Human level robotics when?

When can I have my sex/maidbot?

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you'll never be able to afford one.

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Robotics fag reporting in.

With today's technology, how much would it cost to build a skeleton for a sexbot with these attributes:

-strong enough to support a basement dweller many times in many positions
-weighs under 60 pounds
-sufficiently human shaped that a sexbot could be built around it

Can silicone be made sufficiently tough to act as skin for a sexbot?

Is there any solution to heat dispersion for a humanoid robot?


Are Boston Robotics bipedal robots as advanced as their videos indicate?

Do Japanese sumo robots represent reflexes that can be realistically integrated into a robot with many degrees of freedom?

I don't want the sexbot. We need robotic cop like in the picture.

Do mechanical actuators need any fundamental advancement to be up to the task of running a human sized android at human speeds or is it a matter of cost and engineering?


people say it will happen between 15-50 years


are you referring to just the skeleton or the actuators included?
cost is always up in the air with these types of things though tbh

sure, it might tear if you actively try to tear it but it should be fine for typical usage.
plenty. use the chassis as a heat sink and maybe make the skin porous and have water tubes for evaporative cooling this will also make the robot "sweat" which is pretty hot tbh

that shit's like 90% PR. they really aren't that special, the machining for the components (like in-hub motors and whatnot) probably costed a fortune though.

elaborate? i just looked up japanese sumo bots and they look to me basically like tiny battlebots but with wedges only rather than active weapons.

mostly cost really. the theory is basically done at this point. Powerful in-hub motors (which a sexbot would probly use extensively due to their small profile) are prohibitively costly though.

Just the skeleton

Why and when will that change? Is it a matter of a patent expiring or is it just hard to build?

If you could put a modern supercomputer and years of programming into a humanoid robot could it wash dishes by hand, use tools built for humans, and otherwise perform specific tasks commanded by human voice-and-point alone? Or is that level of functionality just not something AI is up to yet?

some aluminum alloys are pretty good for that. I'd estimate around a grand for materials + machining.

Think about it for a minute:
The very gist of what an electric motor is is using electromagnets to attract another magnet then switch the active coils to make the rotor chase the magnetic field around. Motors accomplish high power yield by adding more coils and more shielding to allow more current to pas through them. In hub motors need all of that AND to condense it all to fit inside a disk. This requires great precision. To put it in perspective: you paying a couple hundred if you buy one made for electric bicycles. If you want them to be in the joints of a sexbot, you're gonna need it to be stronger AND smaller than those.
when precision manufacturing equipment becomes cheaper and the labor involved in running them loses value.

sure, you don't need supercomputers for that. If the task is well defined you don't even really need AI. AI is largely for tasks that can't be well defined or the machine isn't pre-programmed to accomplish

voice recognition still has a bit of a ways to go. but if it's capable of understanding you, then it's just a matter of "input>relevant subroutine>task complete>exist subroutine"

Aluminum? really? I would think an aluminum frame couldn't take the punishment

There isn't a single robot that can wash arbitrary dishes by hand the way a human does, so it's definitely not sufficiently specific.

it isn't for combat

not in the next 500 years

Put a 250 pound load on two 2"x1.5" aluminum rods (the robot's arms) at a 45 degree angle. Don't forget the joints. I don't think aluminum can handle that load.

certain types of aluminum alloys are actually pretty damn strong. The problem is it's often a bit on the flexible side but that's only an issue if you make the frame hollow, which you wouldn't do. if you did, it would still be fine with sufficient wall thickness. just don't hit it with a hammer and it probly wouldn't bend. it will lift you just fine.

because unless you're literally going for a humanoid robot, it would be retarded to do so. dish washing machines, the way we make them, are cheaper and faster, just slightly less effective.


leverage is a thing. you can't lift a 250 lb man with your arms stretched out, but you probly could if you held him close to your chest.


So, why the hell is it so difficult to get robots to walk correctly?

I will want my robot to dominate me
will it be able to do this well, without really hurting me

They don't have inner bone balance thing in our ears.

Lift 250 pounds? That's beyond typical human strength. A sexbot only needs to not break under the human's weight and lift up to 100 pounds from mechanically advantageous positions

The average novice weightlifter can deadlift 290 pounds.


same reason it takes babies so long to learn how to walk:
the human body is top heavy and between steps you're balancing it on one tiny foot. PID loop control is great for balancing but when you start trying to get the robot to walk you're changing the axis and it has to calculate the proper compensation at lighting speed to prevent it from falling on its face.

you could put that in a robot. that's not a problem. It's a software complication which requires fast processing, not a hardware one.
Without AI, it would be like playing QWOP except with more joints to control and you have to get the ideal timing for each button push before the game starts and hope that gets it to the end of the track with no future input. With AI, it will have to learn it on its own.

in theory. In practice i don't know if id trust it. It's absolutely possible but the bottom line is you're trusting your life and limb to the street shitters commissioned to program it. But all you need to do to make the robot weaker is PWM. You reduce the speed and torque of the motors completing the action that way.

eh, i played football at 14 and i could lift a 250 pound teammate with the right leverage. It hurt like a bitch to do it though.

I'll trust it

First, a regulation deadlift requires much less strength than manipulating items with said weight
Second, you're talking about trained weightlifters in a competition, even if it's novice class.
Third, I don't believe even that claim.

how human like would you want them to be?

depends on my mood

I don't have a robot fetish, so as human as possible. This is obviously much more difficult.


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