Who is this?

Who is this goddess? I need more..

Gerudo warrior.

No not her cartoon character name, her real life one

I know her personally. Trust me, I'm her best friend. She legally changed her name to Gerudo warrior.

just wanna fist tall thots all damn day………..


god dammit


"Gerudo warriors" have given names, you know.

It's darude sandstorm

man face

no it's not drangus.

shut up!

but he's right, you know

mini manlet and slightly tall woman?
manlet and really tall woman?
normal height man and freakishly tall woman?
manlet and tall tranny?
normal height man and tall tranny?

I don't know what to think about this image

It' a manlet and a gorgeous amazonian woman.

goddesses do not have tattoos
anyone know how to tell height/scale from cellphone size?

The stacked chairs behind him cone up to his lip

Manlet standing next to a 5,11" 6.0" woman

Is there an equation we can plug that info in and get her height?

True that.

It's a trap

She's still thuper hot and I want to know her name so I can stalk her on instagram and jack off to her posts you fucking dinky winky.

too bad she is 3DPD

she's not a goddess, she's just a woman of average height standing next to a manlet.

i always wanted to date a woman taller than me
[tor users cant post images]
*you are missing my quality OC because of this*

blame pedos

really doubt you have OC but try again with pale moon or Brave


Wow, she's a giant. I can't help but be reminded of my grandfather's German shepherd that must have been the size of a black bear because it was larger than any other I've ever seen. tragically, she killed his yorkie and had to be put down which was a shame because she had a very happy and friendly disposition to the fault of being hyperactive.

I have a fleeting suspicion that that small fry is doing the hover hand, though.

manlet and woman on milk crate
compare the length of their upper legs (femurs) to get an accurate gauge of their relative heights.
She is obviously standing on something.

I don't think so her torso and limbs are so much longer.