Annual GoTopless Day

My 13-year-old daughter and her friends want to participate in GoTopless Day. She says it's to support women's rights.
It is legal where I live. Should I let her?

Creeps could look at her though. Fuck your daughter. Her safety is the most important thing here.


Pretty sure that's the point. It's a demonstration.

I wasn't talking about fully grown women

I can't wait until the creeps show up and all these women feel objectified and put their shirts on.

Jesus Christ. The human race is fucking done. Kill yourselves and get it over with.

why would you be ok with letting your prepubescent child be seen/photographed topless in public

Is this some kind of furry propaganda?

It's only art. Cunt.




How old is that poor girl in your picture sicko?

"Ok dear, but I don't want creeps bugging you, so I'll chaperone."

Only girls with a brz sizer over C, should be allowed in this type of stuff. Therefore, you 13 y.o daughter, has no business being in an event like this.

18 ofc

have her drive in to the demonstration with your car

Evidently you haven't been around many 13yos user

Thats right, i haven´t.

I can't believe how quickly these shits have infested my town. Even just 10 years ago people around here had some degree of decency. Apparently there was some article published in a magazine that listed FC as one of the best places to live in the US and we've been experiencing a flood of California trash ever since. The dumb asses don't even realize that the policies they support and vote for are the reason that CA is such a hellhole in the first place.

Are minors even allowed to go topless?
Doing a quick yield search and cant fond any images of under 18yo girls topless at any of these events

You would only ask bee if you already knew the answer or if she doesn't exist.

all is allowed in the name of Feminism

Why not?

Why does everyone think creeps will be after her? Most people aren't pedo.

keep telling yourself that.

Why wouldn't they Holla Forums?

Depends. Are you posting pics?

Which part of 13-year-old was the hard one friend?

I that these faggots are trying to ruin my public nudity fetish, the taboo makes it hot.

Nudity is not ment for public places or public display. Thats sometihng that is meant to be done, between a man and a woman.

Degenerates out

I know this is b8, but do you know what board this is my little friend?

You are ruining it

It's OK to be topless as long as you haven't started growing boobs. Or if your finished growing boobs. Basically, if your boobs are under construction it is wrong, I think. Fuck idk lol.


If tits are allowed to be out, then how are no tits not?


Pedo here, 13 is too old. Most people are hebephiles though.

Creeps? What creeps?

Now thats my type of woman. Redheads are the absolute best.

Only if you post pics

I don't understand the dilemma of creeps.

there is a parade like 2 hours from where i live
kinda want to go. but im too lazy
never seen breasts IRL. this would have been a good way to see some. plus, any young teens there possibly

oh well. maybe 4chan will have a thread up with OC pics i can jack off to and pretend i was there

Maybe people usually value such scenes because of its rarity. As time goes on and if this movement continues, woman having their tits out will just be the norm.

It goes like this:
Basically, being around other women is incredibly harmful for women's emotional and psychological development.

If your daughter is confident with her body enuff to be out in public like that then I say go for it. Too many young girls are ashamed and that is a real problem with todays society.

It would be fine if it was a slave market, but it's not, so you are a worthless degenerate and your daughter is used good.


It's just since the Women's movement obtained power that it's been the way it is today. Women breastfeeding, and nudity generally, were far more common in traditional times.

Isn't it uncomfortable to not wear a bra when you have big blobs?

When my girlfriend takes her bra off at the end of the day she practically has an orgasm. For a lot of women wearing a bra is just something your "supposed" to do

That's probably because she's wearing the wrong bra size, therefore it feels good to take an uncomfortable bra off. Happens a lot.

My gf admits the only reason she wears a bra is to keep her nipples from showing thru her shirt, like a modesty pad.

Post some pics of your gf since you like talking about her so much

Nah she is fugly tbh

if that's her she looks like has some decent tits tbh. nice pokies.


This is why females shouldn't have "rights" and privileges in the first place, they don't understand the do's and don'ts of protests. What the fuck is going topless going to accomplish besides guys staring and taking pictures? Absolutely nothing

Back in my day, 10 year olds had DDs so age is not an excuse

Hah not her unfortunatley. I wish.

Ya I met her online and she sent me a pic with her best friend in it. I was praying she was the hot one. She wasn't. :(

This rally needs more lolis.
You know, for feminism…

Why aren't there more lolis at these, if nudity isn't sexual?


Even they don't know what they want

Yes, let her express her sexuality in a sfae public environment.

The best thingto happen to furries since, like, forever!

Hey I live in Fort Collins, any other 970fags here?

