How does it feel to know this place isn't hip?

Feeling left out guys?

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[spits water all myself]

ITS ALL ABOUT THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've had some pretty interesting conversations with retards on this site

4chan is normie central obviously. they're one of the top sites for traffic. that comes from idiots like brooke baldwin ("who is this hacker 4chan") and other journalists like her.

you were being counter-catfished obviously. you too are massively stupid fuckshit asslick.

What did you say cunt? >:( It was a fun conversation with the retard anyway, have another

Lemmy's dead.

Heroes never die, they just fade away.

Only had like 1 good song.

You mean Macarena?

It was okay. Not as good as some of the others though.

I think his was a much better version.


look at what i figure out how to do :)

God damn you fucking retard.

check it yo embeded!

i always wanted to flashmobb and surpise people

i love this soong too. there;s a part where carly rae keeps singing "whooo" in high pitch. it sounds awesome.


i'm posting my playlist. this is a good thread idea i might start soon.

Not nearly as left out as I'll feel if you ever leave us dear OP.
Now fuck off m8

I'm not enjoying it so far, make your own thread you cunt

ayyy i'm thinking about this. this could be a good thread to judge anons based on their music. i know people would say i have shit taste, but still i like the songs i like.

the pedros here will like this girl but she's actually an amazing singer for her age.
unironically the only song i like katy in. the blormpf triggering and men telling her what to sing is doing well for her.

yea katy is amazing.

this is another from jadyn, but she really shines here. in the fleetwod mac video whoever mixed the audio totally fucked up because they had her levels way too low compared to the music.

Pedos don't have to like every ugly little girl.

she's cute af dude

owlcity ftw

fuckk yes! i love when carly rae goes "whooo!!" it totally makes that song for me.

Hands up if you down to get down tonight!!! Cause it's always a good time!!!



i stayed with a girl who was obsessed this this vid/nirvana re-do

i got crazy about her but she was a dyke.

sopranos version

Okay fine I was just looking at her from the wrong angles. No talent though :P
Also, where did I go wrong?

Disclaimer: I didn't think she was real and was only kidding. :P

i guess you pretended to be an older male here. it was better if you pretend to be younger girl.

hey hey i saved the world today

my last. i have to go to sleep while my guitar gently weeps


good one.


Why? She's just a little girl with no talent.