What do you think of women?

Be honest. Or not.

Look, fap, don't touch.

Nasty temptations inferior creation total scum buckets

God's most beautiful creation


I like women. They are soft, their hair smells nice and they make my peepee feel tingles



What a scumbag, feeling her up like that.

Vid of her getting fucked by a dog?

What the hell man…

This is hot. Public sexy stuff are my fetish.


If trips Jim steps down



They act like faggots, but are female.
I am kinda bicurious, if you are too, you will recongize this.


they don't deserve any rights.

greedy, not trust worthy, jealous, cheating, bitchy and moody. I would much rather have an enjoyable loving relationship (whether physical, sexual or just emotional) with a real bitch or dog.

This. They are pretty awesome if they are a good person, but both sexes have shitty people, so just avoid assholes.

They are a necessary evil.

Hey stop that.

Very efficient punching bags.

Women actively ruin their own lives and then cry for someone to save them from their own shitty decisions.

And if they find someone stupid enough to actually save them they will then proceed to destroy that individual with a savagery that would make even satan flinch.

There's not really much for me to think about women. For what reason does a cave have to ponder the light of day? I'll never come into contact with any women, and I'll certainly never be involved with them, so thinking about them is rather pointless.

I suppose seeing pictures of them online aids in masturbation, so there's that.

They're overly dramatic, fickle, needy, emotional, bloodsucking parasites waiting to latch onto a man and bleed him dry

they're built for sex, literally ever part of a woman is made to make you cum and gestate your sperm.

Stacys not included

Do not fear, Younglings


Most of them are vicious parasites. They lie often to get what they want and crave for attention, using their body as a weapon - nothing but greedy, bitching whores.
They also think they have a full control on the sex market, which makes it delicious when you "block" their desire by turning them down.

There's some nice women of course, but most of them are disgusting and not trustworthy.

Warm. Soft. Smell nice.

If "god" created women, you should ask yourself why they're such a bunch of hysterical crying bitches.
I'd prefer a dog over a woman any day.

needs to be replaced before it is too late


Useless outside the kitchen and bedroom

Modern women don't know that.

They are heartless parasites who don't deserve any respect, recognition, rights, privileges, to be let out of cages or have any association to us real human beings. I hate their very fiber of being and i wishe that they didnt exist or had been left in captivity

Females by nature are shitty creatures and those you think are "the good ones" are better at keeping up withtheir good girl facade. Dont delude yourself buddy

The other half of creation that succumbs easily to social pressure.
The only creature on the planet that holds some form of power over man.
Contradictory entity that demands perfection but desires flaws.
A being that turns a useless clump of cells into another human. A kiln or egg of sorts for souls.

some of them feel good on my peepee.

to be serious, women are only good as long as your dick is in them, otherwise they suck 99% of the time.

I see.

But you are gay no?

they're worthless and despicable.

i hate them. They get everything for nothing, just, cuz they r less fertile, than men