At least you're not longmont. We have homeless people everywhere, California trash coming in like crazy, and thanks to jewgle doing shit in Boulder it's making it impossible to buy a home.
Thanks Jews.

how fuckign retarded are these people?

im pretty sure everyone knows that this is retarded but would find it hard to articulate why because society is brainwashed by feminist dogma

im just going to spell out why this is retarded so that red pill is here for anybody who needs inoculation from that toxic ideology

for a start, it isnt particularly decent for men to walk around topless in public anyway, they ask for quality but they already have it. its not acceptable for either sex to be topless in public. would a man go to the cinema, a restaurant, a formal event, to work topless?

if there is a difference in attitude in women being topless it because women have a thing called breasts that men do not have. because they are related to sexual reproduction and sexual arousal, they are considered "private parts" and society has deemed that these must be covered up in public.

because the attribute of having breasts and subsequently having to cover them up is exclusive to women it contributes to their femininity.

and as usual feminism is about eroding femininity, it tells women that this typically feminine behaviours are wrong and they should resent them, convincing them that they should resent their femininity.

from OP link

not surprising that they choose that this event should coincide with the anniversary of another massive assault on femininity, the anniversary of when it was decided it was okay for women to do something masculine ie vote

interesting that they should choose to capitalise the phrase "gender equality". it as if they know that its the title of an abstract concept rather than a real world entity.

No, you should not let her. Parading her breasts around in public is not behavior befitting of a decent young girl. If she presses the point, and especially if she defies you, bare her bottom and give her a good spanking. Girls should not be anywhere feminist nonsense congregations.

well maybe women don't like being feminine, ever think about that?



Sounds like you need to go MGTOW

if it was only at the beach or near those obnoxious body builders, it would be ok
but ads for consumer products feature chest nudity anyway
im all for desensitisation to 3dpd chests as long as we get more 2d lewds and the ability to go topless as a dude too

bitch are you retarded

lel. haven't seen many of those around lately tbh.
that's kind of hot. is this something you regularly engage in with your teen daughter friend?

Then they should be rounded up and put in old spinster camps and certainly prevented from having Internet access. If they don't do one.job. they have from God to do, why should they hinder the ground friend?

she's you're daughter and she's underaged.
its your decision, not hers or anyone.

btw, where will that naked loli march happen?

Top kek

It already is the norm in some parts of the world though, and used to be in many more before Abrahamic religions came knocking.

It'll trigger Christians, Muslims and Jews. If anything's a good reason to do something, it's triggering Abrahamic prudes.

Apparently it's legal in a lot of states.
Also, if it's already legal in your area I don't really see the point of the demonstration.

Denigration of what came before with no understanding of the culture and heritage. Tell me once you're done disassembling it all what will you replace it all with? If you say hedonism or materialism in any way you've failed and you deserve everything coming.


I think it is "legal" in a lot of states overall. For example: They have my state on there where I know, specifically in my city, it isn't legal to go topless as a female. You will get arrested and fined/citation. So maybe it's like "overall legal" but not necessarily all legal

Most people don't care but I've been to many outdoor concerts or bars where the girls think they can do whatever they want so they flash a cop thinking he won't do anything then the next thing they are in cuffs or facing up against a wall and crying. Stupid bitches

Plus, we don't care for adult tits. This whole thread is wondering if little girl tits will be there


Obviously. What if he let himself be swayed by some naysayer into not letting her? He should just do the right thing and not worry about what Holla Forums of all places thinks amirite?

Sexual liberation is a form of political control

These digits proves it

One of the more humorous aspects about all this Femen-tier shit is that eventually it will backfire and blow up in the face of these libshits. They always seem to shoot themselves in the foot heh.

As time goes on and it becomes more and more acceptable for women that are now deemed 'minor' to go topless, it will a) instill in men everywhere that these are in fact women, not children, and b) make it more and more socially acceptable for men to court these young women as potential mates, as has been the case for 10's of thousands of years before the onslaught of the Women's Movement era in just the last 100 or so.

As more and more men become redpilled to the truth of both the biological norm (ie, women are best as wives when they marry and procreate early), and the sociological shift (wtf I hate feminists now) then this will actually improve things for everyone by refuting and eventually eroding one of feminism's most important weapons–namely retarded AoC laws–in the end.

Did OP ever reply as to what his decision was btw?

Actually, I think a lot of them do tbh user. Why do you think they moved to you're town? Mission already accomplished out west.


if its not sexual i think its fine

female breasts are inherently sexual.

They expand when they are horny.
The release pheremones when horny.
They visually cue how healthy/good of a mate they could be.

