Dysnomia Must Step Down


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Let it be know that from this moment on, I, your Board Moderator (known as "dysnomia") will resign from my position on here, and will no longer actively participate in this board whatsoever. Today's date: 08.14.2017.


Top kek. I have changed the course of history forever



Honestly it has to be LEGIT GET and not some quads or even quints.
Ex: 10000000 or 123456789 or 777777777 etc, these are gets, everything else isnt a GET.



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After brief discussions between myself and the other available Mods, it is with exceeding regret that we have decided to accept dysnomia's resignation as Moderator. We unanimously thank her for all that she has done here, and wish her all the very best with her future endeavours. We have decided not to sticky this thread, but let this news trickle down naturally. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Dated this day 08/14/2017.

As nice as that would have been 9 months ago, it is far too late to matter anymore. We are at 40 PPH and continuing to drop active users like lepers drop limbs. This board is over and getting rid of Dysnomia won't save it. Not anymore.

It doesn't matter anyway, because this thread is all bullshit and Dysnomia is not going anywhere. Cancer is not so easily gotten rid of as that.

Thanks buddy


Wow, holy shit - is this for freaking real?

Are you referring to Dysnomia stepping down or the fact that Jim's second chin is 4 times bigger than his real one?
Because the former is not real, but the latter is.

No, Dysnomia actually stepped down. Quads broke him.

Unfortunately, no he didn't.

Hey dysonmia,

you're a fucking cuck.
kill yourself.

sincerely me

This is what Dysnomia does in his spare time: 8ch.net/leftypol/res/1975011.html

he is the one spreading those shitty macros?
what a fuckin fag

just get one of these idiot incompetent admins to fire that fucker.

i wish Fred was on the helm of this, he totally would nuke leftypol into FUCKING ORBIT!


that cuck is dead

RIP hotwheels

Simply amazing, well done Dysnomia


IT's HAPPENING! At last!

fuck you he is a datamining faggot.

Dysnomia raped me tbh

Oh, poor thing! :( Let me wipe that tear you *wipe* dont cry, sweetheart. *gets closer, you're 12f laying in bed* i got a hot diggity brand-SPANKIN new bedtime story for ya! :D So brighten up! or i'll open your ass and brighten it up for ya. ;)


Dysnomia was my senpai I'm gonna miss him

The place just isn't the same w/o Copypasta. I presume Jim fed him to his pigs tbh.

Damn I love Rei.

hug me brother

That faggot lies>>7298834
You are by far the worst op this board has ever known. You plainly intended to destroy it from the beginning. Just fuck off kthxbai asshole.


goodbye dysnomia, you wont be missed. Kill yourself.



It is on this day, I will proudly step up to the plate in Dysnomia's place as Board Owner. I wish her the best in her travels, wherever they may take her. I can't say I'm glad to see her go, but after breaking so many of her own rules I think its good for the board that she is gone. We can finally get back to regular discussion without the fear of seeing pedo threads on our board, once more we can bring Holla Forums back to the Holla Forums we want and know it to Holla Forums. Thank you all for your support. Your owner, Omlet.

Pedos are chemo and deleting all pedo threads would finish off Holla Forums, just like it started to last year

You are right user, so under my leadership, i declare that from today all pedo threads NOT made by dysnomia are allowed.


hey new owner, can you delete all porn treads?

Omelet I thought you were dead.
When are you going to shove another egg up your ass again?
I might do a cum tribute for you.


I will follow you even til death, new board owner

At leasy she'd be better than either dysnomia or FugtheFaggot


The board is fucking dead…