Anybody wanna do a joint ebook venture?
A book of short stories. We put our names on it.
Hey, it looks good on a resume to say you've written a book even if the shit doesn't sell.

I will post email address if anyone is interested.

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Thank you for your contribution but your services are not required

[email protected]/* */

Currently writing a book myself, but if you need XP in your resume, I have a company I created to give NEETs a referral.
< user was totally the Operations Director here in Texas… Oh he lives in other state? I mean my company is in Texas, user was in that state's branch

A fraudulent company that gives false referrals?

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I mean, this could be an opportunity for someone, (or a trap) but nobody is going to bite if you just say "short stories". What kind of stories you not explaining nigger? Is that really all you can say about the format of this fucking book nobody will read? What kind of stories have you written before? You come off as someone that doesn't even like to write stories as if this is some kind of scam for resume padding you have to do before you move on to the next thing like doing a half assed project for some class you hate in high school. WTF man? Really?

I'm game. Let's fucking do it. Sounds like just enough fun to finally give us the courage to make a suicide pact and follow through with it.

can't write good

I admit it is kind of half-ass. I was hoping doing it with other people would give that little extra motivation.

Actually it's legit, I pay taxes and everything

ACTUALLY, some high positions I got some NEETs require a polygraph test. The way to pass such test is to actually do the work of that position.

Easy to do online for a few minutes, then tell him to imagine he has been doing it for years

It's okay; motivations come and go. But you still need to explain at least a little bit more.

My company is all about resume construction.

My cock is all about fucking your throat to make you shut the fuck up.

I say short stories because long ones require more focus and uniformity. Short burst of creativity are easier.
For a general theme for the book we portray the millennial generation in their aimless/misguided lives looking for purpose. Something in the way of Fitzgerald's All The Sad Young Men
This will be about pedo's that haven't actually done anything, weeaboos, chads (or our perception of them), stuff like that. A literary collage of our generation.

Why? Are you afraid of the competition my company brings to the market place? Do you feel insecure your have to compete with NEETs?

And how does this fit in with your career plan? Are you hoping it will lead to better paying writing opportunities?


I want to be interested, but it's been about 15 years since I've written anything even remotely interesting. I'm not sure I could do it any more.

I've never published any book and I don't even read.

Serious question, what are the chances I might be a savant and can write something good, publish it, and make some cash?

What can I do to improve chances as far as getting an editor, ghost writer, etc…


I am a published author. Perhaps you have read my work?

my career plan is actually in web development.
I just like to write on the side. I think it will be an extra credit that makes me look good but nothing else.

Remember being a web developer for my company? :^)

Put that in your resume.

This plan sounds horribly thought out but I'm a bored writefag, hit me up.

will do.


Anyone else?

Just put whatever you want in the resume, no one checks.


If that's true, you're doing God's work.

Thank you, I'm going to be changing jobs again (moving up to a vice-president position) and I'm going to be asking a friend to make a company so I can put it on my resume. Wish me luck, once I get in such position, I'll be letting NEETs enter the company until it dies. Rinse and repeat.


They check when you lest expect them to

that picture brings up an interesting question… by JOVE ive got it! what came first? the chicken? or the egg? i think ill publish this theory in a scientific journal