Pedo AMA

Ask a hikikomori pedophile anything Holla Forums.

how did you become pedo?

i realized when i was 15.

You can't be a pedo at that age >:(

how does it feel being so awesome?

also, how old are you?

Why don't you get a job helping kids? It's a much more fulfilling life than shitposting on anime forums.

Yes you can if your 15 and like 5 year olds that is pedo.

user i became a hikikomori because of the pedophilia hysteria society is evil and mean towards people like me.

Is that sarcasm?


you sound redpilled


I'm also a pedo. I work with kids and their parents thank me afterwards. It's fucking great.

What if you're 15 and you like 9 year olds :p

It wasn't sarcasm, I'm a NEET trying to become a hiki

sweden is awesome

Do you have to curb your enthusiasm and hide your attraction?
Sorry OP not tryin to hijack your thread. :^)

How do you do it user?/ i really wish i could do something like that without fear of being outed and hated.

Do you exercise? How often do you get out? What is the longest amount of time you have stayed indoors?


Yes i have exercise stuff in my room.

Once or twice a week

8 months

Just lock yourself in your room 24/7

I have no way to verify this, but I've heard it suggested that teleiophilic youths are primarily attracted to adults, and other kids of their own age are just a convenient substitute. If that were true, I imagine you could know as young as 11 or 12 whether you were a teleiophile or a pedophile. You need to be at least 16 to be diagnosed with pedophilic disorder, though.

I live in the United States of Freedomistan.

No, my enthusiasm is what keeps them coming back. The thing is, normies all think that pedophiles are creepy fat/scrawny guys with greasy hair and a pathetic looking mustache. If you look fairly normal, they won't even consider the possibility that you're a pedophile.

Mainly just act like you know what you're doing and disregard the possibility that anyone would ever call you out. It took me a while to get good at my job because it was a bit awkward and intimidating at first. It wasn't some sort of conniving plan to grope kids or anything though, it was a pretty natural progression from getting a job that fell into my lap -> realizing how much I liked kids (I had basically no interaction with anyone more than a year or two younger than myself for my entire life until then) -> diving into my work because I enjoy it so much -> becoming the best at it because I got years and years of experience when most other people leave after a year or two.

Wow, how did you get your food during this time?

What do you find attractive about kids?

You can order food online and have it brought to you now.

Did you order from the same place regularly? Did you become bros with your food delivery bros?

They are really cute kind sweet not as judgmental and harass as women are and are just a lot more sexy.

OP, why don't you brainwash yourself to a degree where you can graduate to being a hebe/ephebe? It is, unequivocally, the best way to be
preparing anus for h8red

hebe/ephebe aged girls are nice too.

See that's an interesting response because I agree. Kids are cute, and their innocence, honesty, and cheerfulness always brings a smile to my face. Especially when it's a cute little girl. However, I'm not a pedo. I'd like it if you'd elaborate on why they're "sexy" because it just makes no sense to me personally. Please spare no details.

Is that like the homosexual disorder?
Aren't you worried that you might say/do something that will just out yourself? I am more like OP and just stay away from people because I am afraid to be myself and have people discover my true nature and persecute me for it. I guess some people (including pedos) are more comfortable with acting PC.

as in, you find them sexy also?

very clever, user, you sneaky Nip

Well for one thing its natural to be attracted to what is pretty or beautiful right?? guarantee you young boys and girls aren't just automatically ugly in prepubescence then when they hit puberty oh their automatically attractive no it doesn't work like that by sexy i mean their pretty damn good looking.

How often do you masturbate in a day and are you masturbating now?

What's your Age of Attraction?

3 or 4 times a day im very hypersexual my horny level is always high.

Nah bro, I'm with you on this. Programmed in human DNA to be this, and culturally forced to tend to the elderly.

I suppose, but for me there's a difference between what attracts me physically and emotionally. The perfect partner obviously attracts me both ways, but I often see beautiful children for whom I feel platonic love and no sexual love, and there are luscious well endowed women for whom I get boners but do not care about romantically. Perhaps you do not have this distinction?


Would you care to share some bad experiences you've had that made you want to become a recluse?

Do you still use deep web to masturbate?
Do you prefer shotas or lolis?

Damn when it comes to this I'm always on the fence but hearing someone say they're attracted to 3 year olds is very disturbing.

