The Decision

Hi I like squids a lot, and cephalopods in general. You might remember me from threads on this board such as
as well as shoehorning tentacles hentai into various porn threads.
I'm making this thread because I think a lot of people on this board value my opinion, and I'm now taking my shitposting talents to >>>/srz/ so consider this an official endorsement.
Don't worry though I'll still post here as well sometimes.
You can also ask me questions about squid or cephalopods in general itt or on >>>/srz/

I want to fuck cthulhu too

You will not be missed

fuck off fug
fuck off forever

> You can also ask me questions about squid or cephalopods in general itt or on >>>/srz/
I find it funny that you faggots advertise your board here, and yet I tried to post there yesterday and the board is locked to only volunteers and moderators. get your shit together dumbfucks.

lurk moar, you obviously don't understand the board yet

great way to make sure you get your hyped board off the ground by making it only accessible to secret squirrels. i'll not waste my time you STUPID FUCKING FAGGOT.

retard, let me spoonfeed you

you can post in any of the stickies


I'm not fug though.

I guess I might be in the minority in reading fugs wall of texts but her idea for b (and what's on srz) is to only have a few threads and not allow people to make new ones. You just have to post in the threads she already made. It's kind of like the boards that used to be on halfchan where it was all generals.


i want to make my own thread. that is what a board does.

If it's something that really doesn't fit into another thread that's there you could probably just ask fug about it. But that's kind of the concept of the board.

Here are some good infographics.

allthat sticky and shitfonts

who is best squid?

My favorite squid is the giant squid (architeuthis dux). It's a classic but it's also the squid that got me into squids. They're not the biggest squid anymore, even though they were thought to be when I got into squids but they're still my favorite.

what is then? google says giant squid

also, i meant splatoon squids

Pearl > Callie > Marie > Marina

Colossal Squids are the biggest squids now known. For a while scientists thought they were sub-species but now pretty sure they're different species entirely. Colossal squids are wider, heavier, maybe a little longer, and they live around antarctica. Giant squid live a little deeper , are in other oceans and are a lot more narrow.
Pic related is a colossal. Not a lot is known about them, people haven't been doing the type of fishing that encounters them in the southern ocean for that long.
Oh I don't know, they're all kind of cute but a little humanoid for my taste.

Who made you the arbiter of what a board can or cannot do?

Ika >Pearl > Callie > Marie > Marina

common sense and logic.

who told you you can't use common sense and logic in life?


Ah, a man of exquisite taste still roams this land.


Common sense and logic would dictate that you make threads where that's an option. Not bitch about the fact you can't.

He probably just wants to start a roll/trap/ylyl thread anyway.


Boards are for making threads. Give it up cry baby.

Whatever, derp, you're the one crying about "muh threads".

try putting more effort into.

no u
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oy squidward, i remember you. have you ever eaten/fucked a squid before? any experiments with squids? do you have one as a pet?

I like Octopuses. They're terribly intelligent