Food prices should be cheaper for men

Because men require more calories on average



Young virgin girls need to supply me their cunt juices and older women can breastfeed me

This is not negotiable

That's all they are good for

According to that logic, why should women pay for tampons at all?

if you want to launch a food store that charges women more, go ahead

Tampons should be mandatory. Free-bleeders are degenerate.

Unless it's in my mouth

How about I stick my penis inbetween your butt cheeks and proceed to piss down your ass

I could use an enema

I would drink it.


That's hot at but is it even possible? Inserting a flacid dick into a butt or peeing with an errection?

the first one. Want to try it? I'll be gentle


i mean, this makes sense within sjw logic
make some graphics and spread it aroung
godspeed, user!

its not fair that women only have to eat 1200 calories a day. they are so privileged its unreal. i propose we tax their food 75% more to even the calorie gap

No need to when you're correct

Gas prices should be cheaper for hummers because the require more gas on average.

Cheaper how? less food stamp charges? fuck off.


Are you implying that it's impossible to pee with an erection? I'd assume you're a woman, but then I remember where I'm at.

Food prices should be more expensive in America so the fat fucks there can loose a few pounds.