I understand where you are coming from and i agree those pedophiles who are attracted to kids but dont care about them are assholes same goes for men who do this with women and so on my attraction yes is a sexual one but its also a romantic one i do not view a child as a sex toy i see them as a friend a companion someone i can bond with or perhaps more than a friend a partner and i see children as equal people instead of treating them like retards like a lot of normie parents do if a child is upset about something i would sit there listen to what the child had to say comfort them to make sure they were okay and give them my advice as well.

Fuck off fbi


What, if anything, would motivate you to un-recluse yourself, OP?

agreed, Holla Forumsruh
more like the used, regretful wrecks, too busy chasing the 'you can have/be/do everything' memedragon tbh

I'd say it's 12-25 for me.

I also have a manipulation/dom fetish though, so I'm with a 30 year old and pretty content.

Ever tried to take off this desire of (You)?

The pedophilia hysteria isn't the only reason i became the way i am my parents were shit i was bullied in school there was drama in my family at home and so on.

It seems like the emotional aspect is as important to you as to me. Respect dude. I guess I wanted an explanation for what made a child's body attractive, but honestly I couldn't explain what makes a boob attractive. It simply is. It's all instincts I guess.

At this point i dont feel like i can since my kind is now being hunted more than ever before.

Is there some kind of content that made you disgusted?

What do you mean?.

Only thing I can say is that for most people who identify as pedophiles, the idea of actually having sex with a child that young is usually pretty upsetting. It's usually about fantasy, and having that intimate, secret, yet innocent connection.

So loli tends to be the goto direction rather than real shit.

If you watched something during fap that left you finding yourself a monster

You can thank Cuckchan and the deep web for that that all happened years ago when i was younger.

Im not a monster

ofc, normies haven't developed a way to scan you for Pedoism; nobody would know of your inclinations, so you could pursue something irl 'incognito' as it were.
Now if you're gonna tell me nothing's really worth the effort if you can't be with whoever you're attracted to, then I get that; I have my own 'forbidden fruit' issues atm tight teen peaches, to be specific
But how long do you see yourself continuing in this way?

Assuming homosexual disorder is just a term to describe homosexuality as pathological, it started out that way in the 60s or whenever the DSM-I was written, but now it just refers to psychological distress caused as a result of attraction to prepubescent children.

Once upon a time I was, but I've found that people fortunately tend to have a pretty high threshold for making accusations that will ruin someone for the rest of their life. Since most of the time I spend with kids is in public and I'm not really an exhibitionist, that threshold is higher than the limit of my own inhibitions. I basically have a free pass to do whatever I want. I've gotten in trouble for my interactions with kids in private, but never for anything sexual. I also happen to believe that children don't need to be protected from "foul" language and are better off knowing what words mean and in what context they're acceptable to use. So yeah, I've been burned by kids testing the limits, but it's never turned into anything particularly serious, just a few conversations placating parents upset that I would use the word "ass" in proximity to their 10 year old, that kind of thing.

Honestly, you don't have to be PC. I tend to be loud, obnoxious, and irreverent. It's actually thrown people off a few times when I responded poorly to jokes about raping children or whatever, because they thought that was the kind of horribly non-PC joke I would find funny.

The main thing is to not make people uncomfortable, and the best way to do that is to be confident. People associate confidence with authority, and it's crazy how far people will bend over backwards to appease authority. Obviously there's limits- I'm not suggesting you assertively grab a 12 year old by the pussy- but if you look like a professional and you act like a professional, people will treat you like a professional.

You can't put all the blame on imageboards my friend. I've been on imageboards since late 2007 and I'm glad I started lurking so young. It's redpilled me and shaped me into a mature, non-bias adult.

However, I realize how all the lolis, cp, jailbait 'propaganda' can get to someone. It's just the culture of anonymous imageboards; anonymity is where demons resurface and where people show their true colors.

I pretty much have been on imageboards for as long as you have and no i am not putting all the blame on them in-fact when i was a kid about age 9/10 i remember throwing a huge temper tantrum over the age of consent because back then i was a young child who was into adult women and they would always tell me to stop falling in love or oh your too young for love or oh for god sakes fall in love with people your own age that shit pissed me the fuck off at that age i was furious as a teenager i could never do well socially with peers of my own age because they always made fun of me always interacted better with children back then and the kids i use to interact with looked up to me and saw me as a friend it was pretty much during that time i realized kids are a lot more kinder then your peers of your own age.