All these things are not true of the male chest.

Yes, when she's earned it.

You should let her and make sure to take lots of pictures of it, make sure to get pictures of her wrestling with her friends and posing with her friends. Cause you know, free the nipple is so important. So important to show us your 13 year old daughter…

It's seriously weird… leftist ideology started out with a hardcore obsession with muh children cannot consent now it's going full circle to muh children have the right to consent. Leftism is basically just a long-winded exercise in futility.

Correct. Women just like to cosplay.

OP you're a failure as a parent if you come here for advice. This one should be a no-brainer.
You're letting useless attention-seeking cunts tell you how to think. Also, you're spoiling your child if you actually allow her to do that.

What the fuck happened to this world? Are we in some sort of 'in-between' age where we 'beta test' social norms?

I thought the whole point of having the private parts or the intimate parts was to keep them private or intimate, not to use them in public demonstration, oh well.

Christ op at least wait til she's like 16 or something god damn.

the younger the better

well we know who started this fad

OP is bait, and realistically all the women at the rally will be fat sjw's and even then it'll be like 20 tops surrounded by hundreds of men taking photos of them to masturbate to when they get home.

May as well have sex with a pregnant woman then.

user I would like to tell you where you failed

Simple. Creep = "Anyone I deem unworthy to look at me." It's nothing more than a way to shame guys for being unattractive.

Nah, more like 95

and this kind of logic is why women are shit

This thread needs to be gassed. Degenerate fuckers and their sexual """liberation""" are killing modern society.

This thread needs more boobs.

sounds like your daughter is a slut

You need to die.

I dont live in Burgerlan, fuckface

I'm sorry, I forgot. Portugal is an even bigger shithole than India. I would never insult India like that again.

Your entire country needs to be gassed.

Says the guy who lives in the country, that is literally falling apart. Go bomb some more muslim, kike

You're in no place to talk about "falling apart", you fatherless shitskin.

First of all, we speak English here, Pedro.

Secondly, I would pass on bombing every single disgusting goatfucker in the Middle East just to let them castrate your tiny, fully erect penis. You would enjoy it for the first few seconds because you're a degenerate, shitskin faggot with no decency, but after it's done you'll realize your life will have absolutely no meaning anymore because your entire existence is based on disgusting degeneracy and a complete lack of self control.

You shitskin motherfucker, go back to your 3rd world country and get the hell off this board.

Nice joke, m8. Tell me, how is that Universal Healthcare going treating you? Mine works pretty fine, thank you. What about your free college? Oh right, you don´t have that. Maybe thats why your 14th in Education world-wide.
How is it like leaving in a country, where people go bankrupt over medical bills?
Do you like all of those "white supremacists", over there? Or maybe BLM is more kind of your thing. All these to let you know, my country doesn´t have none of that BS.

umadbro? :^)

State specifically I'm not sure, but in Asheville, it is definitely legal. For a city famous for being the brewer capital of all NC, and being known for it's hippies, I've yet to see tits in public apart from breastfeeding mothers.

Oh no. No. Nope. I thought when we legalized gay marriage, the gays would shut up and stop shoving it in our faces. To my shame, I voted for it under this false assumption and now they just parade even harder. Lesson learned. Nope, even if we give these people exactly what they want and legalize toplessness in all states, they'd just bitch more and spread their degeneracy more efficiently. Lock that fucking nipple up. Don't even give them an inch. Do anything you can to keep your daughter from taking that blue pill. God bless.

Underrated fetish tbh

I can understand setting yourself free from 'conformity' of our society, but if anyone tries to score points for feminism it automatically becomes autistic.

those stars of david have swastikas in them

Absolutely. Go for it. This might come as a surprise from a fellow h8chan shitlord, but I'm actually a big supporter of equal rights. Here's the thing though, feminism is shit now, because the legitimate issues have been solved, but there is this one last chance to fight real discrimination against women. You should be very proud of your daughter and support her fully.


every day can be go topless day if you just believe in yourself

It's nice here in missouri. Cheap housing in rural areas, just shoot any meth heads that tresspass. Plenty of cities less than an hour away to get a decent job at. Plus our faggot liberals are mostly moderate so our policies are at least manageable.

the song originated as just another "lolsorandumb" skit from an asdf movie. Then an animator got ahold of the music, and then this.

if you didn't have such a retarded sexualized society mixed with puritanism as a hypocritical compensation it wouldn't even be an issue, you faggots need to get your shit sorted out
usually girls that age feel ashamed and cover up (while at the same time showing off by wearing tight and short clothes) so you should be proud of here to be confident in her body and not giving a fuck about nudity, that means she's better than you

how is nudity not a matter of your own decency? Why do u need laws about it?

bitch please

whatever. If u r fat, or old, or ugly, do u want to show your sagging tits? We need laws against open-toe shoes, not shirts

I've never understood the go topless thing. Doesn't them being able to be topless in public mean that they already have that equality?

missouri user here too. can confirm. avoid niggerville (st. louis, kansas city) and you're fine. mostly conservative, but flip flops back & forth on election day. honestly, what do you expect when you're one of the first states to legalize pot. all the degenerates will flock there.

