Girls future

At what age do girls stop being cute and affectionate, and turn into real bitches? I have a new daughter and want to prevent this from happening.

And how exactly do you plan to prevent this?

When parents don't raise their children right the kid might always be a fucking bitch. Sorry. A child needs to somewhat mature, not be a brat

Don't know, that's why I said, "…and want to prevent this from happening."

Any advice, or do you need a bat upside the head for not reading?

i think they learn it very early. you will not be able to stop it bro if she is exposed to tv, internet, social media, and the general population of girls that are exposed to those things. girls are taught and learn that their pussies are worth more than gold because many men are desperate. that's where the bitchiness kicks in. girls are in essence taught their physical worth is enormous and they wield it as a weapon. so unless you somehow imbue her with a deep sense of character, fairness, and self reliance she'll most likely begin to display those attributes of bitchiness because she'll soon realize she has enormous power due to her pussy and the beta nature of most men.

Hard to prevent it huh? In fact almost impossible. The internet is everywhere!

Somewhere around 14-16 tbh

figured that out all on your own?

This is the reason why I never plan to have a daughter.

Didn't have a choice…she just came out that way.

The day you have a daughter is the day you've really fucked up in life. No other shortcomings can compare to what you've unleashed onto your life.

t. user with two daughters

Who is she?

It's your job as a parent to ensure that she does not become that way. It doesn't have to be that way, but given our (((current year society))), it is much more difficult.

Shit, I'll take them off your hands for you. Just add up what you spend on them in a month and I'll take 60% of that as a boarding fee.

I guess I should send her to a Catholic school, and get a dog who alerts everytime the computer turns on. That way I can control her even when I am not able to be in the same room as her.

A girl who I think will look like my new blond, blue eyed daughter,

Haha. How do I get poor cucks like you to let me use their daughter for companionship and pleasure?


Just a cutie, nothing more. All those rumors are untrue.

I still love them but they're growing up fast. The oldest one 10 is starting to 'turn,' she goes out with her friends to the mall and comes home with more and more revealing clothing. I can't monitor everything she does but it seems like my wife doesn't care and she's the one pushing the 'agenda' on our eldest.

Yep, it's too late and your wife is a worthless whore. Got to put that little slut in solitary confinement or sell to sex slavery. Letting her go to the mall at 10 was a mistake and way too much freedom. Love, heh… You don't know what love is.

you can't
the investment of reproduction for 3DPD has made them hypergamous, the value of 3DPD in reproduction has made humans gynocentric, and technology has devalued man's role, so 3DPD can act like whatever they wants because their value hasn't gone down yet

Come on now buddy lets not get to hostile.

I loved my wife enough to marry her. I loved my daughters enough to not leave them and take the cowardly way out. I think I have a decent interpretation and understand of what 'love' is.


Dog is good, a big male dog is a great protector.

Oh you're correct in instilling some doubt in what I have to say but I'm just venting here. I'm not here to prove to you what I have nor what I don't have but do I regret having daughters?

a little bit

10… Jesus. Get a hold on that shit,

Also don't let these Holla Forumsitter virgins get you down. They've no idea what it's like to raise children.

See, good doggie

Stop posting sexual abuse victims

Whatever, whore enabler. What-everrrrrr.

Nothing said on these imageboards ever phase me anyway

Don't get me started about that. When my eldest was conceived I thought I was going to be the shittiest father in the world I probably am and to be frank I was a bit nervous. Not sure what I was going to do and honestly wanted to pull out but I'm not a coward nor could I do that to my wife and our unborn child.

Women are all cute

t. Chad

Agreed. Girls grow up to be such pretty women.


Damn she's still looking cute as fuck

Oh she is!!



It's a shame lgs have to grow up :(


You need to take control of your life. You don't seem to understand how much power/ control you have as the only male in the household.

Here's what you do:
Don't treat them like idiots and actually explain why they shouldn't be wearing revealing clothing otherwise they'll rebel against you. They're probably smarter than you think.

There's no easy way to explain this.
You have to ruin here innocence before the real world does.
Don't worry I'm not implying rape or anything like that, if you truly want to protect your daughter the mistakes most parents make are not preparing kids before hand for situations, by the time they do it will be too late.
Everything you know men will try on here teach here a way to counter act, and make sure she stays away from whores to keep as friends, you have to mold her into the perfect woman ready to counteract modern society so that she may keep her virginity before marriage, remember the only worthwhile men realize the only worth while women (in terms of marrying) are virgins.


Honestly, OP, instill in her a sense of respect for you and the missus. Don't be overbearing and authoritative, but set ground rules that seem reasonable, and allow things to be negotiated. Just don't bend easily or give in to demands. If she starts showing objectively shitty behavior, slap that shit down, literally if neccessary, before it becomes habitual. and this one is IMPORTANT. Be honest and upfront with the kid. Instill in her a sense of honesty, don't talk down to her, give her love and respect, and you'll get the same in return.
Put simply, be firm, but fair.
Also, if her mother has a tendency to treat you poorly, she will too.

I really don't know, but I think you're better off investing in a son.

Yeah, that's some great fucking parenting advice you've got there. Dumbass.

No they're not.