See, theres just something wrong with you. I don't reasonate with pedophiles unless they're honest, but successful and got something going for them. (Like Donald Trump) You're just a loser who makes me feel better about myself. Hopefully you manage to recover. And sorry for being harsh, I'm just honing my man skills

Not an argument Chad.

Yeah my bad I think I jumped the gun with my statement.

I understand where your coming from though, children are energetic and generally fun to be around. While young adults are boring, dull and 'used up' *for lack of a better word*

Having a huge family made me realize this, when I'm talking to my nieces its always platonic and fun but when I'm talking with my brothers, aunties and generally young adults its dull and seems forced. I'm not sure if that's a worrying thing but I don't have any pedophilic urges but I love being around children.

fuck you OP this is my tread now. Ask a muslim pedo anything

I can call you a loser, see, I don't care. If you're gonna be a pedophile you gotta be successful in life. Being a loser just makes people hate you more. Every virtous pedophile should be locked up, and every pedophile in hiding like you should be more effectively tracked down by the FBI. Leave pedophile buisness to the more successful people. The people who've proved themselves. Don't think you deserve anything.

Do you think children can consent, or do you think it doesn't matter?


Okay i told you the reasons as to why i am a hikki in the first place and now your just shoving it back in my face? fuck off kiss my fucking ass normie scum people like you are the reason why i am a shut-in in the first place.

This bait is so pathetic lmao

they can and if you teach them about morals and tradition they wont be degenerates when they are older

Just so you're aware, there's a difference between challenging someone to up their game and being a cunt.

Fuck off go make your own thread



It's a shame you can't have a real life. You know, connect with humans. You're the type of people I don't wanna kiss the ass of. Maybe if you had anything going for you (besides wanting to fuck children right?) but for now get help

Fuck off im not getting help for something that isn't wrong also see -

Treating a child like a retard is not the way to go. You can see them as that romantic companion if you're not mentally unstable. But what it all comes down to. Unless you're successful rich and proven yourself to be of higher value don't fuck them. Rather, seek help


As I understand it, most muslims either try to ignore or minimize the whole child marriage thing, or don't think the child has the right to have a say. Is my understanding wrong or is yours a minority opinion within your culture? To what extent are your thoughts on consent a result of your attraction?

Nice logic dumbass.

I understand why a lot of muslim brothers like to ignore child marriage, but child marriage is a part of islam and should never go away
I dont really understand this question tbh

Most pedophiles are worthless and completely fucked up. They have nothing going for them. Nothing good. They're not good. Multi-millionaires (ones who make a difference, I don't give a fuck if they're retarded or not) atleast have proven themselves and have proven they're more responible in terms of higher power. For all anyones concerned, you deserve no sympathy, no real interest in terms of questions (rightfully so) and what else? Maybe help. But if it's too late, then I got nothing for ya bud.

So because i have a sexuality i didn't i deserve no sympathy? yeah you're a complete dick as said fuck off.

I think you missed half of that sentence:

To what extent is your belief that children have the right to determine when, where, and with who they have sex a result of your affectionate feelings toward children, and to what extent are they a western moderation of traditional Islamic beliefs?

Thing is you're not good enough to deserve sympathy. Because the only thing you're good for is your sexuality, which defines you obviously. You're not good enough for sympathy. Face it. You have to earn it. But that'll never happen at this point.

Dude i haven't molested or raped a child go fuck yourself you fucking faggot now im really getting angry with you.

That's not what I was thinking. Go find yourself a wonderful romantic 9 year old then and marry her. Except you just won't be good enough to fuck her. Unless you're a millionaire. But that's something you had to work for. Oops.

(If you're born into it then that's a good shortcut)

I dont believe in forcing, if a man wants to have sex with a girl he should first ask her to marry him

Youngest age youd fuck?

i like this question

3 but 6 is the best.

calm the fuck down you monster


Okay fine. You're just not rich talented and powerfu enough to get away with it :p

I hope your not talking about penetrating them

Not OP, but this is a more ambiguous question than you might think. Most pedophiles aren't as interested in intercourse as teleiophiles ("adultophiles", if you will), and there's not a whole lot of consensus on what's safe when. Any answer you get is going to be colored by interpretation (interpreting "fucking" as "physical intimacy" rather than "vaginal intercourse", for example), limited understanding (at what age might a girl be sufficiently physically developed to have intercourse without substantial discomfort/pain), and a general inability of people to guesstimate ages of people they're not standing next to right that moment.

