Is Tor secure?

I need Internet privacy to check the weather and look for dinner recipes. Is Tor safe enough for that?

Is there anything I should worry about?

Get a VPN,a linux operating system, run it on a virtual machine, and probably tons of other shit I'm not remembering. Also note that you will never be completely anonymous, not even with Tor. It just makes it harder to track you down, but not impossible.

Use Tor and disable JavaScript and you're safe from anything that doesn't flag you as an imminent threat to national security.

Tor is fine, just don't log on to personal accounts through it.

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Use Debian. Easy to set up and use. Set a good password. Use an Antivirus. VPN is optional, depending on the porpuse, you´re using TOR for. Always disable JavaScript. Dont give your personal infirmation anywhere. Stay away from sketchy sites, and you will be fine.

Don't forget to also encrypt the linux partition(s)

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install gentoo

Read vault 7 retard

It will make it uneconomical to reach you if you also encrypt your hard drive, use it on a completely non used notebook that is not traceable to you and on a VM with some linux system, preferably in text form. At this point you'll be almost impossible to take down.

yes depending on where you live your ISP will flag you as a tor user

Are you making cheese pizza for dinner?


JavaScript must be disabled from Tor?

Yes, javascript is like putting a raccoon in your locked fridge. Just find a way to download videos or whatever.

well absolutely mate, if you need real security you gotta use Tails OS and TOR obsf4 bridged together

thanks dudes, now i need to learn how to do all that

Tails OS ?
mount the ISO on an USB
plug the USB into a computer at startup

disable javascript, flash, everything, basically.
read up.

This basically

Might want to invest into a decent VPN, fork out some money per month for a decent one its worth it.

that is, only if you trust any random company better than your own ISP…. basically if you use a VPN it can read your traffic so you gotta have real faith in the VPN…
also use obfs4. it's a bridge, bridges are included with TOR.
you might want to check for DNS leaks, use DNSCrypt.

all noted, much thanks


Which one? The only one that is free software and scans only for known malware affecting only and exclusively Window$ or the proprietary ones that are nothing other but malware?
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Disabling javascript won't save you. Modern web browsers have huge attack surfaces, even without JS. Scripting makes exploiting vulnerabilities much easier but if you're being targeting by someone with a lot of a resources, you are fucked. If Firefox/Tor Browser is your only defense, you should work on better solutions.

Isn't this dangerous on Tor?

Downloading anything is dangerous, files can phone home (bypassing Tor) or exploit software.

such as?

live streaming files (exists), files that are uniquely identifiable, software (programs), scripts

PDFs, word documents and videos are some that have been actually used in the real world to deanon targets.

but if you use Whonix, no one will ever know…

What about Tails ?

Whonix is made for anonymity, Tails is a mix of that plus security


Which one is better?

Don't people download illegal porn using Tor?

It's not the downloading itself that is dangerous over tor. That's actually completely safe unless there's some exploit.
It's what you download that could be malicious, because it could do something you don't want it to do.
So if you download a video and open it in windows media player, the windows media player could deanonymize you.
That's why you use something like whonix or a sandboxed media player (with a live usb or someshit).

ideally, tails ?

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I'm not a CPfag, but there must be -some- reason people are willing to risk jail just to watch it.
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Tor is likely fine. But you have to understand what you can and can't do with it. Don't fucking use it to log into websites using accounts you used before you made any attempts at privacy.

Don't log into websites that do not have https. Unless they are actually onion sites, in which case you can, because usage of tor gives the same functionality as https.

If you are going to download anything to open locally, don't use windows. Encrypt shit you download.

An excuse to strip people of their civil rights.

They don't care at all actually, all they care about is bolstering the private prisons with as much slave labor as humanly possible. Why else would america have 5% of the worlds population but 25% of its prison population?


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Why wouldn't you encrypt it? For starters, if you only encrypt stuff that is illegal, if you have any encrypted stuff on your pc, it is obviously illegal. While if you actually encrypt every single thing you have, no matter how unimportant, encryption no longer points to something illegal. It just means there might be something there. Image you are the police and you get a pc with just one drive with a small part of it encrypted. This should tell you that it is hiding something important. While you get a pc with everything encrypted, the encryption itself is no longer an indicator of anything. There is no longer a guarantee to find something interesting when you break the encryption. So you have to guess if its worth your time.

The same is really true about Tor, if you use it exclusively to go to places you should not go to, it becomes a lot easier to catch you doing bad things. They could just ignore all the technologically advanced whatever and stake out your house until they notice you are using tor (which isn't too easy, but much easier than trying to break tor). After which point, they somehow catch you in the act. Something like this has been used at some point to confirm somebodies identity. I can't remember all the details, but there was a dude they kind of knew who he was but weren't entirely sure, they only thing they really had to confirm his identity was that he regularly got on a irc channel through tor. So they waited until he was on, and then cut the connection (as in, shut down the entire internet connection) of the person they suspected the irc user to be. Soon the user disconnected from IRC, and thus they knew that the person they cut off was in fact the irc user they were looking for.

There are many things to think about if you want to protect your privacy. But a very important one is to not make the tools and methods you are using be indicators of "bad" behavior. If you use tor and encryption for everything instead of just the "evil" things, you increase the amount of work anybody has to do to catch you.

well stated then

Imagine having to examine all the evidence at FBI HQ. They must be hard at work…

There is no such thing as secure online. It is a myth. Tons and tons of companies are making billions of dollars by claiming to provide it, yet none do. None can. And all those companies who you entrust with your data, those companies which the government mandates must protect that data, all trust it to the cloud (which is probably the most unsecure concept in internet history, btw).

