Race war

should i as a brown man be scared of living here in america?

A literal hitler rally happened today. History is repeating itself it seems. iam ofcourse siding with my black and brown brothers. but i dont actually hate white people

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Only neo-nazis are racist. National socialists hate jews specifically, so if you're brown you're fine. The first black olympic runner who ran at the nazi olympics was actually treated better there than in America, Hitler literally looked him in the eye and shook his hand. Pretty nice but i digress

Shut the fuck up I'm a spic and don't you lump me in with niggers like we have some sort of solidarity with them. I'd much rather this country stay 99% white I don't want mexico or africa to move in.

Fucking this, if Hitler won WW2, his nation (Europe) would still have the same magnitude of immigrants today as we do in our timeline.

and this is coming from a nigger
whatever the case, we need to replace 3DPD in their role in reproduction

I'm a spic, and don't lump with you fucking oldtypes. I will commit "treason" against you fucking homo faggots sapiens; I swear, the moment I see super soldiers or enhanced humans (real humans), I will help them kill off as many of you subhumans as possible.

Real humans can speak telepathically and be nice, as well as solve all the world's problems.

you still have to go back to your country

Redpill me on hitler. My teacher in 6th grade told me hitler was obssesed with the aryan race. Bloned hair,blue eyes and hitler compared jesse owens to a cheetah. Then i find out that hitler had alliance with palestine. And the pictures of black nazis.. Are those real?

First off what is your problem witg blacks? Funny because in my school years only mexicans ever called me a monkey and were openly racist to me.iam half black
also most mex are brown as fuck and native. Are you a spaniard?
Do you go outside?


Hitler believed that nations must strive to better themselves, and to get rid of the international jew leeching them. He wouldnt have allowed a similar magnitude of inmigrants contaminate europe. Maybe some mulattos, but thats pretty much it, they would be less than 1% of the population

thought you were for real, then I read the name
thank the gods
have a (you)

Yes, there were black and arab divisions in the Nazi military. In fact, one of the best divisions in the Nazi military was an muslim division. America loves revisionism, and says that Nazis only wanted people with blonde hair and blue eyes to live, but really blonde hair and blue eyes was just a trait Hitler looked up to, he wasn't going to kill everyone off so they had a specific eye color lmao.

Considering how often you ugly niggers and mexicans shoot each other, I'd be more worried about getting killed by your own kind than a white man, although I sincerely hope either or kills you so, go die you worthless nigger

cant we all just get along

fake news brotha


Academia and the news need to be retired.

The leftist elite has made it clear that they intend to re-run the 1960s and hang their hat on "WHITEY IS THE DEVIL KILL WHITEY" until whitey is dead. I don't know if it's Talmudists or just mentally ill whites who want to genocide themselves, or just politicos who are so cynically retarded that they don't care about anything except "kill whitey gets views and votes."

So in short the Democratic party and its support infrastructure needs to become defunct.

America is a big place. There are a lot of communities I wouldn't feel safe in as a white person. Everyone here needs to recognize that it's okay for different ethnicities to have their home turfs or "safe spaces" or whatever, and that's fine, as long as whites get their spaces too without being chased down.

Since you're a "real" colored person, I just want to ask a side question. Why is it that when I was in school 90% of the black kids were barely literate, disruptive monkey children? I mean, it didn't exactly leave a good impression on me regarding their so called status as "humans", and while many of them could be nice and sociable, it was clear since kindergarten that none of them were operating on the same wavelength as the white children. They couldn't do math or science, weren't interested in "history" except when it was time to play Roots in front of the class, and were never engaged in any educational topic, so they fucked around, pissed of the teachers, talked loudly while others worked, or slept out of boredom. Does anything in what I am saying match your experience, and does it surprise you that someone that doesn't necessarily harbor resentment towards blacks would rather not be in their company if possible?

There will only be whites in the US. You will not be sparred.

No, the law still applies to us and police are better armed than hillbillies.

How do you even debate dumb shit like this? Holy fuck.

just go to south efrica if you have skills, or germany if you don't

You dont have to be around blacks. But you cant force the africans that were brought her by force to just up and go back to africa. My experince in school. Surr there was the occasional disruptive black girl or kid in class. But almost always it was some special ed kid or some girl who was from a broken home. none of what you mentioned has to with race. Its mostly socio economic factors and upbringing. Coupled with the degenarate rap cultured pushed by record companies owned by kikes.

Can i get a german wife?

So is the current state of Sub-Saharan Africa a result of socioeconomic factors and upbringing in your opinion?

That's the result of mega corporations user.

don't think the low IQs of the niggers in Africa were due to mega corporations

as long as you don't mind sharing her.

Partially colonization and global capitalism. Second a backwards culture and lack of science. But africa is fast developing. Dont believe those silly commercials

hi leftypol

We have a common enemy friend. If you hate jews you by default hate capitalism. Lets unite and defeat the pig jew!!!

lol @ commies

Hispanics hate niggers, if blacks are really so deluded as to think all other races hate whites as much as them and consider them allies they must really have natural 60 iqs. Whites aren't racist, blacks and jews are just autistic retards that no one likes.

i hate both capitalism and communism which are death knells of globalism
im for my people, my kind

Honestly, if we all worked together in the revolution, it would be much easier to kill the cancer in the west, and if we took a utilitarian approach to creating a new government to replace the old, i feel Holla Forums and Holla Forums alike would be much happier with the finished product, as they both had a say in what the new government looks like.

Except leftypol would love immigration and continue tolerating kikes

You can't tolerate what is already dead because the revolution happened user. If jews are gone, therefore, immigration will likely be a completely improved system simply because they aren't in charge. Think about it user


hahaha, no

You should stand with the aryan race against the enemies of humanity. Namely old money and "progressive" jews.

You know if you actually read national socialist ideology, you'd know that the only people who have to go are jews who's very bloodline IS tainted and who perpetuate corruption around the world. Glad to see you're just another racial supremacist, no better than the jews who hold the same beliefs. Didn't you notice they hate goyim? That's their equivilent of saying "inferior races", slaves and cattle. You're no better if you want everyone who isn't you to die.

I've read Mein Kampf and I know your own race and fatherland come before everything. This was one of the reasons Hitler felt that the Reich fell after the first World War, that Germany was too mixed and therefore there was no national solidarity. I didn't say anything about genociding other races.

What do you make of this study then? en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minnesota_Transracial_Adoption_Study

Even when niggers are reared by whites barely do they score above 90


Institutionalized racism/ghetto culture and a myriad of other factors. Don't kid yourself, racist.

Get a load of this smug leftykike. Got any evidence for your nonsensical claims?

What about adopted white kids? I would expect just being adopted to carry a dip as people are more likely to put up disabled kids for adoption.

Scroll down to 'results' you dolt.

Will you disregard this study too? How will you skew this one, I wonder

So this is what leftypol has to offer. What a pathetic intellectually defunct cohort of goblins

if i were colored in the US i would probably arm myself, just in case.

if those alt-cuck ever become violent, i would go gorrilla mode, and take down as many as i can.

False ….it's a direct result of genetics

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now i don't mean to disrespect an honorable board volunteer, but surely there's a better argument than that

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