He will be remembered as an hero

Hey Holla Forums, how do I convince my friend not to an hero? pic related

he's white and therefore a valuable member of our society considering if he isn't a faggot or a leftist numale

There's no convincing, if he wants to off himself he'll do it regardless of anything you say.

Words are empty and completely meaningless. If you really want him to stick around, suck his dick, but if he's not that good of a friend, which I assume to be the case since your existence alone isn't enough to make him contemplate his own death, then I really don't know what are you trying to accomplish here.

If he's just someone you don't want to die, then just explain it to him that you're a selfish bastard who needs him around because he gives your life meaning, even though you don't want to suck his dick. Really there are infinite ways for you to validate his existence, but if you're struggling so much to find ANYTHING that would make this guy rethink such decision, then there's really nothing you can do yourself, other than calling the cops, or his family.

won't work with that method

Tell him the most painless form of suicide is to eat, sleep, shit, and breath for about 80 years. It will really make him think

I agree. Suck his dick (it isn't hard really and it's also really cool if he's bf material) and make him feel wanted, or at least tell him up front you want him around as a friend.

Yeah, I already told him I'd feel responsible if I couldn't talk him out of it.

You should at least tell him to deposit all his money before killing himself so you can loot his corpse for hundreds of dollars. If he was a true friend he would do that for a bro.

I asked him about his computer. He said it would go to his wife who left him.

Also, I asked if he'd livestream it, and he said he might.

If someone told me that I would want to kill myself twice as much.

You're not showing him he's important by talking about yourself, mate. If he's really important it wouldn't take much effort for you to explain why you would be devastated if anything happened to him.

It sounds like you're using too much of a neutral tone and you only feel pressured to say something to him because you know nobody else will. You're not doing anything because you really care about the guy, you're just doing it out of obligation the way I see it, and I can only name very few things that would make someone want to die MORE than seeing some random telling him his life is important, and he's special, and killing himself will send him straight to hell.

You're not helping him with that shit, you're guilt tripping him out of a personal struggle, and wondering why your bucket of water can't putt off a volcano.

Stop acting like a female.

Give him the succ. Become his bf and show him that you love him more than a friend. He's giving it to his ex wife when he should be giving it to you it's the only reasonable option

sounds like he was a faggot. I would be suicidal too if I was that big of a faggot. Tell that faggot "bros before hoes" and steal his computer anyways

Yeah, you're probably right, though I did send him appropriate pepes already, too.

I am neither of these things

We will find out i suppose

Dick sucking gets me nowhere

I have hotpockets and thats it

I do not have the money to send my PC to middleoffuckingnowhere, USA

If anyone wants to come chat or w/e join our mumble. On second thought, I dont know about streaming it.

oh this is going to be fucking good


Allow guests, nigger. I'm not associating any account with my chan usage

Are you the suicidal guy? I don't need a fucking faggy chat room to talk to someone who is contemplating death. Just say what is going on.

Livestream suicide attempt, come on in!


I really don't care that much. If you want to talk, I'm willing to talk, but if you just want to do it, then be my guest. lol


If its a 100% Helium tank then it will work.