Instant Disappointment

You ever see a chick with big tits and like what you see till the second you see her naked?


that's every woman op



she was probably paid to do this


I never thought about it that way…

avoid the titcows, user. they're always fucking fat

she lost her virginity to jamal thundercock

her tits are ok.

i'v been more disappointing by pussies then tits tho.

you see a hot chick with a grate bod and 10/10 tits, then she takes her panties off and you find huge rosties
man, that just ruins everything.

That means she has a lot of mileage.



so do people actually believe the roastie meme or is it kinda like the loose meme where everyone with a bit of common sense knows its bs but goes with it anyway to have a reason to bully the genetically unfortunate?

If you're packing a roast, you're toast.

It's not a meme lad. Roast beef curtains are scar tissue.

i always figured it was from girls who had given birth the old fashioned way, although i did see pics once of a girl who stretched hers out on purpose. it was fapworthy, tbh

looks like my ex ;_;

consider me jealous, user


External labia are like forskin. Very sensitive but she can hardly cum from it. Perfect for tessing the girl to madness.




I'm actually american.



resurrecting titcow thread

Never seen a female naked
So in that regard if one ever did unrobe in front of me I'd be happy and jumping for the moon. I don't think I'd honestly be able to contain myself

I'm sure you aren't supposed to care if a female is naked since you are supposed to get over that "phase" in your early teens or even tweens but I never had a normal childhood with teasing girls and whatnot.

Other than the shite tattoos, and looking vaguely Greek (which means she'll be hideous in 20 years), I have no idea what is wrong with those nudes. Shoulder:Waist:Hips look about right. I mean, I'm not a huge fan of giant teats, but she carries it all pretty well.

forgot video


Feminism ruined lactation.

This goy got trips for a reason.



anybody reject this is afraid of girls



feck me, she's hot

wtf i love roasties now

user, it's the current year. try to keep up

Reddit is on the loose again..

i only use plebbit for teh)_donald and for pr0n