Degenerates out

It's best to dispose of them before the age of 13 once the hormones have a chance to set they change and are not longer as sought after

You really shouldn't spank past toddler age. But maybe keep on spanking one of your daughters. Keep making it more and more sexual. Bare spanking, rubbing sore bottoms, whispering encouragements. Eventually you'll get your own personal submissive slave. Of course you keep this one away from the other kids. Don't let them talk to her, don't let them acknowledge her as a sibling. Get them to treat her like shit. That way her mind stays warped forever and she will be dependant on you and your "punishments" to keep her "sane". It's just part of an average family. Husband, wife, children, slave girl. Might be too old fashioned for most people today. It's just natural. Allah our lord, glorious he, made girls able to be brainwashed for this very reason

So true There is no greater love than a father's displayed on his child

Not sure. All I know is you should be kept away from the kid because you might, at one day, lose control over yourself and molest her.

It happens at puberty.

Keep her close to you, and teach her everything she needs to know about men. This way she will be forewarned and won't be surprised by men's behavior, nor will she allow herself to be taken advantage of.

Cute girl OP.

Agreed. Girls were bitches by, at least, age 9 at the schools I've been to.

Impossible, if you live in a femshit-infested culture like the West OP. If you're serious about this as a goal, then you'll have to flee somewhere that doesn't put females on pedestals but rightly evaluates both their role and worth to the culture. And even then you'll succeed only by the grace of God.

In the West, they can go as easily in the waste basket as on a pedestal.

I'd tap any girl between 8-14

stop posting child sex abuse victims

get help pls

Not sure if you understand my meaning user. The point was that by idolizing females, the West basically guaranteed the pozfest outcome we have today. No human should be put on a pedestal, especially ones as flawed as females.

do you know what board you're on friend?

Holla Forumsased


Daria will always be the best girl

If your daughter OP is as cute and active as this one, I say you are extremely lucky. Though, you are gonna have some very rough times with her as she whores around.

Also OP needs to check out on her behaviour around pets. Specially dogs.

She'll treat them right. She looks like a nice, sensitive girl.

I'm not him, but, in that case, you'll be calling most of the first word autistic.

stop talking about child sex abuse victims please

why haven't the mods removed those images due to 'muh dost'?


She is clearly doing fine and without any negative effects if she actually was abused, which I doubt.

I'm not that user, but why would you really have an opinion on this one way or another?

And here you see, the influence of the kike propaganda and fear mongering. Most girls who go through these situations turn out fine. They live normal hay lives. Only the ones who are abused goe scared, obviously. Thats something people fail to understand. Most of these girls weren´t abused, they weren´t forced to do anything against their will.


that's where you are wrong. Just because you don't see any abuse or discomfort on video or in pictures doesn't mean it isn't there, user

Sure, because it wasn't there, it must be there. Do you hear yourself? You are sick.

There is pain behind every picture. Remember that when you are fapping to child sexual abuse (CP)

She certainly had fun. But I have never seen nudes, porn, or a dog associated with this girl. So it never happened, and half-chan's rumors have taken hold. So sad…

Half-chan's bs…here it is…all false!

Girls are stupid cum drunk sluts at any age.

Maybe, but only after they have learned about sex.
But young girls don't know anything about it until someone teaches them. So, under 14 they should still be innocent.

I remember this thread.

Go ask Dasha from LS Magazine if she is traumatized. She lives happy with her slav husband and her daughter. She says she enjoyed doing the nude sets, She said, she wasn´t force to do anything, it came out naturally. She even goes as far as to say that, the only people who touvhed her, were the make-up artist and hair-dresser. And like Dasha there are so many girls in the same situation. There was no abuse whatsoever.

Saw this on halfchan and believed it hook, line, and sinker. Thanks for clearing it up user.

Also, I saw some of the pics posted here in that thread. She is cute and deserves better,

I legitimately don´t know if the rumours are true or not. I say they are not, but i would have to have solid proves because making that claim.

digits indicate…you are right

And…the confusion accelerated when this pic was posted. Many confused Marie (Sara) with Jenny. Yet, they are clearly different persons.

Sara aka Marie is clearly superiori in every aspect


Before that they're literal perfection as seen here.

go on…



go on…

Marie grew up great. She clearly was not abused.

Love all the pics of her, Many I haven't seen before.

What is her full name?

What is the camera lady on about?

Good lord that's a cute loli


They sound Filipino

The Chees are half Canadian/Japanese burgers living in Commifornia.

Wow, nice!

Yeah ofc they're half cast. Most full asians look butt ugly but when they race mix which is bad enough as it is they look beautiful.

Older sister Lily is also an aspiring actress best known for her role as Lil Elektra in Daredevil season 2.


Dub Dubs and a hottie.



where these lolis streaming their shit

Liveme probably

I really don't know, I just got this from another thread and seen a few posted here, so might as well share

Which thread you looking at

Night Holla Forumsros

No don't leave ;_;

Just the best thread on Holla Forums, Waifuist

what a fucking board

thanks cutie.

Ever been there before?


Somewhere around 11-12 tbh

1st photo, nice pussy…cat

Another of hers…


Let her act as she pleases, then at age 12 to 16 at most redpill her. Tell her EVERYTHING. The Jews, the degeneracy they push, Hitler, the Holohoax, S.S. Liberty, white genocide, everything. If you raised her right she will see what is bad and will want to rebel against all the degeneracy, might even start wearing dresses like women should.

The reason for that age range is simple, she will easipy learn to spot evidence of everything you told her at school, and the redpill will be drilled into her forever. God bless op

Yeah, why don't they wear dresses anymore?