Charlottesville situation

The whole Charlottesville thing is way bigger, than you think.

Currently the death of the antifa hambeast is being reported as a "Nazi terror attack" 24/7 all over Europe and the police authorities of Germany and France already announced a crackdown on right-wing parties and movements.

It's either a false flag alltogether, or they were waiting for something like this to happen so shut it all down.

Best suggested course of action would be proving the innocence of the driver, by spreading information about his car being attacked by the lefties prior to the crash and make him Zimmerman 2.0, also spreading propaganda to make MAGAcucks, alt-kikes and other normies feel discriminated against and unfairly presented in the media.

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Can someone give me tl;dr on this issue?

alt right vs antifa protest
kid drives through antifa jaywalking party, killing one, injuring a few others


Apparently alt right.

james alex fields jr
possible kike, hasn't been confirmed for certain yet
he was one of the "unite the right" protestors

wut? this post seems like a false flag.

actually everything in america today is a false flag because all you have to do is get on your favorite social media shit hole and say "i don't believe what xyz says. msm, blah blah bias, false flag". then i go "OMFG! it's a set up because i believe in this and that". and everyone gets to engage in whatever rage inducing fantasy they wish to larp in.

i hope you you kill yourselves over your very deeply held and highly relevant beliefs.

did you … did i … did we read the same post, user?

I think the wut? poster is coming from a Holla Forums perspective and is not a false flag

I don't pay attention to the news and I don't give a shit.

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Of fucking course it's a false flag. Every time in this damn decade something happens that "the zionists" can use as bait for globalism, it's probably a false flag.
Remember that sarin gas attack in Syria? False flag against Assad.
When there was the Manchester bombing, there wasn't a single picture of the bodies or portraits of the victims.
Now some shitbag gets run over, there are pictures of her all around the net.
Funny isn't it?

I have a simple life. I like a boring, simple, uninteresting life.

I think the implications are bigger than that. Antifa actively fighting white nationalists is a sign that this country is going to Balkanize

no shit. its the first time someone died in a commie vs. kaisercuck rally since trump. they all are too stupid realize any truth so all of them deserve whatever.

he was getting his car beat and they were surrounding him in a mob situation. clearly these kids don't remember the LA riots and what happens when you stop in a vehicle.

stop saying that. that meme is being pushed by literal niggers to legitimize everything. i've already seen the fake Craigslist "crisis actor" shit posted, regardless that it's been edited.

no. nothing will balkanize. there will be no "ebin cibil war". the white nationalist aren't organized enough to cause a big enough dent. not only that but their leaders are CIAniggers who are all in on this big entrapment operation.

False flag or no, It will urge lefties to feel justified in becoming even more violent. ie punch nazi > kill nazi or some such. Nazi being basically anyone that does not conform, extra brownie points for being a 'white' male.

Tbh the right is just as bad as the left, when one invest only in a single perspective one will inevitably gain tunnel-vision. A true intellectual studies all sides of the argument.

fyi whomever controls the flow of information can shape and direct public opinion.





reddit spacing is a newfag meme. Holla Forums is older than it. Only like a year ago did double spacing become associated with reddit for some stupid reason.

People have been doing it on 4chan since before reddit's inception.


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The sunroof, the paint job, no airbags, reinforced front bumper, a car dented from the side, some "eye witnesses" lying saying that he hit them, backed up and came back again (implying they were prompted). The motor vehicle registration is fake as can be. I used to be the one registering every single car purchased for my store, features are not listed on registration. I also lived in ohio, and none of that is listed on a registration for a car in ohio. The bill of sale or factory build sheet yes, but not on a registration. It also claims daytime running lamps not available, which they were. it also states optional ABS, which it came standard with. too much wrong with the "registration"

Been here since 2014. Never saw anybody bitch about it until 2017.

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to be fair, i think it might have actually started mid 2016-ish.
still new as fuck regardless.

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post proof

you convinced me. i guess the guy should be totally free to go now.


Only shit.

Oy vey user

None of you have even realised what the cops were doing. Boxing the UTR people herding them towards these poor fools.

Or even that the one helicopter that could have proven whether or not this was a false-flag with their aerial view cam mysteriously crashed.

How about the trying to compare the image of the driver from recordings to the suspect in custody.

Maybe have a look at the recording of the mother being informed of what happend, she's supposed to be crippled yet she's squatting.

So on and on~

The suspected Driver was a Jew
But the car and his car don't match
So probably wasn't him


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35,000 people with phones and not one pic of explosion or aftermath? Manchester is one of the worst false flags to date.

I agree.

Return of the mack

tinted as fuck windows alsmot spotless looking car like it was band fucking new
I wonder who could be the driver


Richard Spencer = controlled opposition
Andrew Anglin = controlled opposition

What are you talking about?

sucking off any political group or party is retarded, I'd say the same once the middle gets some size. No side is interested in the truth, unless it fits what they want. The right is supposed to balance out the left, so now it needs to grow and they can both balance eachother out while occasionally having the small groups from both that are very loud discuss something on occasion. Most members of groups are reasonable, but they are used to playing follow the leader where they shut up and obey the whoever sets the trends in their group. With them seeing all the shit going down, they're moving further away from the left and right. If this trend keeps up, we could have a fucking independent canidate win in 20 years, something unheard of today.

Yes fuck leftypol.


Onoes, the rest of the world got tired of your edgy, autistic Holla Forums nonsense and decided it's time to put a stop to it. How terrible.

Jewish schizophrenic was baited by protesters and lost his schizophrenic shit. He is now being labeled a right wing terrorist even though the left defends all islamic terrorist activity as being the act of somebody who is mentally deranged.

Some things to do with Charlottesville


Should have dodged the Charger heh