ART faggatory

Time for some ART thread fuckers.

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Want some murica stuff from my collection faggots ?

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That is awesome. Who is the artist?

Have some more


smh tbh fam

John Waterhouse is probably one of my favorites right now.




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I've been to the monument a few times, definitely worth going to

This is also relatively close, you can see one from the other on a clear day:

от къде си мой?


Holla Forums art



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Great the surreal fags and new age fags just got here.Holla Forums art threads always go to shit.

All Holla Forums threads go to shit.
This is Holla Forums, FFS! How did you get to become a vol not knowing jack shit about how this board works?

Sorry, forgot to include a pic related

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faggot OP is back to post some shit for your enjoyment


Do you have the full ver. of 2nd pic?

No, the original is actually an animated gif, which is pretty funny if you are into fart jokes.



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Is that a Hugo Simberg? My mom once to took me to a Hugo Simberg exhibit as a kid. Good memories

yes. didn't know he was known outside Finland. he's barely even known inside Finland.