Anal sex is possible but oral sex is probably a lot more safer for them.

They're not being cryptic nor ambiguous kike

did anyone else just see the thread with links that got deleted?

Those cp link spam honeypots happen every singe day you fucking retard

I will never forgive society for the way they have treated me .i've been beaten and mocked and persecuted endlessly by normies and that is why im a hikki.


Long story short a group of chads circled around me one time back when i was in school and beat the shit out of me all just because i am autistic true story and yes im OP.

No fucking wonder.


chads will go to hell

you and your group of friends gonna circle around me now?

Im a fucking hikikomori i dont leave my room dumbass i would hire a hitman to do it if i had the money.


Just don't fuck any children.

Rape is bad yes but consensual sex between kids and adults is not.

are you a real pedo? want to fuck =

2 million dollars goes to the girl for every fuck you give her. That's the only real way to make up for it. Unfortunately, you suck. Be talented.

he's clearly fucking new.

give him a break

not really fuck off newfag


or join based hamas

i need help you guys had any sexy omegle convos with young f?

There are no kids on Omegle anymore

That's strange I go there and see kids all the time. Girls too. I think they pass through the site atleast once. I'm serious. Because of that sniperwolf youtuber.

I haven't been on Omegle in a a while but it's safe to assume they're still lgs there. Everyone's naturally curious so there's bound to be at least a few.

Have fun talking to another 35 year old man trying to chat to kids.

You must be getting unlucky or just incompetent and impatient.


Alot of people that go there are just fucking retarded. Retarded pedos giving me dropbox links. I do have some actual good convos.
Fake. I do have some better and real ones. But I'm not posting them >:(

t. FBInigger

don't be selfish :'(

From one Plebophile to another…

Nothing to say?.


Degenerates out


Not an argument

I actively skype with a 15 year old asian gril I met off Omegle. She falls asleep with me on cam until the morning, she feels real comfy with me there on the other side.

erm, ur allowed to post her y'know, kiddo


Not at all, actually. She has a habit of putting stickers all over her body and a couple nights ago she went off cam and came back on with stickers covering her nipples. Then she tore them off and they hurt her lmfao

post you cunt

What's the point?

nah. find your own loli faggot

I did. Met her on Omegle, and she likes Nintendo. I'm real proud of this one.

Where do you get the money to live off of?

My parents and the government


Daddy calls me his "Little Gargler!"

Librechan was fun. Which chans are anything like that now?

i hear >>>/creep/ has high school creepshots
you should go there and get the fuck off my board :)

Are you hikikomori because you were abused as child?

Sounds like it:

If by abused you mean sexually abused no.

user, i've made little girls horny, they don't behave like that.


You must be gay.


I'm willing to hear anything :p

no, not a all ;)


why don't you

Yes you can. You can be a pedo at 5 yo

Nigga what?.

It's true I read it in a book

Then it MUST be true!

Those are the reasons why i am a hikikomori .





OK, I'll ask… why is toast square?

it's not square but it's pretty obvious: the pan is rectangular shaped. a long flat bottom allows the bread to sit without rolling (if it were cylindrical) for easy cutting, stacking, etc. even a baguette which you're going to cry about next is quasi-cylindrical in shape, but it has wide flat sides again for easy of placement, cutting, stacking, etc.

Why not go outside and fuck children?

You know why because society hates people like me and rape is wrong but consensual sex between kids and adults is not.



it really isn't a problem unless you act like creep

lol brofist, i do the same!

you must realize that nobody can look inside your mind and read "hello, i'm a pedo". Just do what you like. I like to play with kids? I play with kids! It's extremely easy.

being a pedo means that you have at least 16 years. It's the definition, look up wikipedia

so this means you can be 15 who likes 4 yos but not be pedo

that's correct.
when you turn 16 and you are attracted for 6 months to prepubescent girls, then you are a pedo.

It's the definition from DSM. People younger than 16 can be attracted to children too, call them whatever you want.

The DSM definition is for "pedophilic disorder" and requires severe distress as a result of one's attractions. Pedophilia as a sexual preference is not considered to be pathological.

The DSM also includes non-disorderly pedophilia. The point we seem to be contending is whether pedophilia requires a pathological character. In my opinion, it doesn't, being attracted to children is enough for someone to receive the label of pedophile, even if it's not pathological.

Read the text, specifically Criterion B. The diagnosis only applies to those who experience significant distress or social impairment as a result, or people who have committed sex offenses. According to the DSM, a sexual preference for children that doesn't result in distress or a violation of the law is not a mental illness.

