't. Mods can't ban people, Dysnomia can't ban people either, and it is his board. There is no such thing as banning on this board, and there won't be until and unless Dysnomia disallows the use of VPNs and proxies.
So I hate to bust your bubble, but the issue of CP on Holla Forums is not one of the mods not doing their job. It is one of the mods not being given the one tool that they actually need to be able to do their job. So get used to the CP, because as long as things are this way, they will have a CP friendly board to post on whether anyone here likes it or not.

Ah, shut the fuck up.

Banning IPs from Holla Forums?

You know what we should do? We should have everyone register an account tied to their real life ID. Everyone would post with their real name instead of anonymous. Then everyone could have a profile picture too, and maybe we should add up arrows and down arrows so that we can vote up things that make us happy and vote down things that make us sad. Like facebook and reddit combined. That would solve all of our problems

and NO hate speech or problematic manbaby behavior, of course.

oh my fucking god you are a genius. implementation when?/??

kek. nazi's BTFO!

Well, there IS an opening, now that Jim has accepted disnomia's resignation as mod.

Wow, holy shit!