Mineman Raid Thread

Come fuck shit up or play, idc.

If dubs mods have to sticky for the night

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looks like duble dubs, nice work op
mods should sticky

OP sucks cock
sincerely me

If anything better than dubs mods unsticky

I bet the existence of the white race that me and my Aryan gf will be joining this raid in 2 minutes.

Make sure not to doxx the players you disagree with

Adolf stop fucking screencapping literally everything that happens

I'm betting the existence of the white race me and my Aryan gf are joining this raid, you should too


what a cock sucker….

I swear on the existence of the white race that me and my gf will join this raid in 30 seconds!

Its also offline mode for you pirates.

Posting in a stick

Little girls are meant for stickies. Discuss intelligently now.

daily reminder that texas belongs to mexico

Mexicans can't be hillbillies


I was stickied once, very briefly. It was a story about shit I believe, last year or so. Think i even got banned for an hour for some reason afterwards. Good times.

i can't, she makes my brain go mush

How the fuck does that happen?

Welp, looks like the white race ain't lasting much longer then


We had some fun. They had adminium. I wonder who's house this was :^)