Okay, I confess I didn't express myself appropriately. Replace "include" by "comment about".

so if i'm 15 and have sex with a 2yo they still can't pedophile me because of criterion C, right?

omegle relationshits are so pathetic

because of the physical enactment of your desires, which is considered pathological behavior in the DSM, you would fit a diagnosis of pedophilia. the two categories of pedophilic disorders can really be summed up as 1) a desire that is so strong that it causes conflict in daily living but is never acted upon or 2) a desire so strong that it escalated to enacting the deviant pathology. deviant here being a statistical, not morally based term

I've never had sex with a little girl, unfortunately. So no, the diagnosis wouldn't apply to me.

It was asked in first person. I answered in second.


oh, cuck, my id dont look at it

Why haven't you killed yourself yet, and when you do, would you please post it online for us all?

Are you from Roanoke?

what word is this? the meaning.

Fair question that demands a straight answer.

Seriously do you even Google shit?? hikikomori (ひきこもり or 引き籠り hikikomori, literally "pulling inward, being confined", i.e., "acute social withdrawal") are reclusive adolescents or adults who withdraw from social life, often seeking extreme degrees of isolation and confinement

True but still someone could accuse me of being a pedo amd then next thing you know im exposed by normalfags.


That girl is probably 12~13 i remember being in secondary 4 when there 12 years old girl in secondary one who had massive knockers.

how did you become pedro?

Already answered that

Yes, I'm attracted to kids since forever, so I know well what that means. Still, you can't be a pedo until you turn 16 (and half).

People need proofs. And it's not like you can claim someone is a pedo without solid proofs. Talking bad about someone without solid reason is considered a crime where I live. IDF if this applies worldwide tbh


2 thumbs up!

Jolly good! Pip pip!



Have a look at what's going on in US and UK news. In the UK, dead people are being tried and convicted of molesting children 40+ years ago, and in the US, a conspiracy theory so retarded even /x/ wouldn't believe it resulted in an armed man breaking into a pizza parlor to look for children being raped and murdered in satanic rituals by politicians. And just a few years ago, a 16 year old girl was thrown in jail for refusing to testify in court that she had sex with her 20 year old boyfriend.

Far enough

Do we what Holla Forums suggests, and do a kid too young to talk?

only in burgerland

You didn't actually spend time in the threads and you immediately call it retarded? I can tell because you missed the damning evidence of Podesta.
That man was clearly working for them. Pedophiles do this sort of falseflagging all the time.

*that man as in the one who shot up the place

So you're telling me if Hikki user won the lotto tomorrow his pedophilic nature would be automatically acceptable? I wasn't going to post in this thread because the topic is pedophilia, but I wanted you to know that the series of posts that you have made could be the DUMBEST fucking posts I have EVER seen on Holla Forums, 4chan, 7chan, fucking facebook, or Youtube.

How do you EARN sympathy? Are you joking? Being rich if anything would decrease the amount of sympathy you get from people. Sympathy is literally the one thing that isn't usually earned. I can feel bad for a fucking fly caught in a spiders' web. I could feel bad for a bum lying in the middle of the street, and I can feel bad for a shut in pedo on an image board, and they wouldn't have to do anything.

Pedophilia isn't looked down upon because of status you dumbass, it's looked down upon because it's simply illegal and extremly taboo. What the fuck does status even have to do with anything?

I have that same point of view like you. What I say more I rl don't see differences between 9 year women(child) and 20 year women. Okay old is more matured, but younger women can be a helpfull that same(I mean mental support ofc).

Also I hate "people" who treat kids like trash, or womens like trash.

Good luck OP.

Remember, we have to threaten and punish the children… for the children. 'Murica.

This thread confuses me, simply because now I am conflicted about my sexuality.


How do you deal with being an existence the world is objectively better without? Do you just have a childish "fuck the world" mentality or o you use some other way of coping?

How do you deal with being an existence the world is objectively better without? Do you just have a childish "fuck the world" mentality or do you use some other way of coping?

user i will never forgive society for what they did to me.

i've searching kinda for a while, where do you get your stuff and how do you hide it?

Nice try fbi.

no for real, like i looked in vola rooms and everything

well then that's it. It doesn't exist, its a myth.

Whats a myth?

i could just look in a mirror and ask myself OP.


Europe, the true land of freedom!