Me too. Were all over this thread.

This is why you should use birth control.


40 and no kids. starting to run out of time… i must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children

That's sad, fam.

You're proud of failing to spread your seed? That's kind of the main goal you are supposed to achieve as a living being

we all make bad choices from time to time. some take longer to recover from than others

That just means there's no state-wide law against it. New York is the only one where it's officially legal in the whole state, afaik.

gtfo you fucking degenerate

You must not let her do what she want.

How come this thread is still up? I bet it was made by a pedo anyway. Delete and ban

I'm not against it, but after my history with women and seeing what friends have gone through, I am fucking terrified of it. Not scared of relationships, I love women. It's just when the state infects it with some legally binding papers I get uncomfortable.

I understand your point, but I don't mind as much when I look at how fast our species is reproducing and how we have not found a new home for our species yet. We could very well be approaching our end.

learn2racist burger.

me too, considering i've already been through 2 of them. but i still want to find the stereotype waifu to impregnate if i can, where I, she, and our children all have the same last name and all live under the same roof

Don't worry about overpopulation, have as many children as possible. This will pressure more people like Musk to start setting up colonies on other planets.
Unless you're assuming we're both of the sub-saharan African or mongoloid species, then no our species is not reproducing fast at all.

Hebe here. 13 is just fine. 21 is too old.

3 days until loli titties. Stfu user.

3 days until I grow loli titties? Rid me of your bipolar spells you fucking witch. I'll just grope myself tbh

I just don't have racism in me. I find it incredibly amusing, but I just can't hate someone based on their appearance. Unless they have an ICP shirt on or something.

Ephebe here. Wish I was a europoor so I could legally bang some 15-16yos.

you don't have to hate, user. just recognize the different groups and understand that niggers would just as soon set you on fire than negotiate with you. species allows more of those violent, low IQ thugs. race allows more high quality ppl like you

looks staged

I just don't have racism in me. I find it incredibly amusing, but I just can't hate someone based on their appearance. Unless they have an ICP shirt on or something.>>7310865
I just don't have racism in me. I find it incredibly amusing, but I just can't hate someone based on their appearance. Unless they have an ICP shirt on or something.

Ephebe here. Wish I was a europoor so I could legally bang some 15-16yos.

Ephebe here. Wish I was a europoor so I could legally bang some 15-16yos.>>7310891

Kind of weird how you repeat yourself

Kind of weird how you repeat yourself. Oh, you're an ephebe. Fuck banging your 15 yar olds, now get banned.

Kind of weird how you repeat yourself. Oh, you're an ephebe. Fuck banging your 15 year olds, now get banned.

made me puzzle there for a bit

did you really get banned, user?

Let her go, take pictures and send us.


I dunno how that shit happened.

the server sucks. it happens


There is literally nothing wrong with fucking a 15 year old, and anyone telling themselves otherwise has drunk the feminist Kool-Aid and abandoned all sense of historical perspective.

Also, this.

They're not mentally developed enough to handle that kind of commitment or relationship. They're not smart enough beings to be sexual until 18. Remember, they have minds. They're pretty much innocent angels. Ask a cop, seriously. Mine also taught me about Marijuana gummy bears


>anyone telling themselves otherwise has drunk the (((feminist))) Kool-Aid

Go ahead, fuck a 15 year old. Might not ruin her life, but it'll sure ruin yours, bitch.

i'm not suggesting breaking the law, you absolute retard. i'm suggesting the laws are fucking retarded (((feminist))) bullshit

What the absolute fuck? Big dumb bitch. You want to break the law

Did they paint their nips pink?

I'm an ephebe, but I agree with
Do you remember how fucking stupid teenage girls are? They're legally retarded. I enjoy looking, but I can't stand listening to one speak for more than a few seconds.

I agree, they're barely funny either. So what's the point? They can't even bother to be mature. It's impossible at their age unless they're ugly and slightly bipolar. But then, theres no point to liking them o.0 I'm an anti-pedo tho anyway