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i'm a literal oldfag and maybe other oldfags can back me up on this, but pepperoni that you get on an average pizza today is substandard. i believe pepperoni used to be pork and maybe beef as well. at least mass produced industrial farming shit that you'd get in america. and this was true even on frozen pizzas you'd buy in the supermarket, which is of course the lowest of shit tier pizza, but sometimes it hits the spot.

but sometime a while ago i noticed that frozen pizzas and even delivery pizza places would specify that the pepperoni was beef, pork, and chicken. that change, the explicit mentioning of the ingredients seemed like a hint that pepperoni had changed. and indeed the odor and taste of it is now literally rancid to me. i've tried buying pepperoni pizzas a few times over the past decade, that's how long it takes me to think maybe i was wrong about modern pepperoni, and i can not even stomach the smell of it now. i threw out a dominoes that i ordered once with pepperoni because it smelled like rotting human flesh (inb4 it is flesh hurrr, it smelled like something very bad).

if i go to an upscale pizza place the pepperoni is usually better. when i make a pizza at home, i've found if i buy a premium meat like boar's head, the pepperoni tastes like i recall it should. and the ingredients say nothing about chicken. but if i buy that lower end pepperoni that comes in huge pre-sliced packages like kroger brand, it has chicken and tastes and smells horrible.

so, can anyone with knowledge of food confirm my observations about pepperoni. did it change in america in the past few decades from something better quality like just pork or pork and beef to something very low quality with chicken and probably other really shitty stuff that goes into highly processed meat?

I have no idea how old the practice is, but adding chicken (generally the cheapest meat) is a common way to make cheap, low quality pepperoni. Traditional pepperoni is pork and beef.

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ayy thanks for confirming this for me. i'm not crazy. the quality of pepperoni in the us at least has gone to shit as i thought it had.

i grew up on pepperoni pizza. i like prosciutto sandwiches but i'm squeamish about cheese in general and don't think i could eat goat cheese. i try to have as little cheese as possible in my life.

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