Internet Addiction

Anything you've done to replace/limit time online?

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Live in my own imaginary world on an imaginary website that's better than you'll ever dream of.

I don't understand. What do you mean exactly?

if you don't want to be online/smoke/do drugs/fuck whores/whatever, don't. no one is forcing you.

not books about fucking you retard

these are a few of my favorite things

Stop acting like a feminist…

lift, nigger.
it will also help you get bitches and limit even more your time online

where is the rest?

Workout and internet are the same.

Jokes on you faggot. I exercise at home and never go outside except to go to work or the grocery store.

i've gone the last few weeks without internet and it fucking sucks, honestly

Excelent meme

how do you browse the internet without having the urge to jack off? there is porn everywhere.

Image block.

yes be fat and lazy goy.

That's actually pretty sexy in and of itself, OP.

4chan/Holla Forums and ocosionally listen to music on YouTube



wgggg whhhhh ehhhhhhhhh
low dopAMINE
so lowww
not gud

b is for beta'
low dopamine makes you beta male
cancer cancer caaaaaaancwer

Do people honestly listen to music on youtube in le current year? It's so compressed, we've had technology to recreate higher quality sounds for like a hundred years and storage is cheaper than ever but instead you choose to use a major commercial website that compresses the music you listen to?
This frustrates me as much as posting on halfchan. I wish the normalfags and casuals would fucking leave.


i work out, when i go to store and carry two milk jugs home. im swole fam

Still not close to flacs or even 320mp3s
but if you couldn't tell that from listening then the limiting factor is probably your hardware.

uh oh what will I do when I get audiophile speakers but only listen to foriegn dj mixes on youtubeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeee




go take a hike. no, seriously… get out in nature. breath fresh air. literally hug a tree. walk barefoot through the grass

Earth is losing magnetism. it's at .05 gauss and rapiddly declining… used to be 5 gauss in babylon/biblical times we are all going to dieeeeeė

Nevermind it's .5 gauss whew typœ


whew. saved by the field

Control yourself

I do. what's your excuse?

I'm weak



You could do some shit, like any housework, going for a walk, going out somewhere, then take a break and enjoy the computer a bit, just limit your time to what you think is appropriate.

not op, but those are the best books (most of those types of books are by people who fucked a few times in their lives and pulled this shit out of their ass for a bad attempt at making some cash).


I breed goldfish.

Those that don't choke on my cum, that is…

I wanna try creative writing. I just procrastinate too much to stay focused though.

You need to unplug a bit dude. The reason you sit online so much is because it's a constant source of stimulation. It overloads your pleasure sensors, and makes work, hobbies, or any other long-term nurturing activities feel mind-numbingly boring. I suggest lifting and reading more.