The internet is insecurable *by design*. I don't know why people just gloss over that fact. I guess it is because they figure "really good protection" is close enough. But it never is. And ultimately there is nothing connected to the internet that can not be obtained by someone who really wants it. Nothing. No amount of encryption, firewalls, or security measures are enough. Security companies deny that, and if they don't deny it they play it down. The government does too. But they all have a very vested interest in maintaining the illusion. Ask a mathematician or a computer engineer, and you will get a completely different take on it.
Back to OP's question about Tor, the answer is that Tor now serves very little purpose other than as a flag for the authorities that someone is trying to hide something. It can help hide you from casual prying eyes, but not from the authorities.
If you really want to check on some particularly fringe weather or eclectic recipes, the best thing to do is to buy a device from a thrift store and find a private unsecured WiFi. Get your data, ditch the device, and repeat as necessary. A little bit of work, sure. But much more effective at actually being secure than relying on Tor.

have any proof to back that up?

If that is what I had said, I would provide proof for it, but that is not what I said so I have no obligation to defend it.
Fucking do whatever you feel is "good enough", user, see where it gets you for yourself. I don't give a flying fuck what happens to you. You asked a question, I answered it. What you do with the info is not my concern.

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You're gonna need proof to back up your claims. How exactly is it insecure by design? Why can't tor hide you from authorities?
Of course an adversary with enough resources might find a way to deanonymize someone, but the FBI doesn't have enough resources to go after everybody using Tor.

They care much less about the people consuming content than the people producing it.
That being said, going after consumers helps you go after the producers.

Tor is 100% Secure. Download whatever you want. Best choice is TBB + Windows for Safety

yes, I have complete faith.


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nothing will happen because its basically a protected bubble

This is going to take about 8-12 years of your life, but just start reading up on the design and implementation of TCP/IP networks. And then start reading up on the other networking protocols that have come and gone since the 1970s.
So, your tl;dr is that TCP/IP was designed from the ground up to be entirely open, with no security built into the protocol at all. Literally every action that you take across the network was designed to be visible to every computer between you and the endpoint of your communication. All the "security" is half-baked add-ons after the designers realised that the world is not a bunch of collegial researchers simply trying to share information.
It's like reading history is hard or something.

The only protection in Tails is IPtables that enforce Tor connections for the default user. Someone with a kernel privilege escalation exploit can deanon you. Even if they can't escalate privileges they can get a lot of information about your computer (serial numbers, mac address, etc)

To deanon tails, the exploit chain would be firefox/tbb exploit + kernel privilege escalation exploit

To deanon whonix, it would would be firefox/tbb + priv escalation + VM escape exploit (which are rare)

all 0day exploits are rare. 0day exploits are used against high value targets, if you valuable enough, it doesn't matter what you use.

I can't understand most of this jargon but what it translates to in my head is 'you're fucked.'

Unless you are literally hacking Pentagon, you're fine. If you are though, spooks may use a non-public exploit which is very fresh and wasn't shown to anyone (that means it will work because it's not pacthed by developers).
Tor is secure (especially under Tails), and CIAniggers do everything they can to discredit it. Just don't turn on the goddamn JS.

Tor is compromised as fuck nigger, but you are not important enough for the CIA so … sure use it.

If half the population were to start using Tor the CIA would be fucked. Occasional terrorist bombings and men jerking off to 14 year old boobies would be the norm, the only two things the CIA exists to prevent.

this but ironically just using tor makes you stick out because i don't think many in us use it. for example if you use it you're probably only 1 in 1000 people in your geographic area that'll show up as generating tor traffic. i don't know the real numbers though.

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So you would legalize CP because it's part of genuine internet freedom?

It should be illegal to distribute cp. That's all, Nuff said.

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I can fap to a chick getting her head cut off and as long as she's 18+ no one can do anything about it. Would I legalize CP for muh freedom of speech (as if I have anything to say about it) yeah that would be logically consistent. You either allow all the fucked up shit or none of it. Once you start drawing lines in the sand it becomes a bickering fest over who wants the line to be where. But that's not even the main thing, it's how do you check to see who has what material without inspecting the contents of their personal possessions (ie. their hard drive) or monitoring their network activity (invading their privacy).

tl,dr you can't have your cake and eat it

you'd be amazed at how many normies (and some anons) i tell this too and they think i'm trolling them

user, did you ever work communications?

Why does anyone care about Internet privacy, or privacy at all? If you're doing nothing illegal, what's the problem?

I accidentally downloaded CP once on tor and I immediately destroyed my laptop and moved out of that apartment sometime after



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Tor is secure enough, but there is such a thing as traffic correlation, (and if you think 14eyes isn't running a bunch of nodes and doing traffic correlation, you're a dumbass) and if you attract enough attention with your behaviour you're going to get dunned.
On the other hand: if enough "innocent" people use tor for just regular browsing, it gets harder for the snoops to snoop.
On the gripping hand: yeah, tor is a small enough market that it's not hard to eventually single out the stuff (((they))) want to catch, so watch out what you do, and how you do it.

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The reason you want privacy is because handing over unlimited power to a small group of people is retarded.

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