Seriously, I need help

how do i stop masturbating

I have an addiction

Just stop doing it.

It's an addiction he can't exactly just stop it

It's called willpower.

Stop internet and dry fasting.

as in drink more water?

man can we switch places? i haven't had an erection in months

It's easy without water.

i don't really drink that much water anyway, like a litre or so a day?


Masturbation is great why would you stop?

erectile dysfunction, in case i one day have a chance to fuck some chick and I cant get it up

Don't kid yourself, you're never going to fuck a woman.

I've had like 5 chances in the past 6 months lol but i chickened out due to my erection problem

same person, just wanted to say I could literally get laid this week if I could get an erection without watching porn

tbh this has happened to me before. Luckily i had drunk quite a bit both times and had an excuse. Its just nerves user. Gotta be comfortable with what your doing. Embed related.

500mg niacinamide a day (take the last two days of each month off) will return your libido. Jack off every day if you want.

jerking off will literally reduce your chances of getting prostate cancer.

where did you get that jerking off causes it?

Man every man does that, even your grandpa must fap more than that

Well, I looked up causes of E.D and that was one of them.

also at one point I was jacking off at least 3 times a day sometimes 5 but thats when I was at my worst about a year ago

thank you for the advice but i literally have to watch extreme types of porn to get an erection at this point>>7294166

I might try this, thanks

i love this song

why stop?

so i can lose my virginity

hookers were created by god for people like us

that may be so but how would i fuck a hooker without an erection

You have a forearm don't you?

have you seen a doctor?


you should.
go see a doctor instead of shitposting


You have to try dammit