0) White nationalists literally used tiki torches from Lowes to show their racial superiority, top kek

1) [forgot what I was going to say :( it was funny]

I sincerely fucking doubt that

fuck you beaner, I'll show you how powerful we whites are on the 08/15/2017 at NOON

if you lose your people have to leave america forever

I (((THINK)))/doubt I remember, it was that 8/pol/ memed an illegal frog of chaos (my people) as president of the USA

low IQ brown fucks shouldn't be allowed on imageboards. they're just so stupid and contribute nothing of value

could be worse, he could be a white nationalist from 8/pol/

In the words of Pepe the Illegal Mexican Frog: "YOU HAVE TO GO BACK"

Shill user made a new thread it seems

fuck you frogposter
stop bullying

kek, whatever do you mean user? :^)

>posting to a non-existing post
(((8/pol/))) "tactics" are so boring and unfunny *yawn*

u meaniehead
i bet you were samefagging me to try to get my ip and hack me bad >:(

noooooo :^)
You're confusing me with that hispanic gang member from 90210


444 reroll



There is nothing wrong with illegal immigration, our NATION is Earth and our PEOPLE is homo sapiens

I bet the existence of the white race you're a Jew in Jerusalem

you mean they bought things with money?
wite peples BTFO

you'd be surprised

I swear on the lives of every white woman in the Midwest of the US that I didn't found your post ironic.


what did commies use? hypodermic needles and dildos?

no one here is a commie you subhuman white nationalist, go buy more tiki torches and don't come back

stop projecting your poz fantasies, I know you're used to women telling you this but you're disgusting

Boy, do I have a surprise for you.

unironic Holla Forums doesn't count