Civil war in Venezuela


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guessing the wife/gf cheated on him?

No, he was behind on rent

should've kick the bitch tbh


venezuela is third positionist and they are fighting against the kikes


civil war right now.

Fuck off idiot

venezuela's opposition is controled by jews and the usa

You are an idiot too.

Colombian here.

they literally cry the time they visit one of our supermakets, lmao.

lol. any interesting stories?

my TV is all day interviewing the refugees on my country.
I already feel bad for them.

holy shit lmfao. poor people. reminds of a story
>i asked him you lost your other shoe?
>he answered no, i gained one

Fuck Venezuela.
t. Colombian.

Don't trust them, Venezuelans are filthy rats.

Also it seems like worldwide civil war will break out on every country.
It's starting in the US with Charlottesville having various vehichles blown up and people killing each other.
As a Colombian let me say,
civil war out of politics or race always has the best outcomes, getting it out of your system is good for society. Kill all leftists and subhumans.

colombians are subhumans

dunno bro, venezuelans seem bro tier.
at least they're not like muslims in europe.

is not like they're a diferent culture or race than us.

t. Venezuelan.

Correct but I still don't trust them for the life of me.

meh, I used to have a good friend who was a veneco some years ago.

just go and fuck some veneca whore.

t. Me









Good video.

In Bogota, Colombian capital city, there is a prostitute zone called 'barrio Santafe'

It seems that now the percentage of prostitutes there is at least 30% venezuelan





this is from brazil, the guy did no pay so he(trap) grabbed her balls and penis

did not*