Holla Forums Refugee Thread II

kikes banning more innocent Holla Forumsacks


what do?

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kill yourselves

Holla Forums has become a containment board ever since hothweels stepped down as the admin. that can't be a coincidence. are the janitors trying to stop them from doing anything?

Gee, who would have thought opposing democracy in favor of fascism would have resulted in an authoritarian oligarchy?


Your mistake is browsing Holla Forums in the first place. Instead of whining and posting your bans on Holla Forums, why not start your own board?

Stay mad, cuck. National Socialism is authoritarian, it's only obvious that the moderation would follow suit.

Pretty good. Does good moderation hurt your feefees, cuck?

Spotted the Holla Forumsedditor.


Yes, goys. Avoid the only place where you can call out fags, kikes, mudslimes, niggers, and libshits with no consequence.

New boards require momentum behind them otherwise its just a blog.


Jews are the master race tbh

tbf a new board wouldn't be bad if Holla Forums is being gatekeeped like it seems to be these days

can the janitors be trusted?


All me fam

What right do you even have to complain?

Yeah, the real Hebrews.

Rick and Morty is a thread on Holla Forums now and people get banned for not deep-throating Hitler's cock.

>>>Holla Forums10367872

wtf's meming on a cartoon going to do besides giving that degenerate shit more attention? fags

Yeah, keep chocking on that jewish cock you fucking kike.

Implying that unless I'm a Eurotrash I can't support the white race despite the fact Trump is the only world leader doing anything remotely upsetting to (((them)). Fuck off, retard.

Hahahha! Good job stupid cumskins.

Keep getting banned you stupid nigger and please come back here to cry like a baby over it you hooked nose nigger.

Right, if only we laid over and died for Hitler's vision the world wouldn't be fucked right now.

Right, if only we laid over and died for the jews/communists vision the world would be better right now.

lol, you just went full retard.

Hitler's such a good boy.

Hitler was allied with Japan. Them declaring war on us by bombing Pearl Harbor necessitated we got to war with Germany.

Yeah, such buds that he just wanted to not make the war go on multiple fronts. You stupid fucking nigger.
Yeah, because having morals is such a fucking bad thing. Fuck off back to Holla Forums you stupid fucking nigger. And keep regurgitating jewish propaganda until you get overrun by muslim shitskins who intend to bring in Sharia law.

Hitler knowingly allied with Jewish Soviets before his war boner rose up and decided to attack them despite would have having won the war if he pushed his forces Westward. What a principled and effective leader.
He was so moral to the Jews he did nothing to stop them. Remember, Hitler didn't cause the Holocaust but he should have, and that he didn't makes him history's biggest cuck.


Except, they were supposed to on account they were upholding international treaty against a hostile nation-conquering threat. Stop praising a Jew-lover.

Because CLEARLY building up your military far before the war even starting the war = nation conquering threat.

Thank based mods for kicking your retarded ass off of Holla Forums. 1488!!!

There was no indication this was the case.
That didn't happen, because the holohoax was a complete and total fabrication.
That is exactly right, and the senseless wars Hitler raised confirms this.
"Hey there fellow fashy goys!"
The logic of worshiping Hitler because Hitler was supposedly mean to the Jews, which never happened because the holocaust was a lie and no Jew was actually persecuted under Nazi Germany, is like saying because Jihadists kill Jews, we should all be Jihadists now.

Correct. Anyone who isn't a total and complete retard knows that this isn't the case.
Nice reading comprehension kid.
Complete and utter strawman. No one on Holla Forums denies that there was a persecution of jews in germany/german territory. This can only show that you're a complete fucking newfag who knows nothing about what Holla Forums actually believes. You probably just get blantant propaganda from your (((history))) books and believe them as fact. What next? Muh jewish skin lampshades? What about jewish bars of soap?



You know, you are such a fucking retard. What the UK/France did was attack a nation that didn't do anything wrong. They were just trying to get apart of their territory from the murderous Polish that were killing the innocent german minority there. What they did was sided with a nation that had killed 20 million people in gulags (this before the war even started). And you expect us to just accept le mainstream "truth" of WWII??? All this, and not one mention from Winston Churchil about nazi gas chambers, systemic murder of jews, or anything about Germany supposedly murdering other ethnic groups. And the fact remains, that le holohoax started during the war NOT after. So, that's not a valid excuse.

jfk was a third positionist

Meant *before

i got permabanned from cuckchan for posting keira knightlys sexy little titties. can i join cripplechan?

only if you dont post porn and dont make 4chan tier treads

done and done. 4chin Holla Forums is cancerous, and the mods are massive faggot spergs

As do their own Holla Forums and a few other boards.

stop it

i thot she was cute, user