Help me being fit

how much time will it take to regain my noob gains?

should I take some anabolics if I want to hit my natty limit faster?

Just get on the roids brother

redpill me on roids?

will I die?

high risk high reward

not going to shill and tell you not to do it nor am I going to go into depth about the pros and cons of anabolics but just do some research if you're being serious and not being a shilling niggerkike

nigga do you even calisthenics?

calisthenics are not substitute for lifting, they're a complement, but they're mostly for endurance, not hypertrofy.

i understand that, but people arent get that torso shape they want just by lifting weights. come on user…

calysthenics only works to give you basic gains at slower pace.

is no optimal, is fun, but you can't build mass with just push ups and pull ups.

well does a "skinny fat" person really need more mass? also he is bitching about more body fat, his he lying?

we're talking about using gear to reach something bigger than othermode.

ok noted

do you even lift bro?

we were all noobs once.


Hafthor is a god

Ohh I want to have a beautiful fit gym body but never work out!!!

Stop being a faggot. Get some free weights and go to town daily. Eat really good, lots of food and nutrition (main thing here.) Also Sleep A LOT.

that's a good way to not actually get any gains

i have never exercised in my life, or gone to any sport, or similar. I'm a NEET that never leave my desk but still i'm really muscular. You can see big veins on my arms, which is a sign of being strong. I've also almost got a six pack. It's probably my genes or I'm just blessed.

you should try lifting your dick into some sweet loli, thats how i got ripped and turned into a solid 10/10. all the women find me irresistible now. I've been fucking 10 women everyday now.



true actually, it's probably just my genes tbh. i dunno why it's that way but i like it a lot.

are you a teenager?


well that explains that

I suppose.

losing fat is "gains"?

ackchually it's losses

"gains" is muscle mass gains

a long as time and no. add cardio before lifting.


Eating right is 70% of your training

gotta give credit to those niggers, building your own weight from rocks is really worth 'mirin

being less of a fat ass doesn't count as "gains"