Normies get out

Normies get out

Hello. I"m a newfag and I think we should just get along and make life the best.

Looks like we're going to have to use some force on this one.

You're gonna have to scare me off with some little girls ;)

Hold on, everyone used to be a newfag. Maybe he's not a normie.


…so I'll post a little chemo and he's free to leave.


I said little girls you fucking dunces

I remember back in the day on half chan we knew an article was going to be posted in a popular newspaper about us so we prepared a special day for all the newcomers.

It was a gore and CP extravaganza. For two days nothing but gore and CP, every single thread was filled vomit-inducing shit. Between those we had shit threads, grannie porn, and the the usual sexism and racism, but much worse.

You deaf man


Those were the days.

I'm from Reddit just like everyone else on this god-awful dumb website. I hate both 4chan and Holla Forums. Tell me whats so good about either. And how they're better than Reddit. This site isn't good at scaring away anybody.

We're not better than Reddit. You should go back. You'll be happier there.

But I really wanna see this place improve.

Gotta love how pictures of violence and murder is tolerated but little girls receiving sexual pleasure is considered unacceptable.
This world is so fucked up.

yeah, fucking normies… I just drove home from work and I want to spend a few hours on Holla Forums before I meet up with my girlfriend and we go out with our friends, but all these normies are making me fuckin sick

lurk moar

Don't feel like it. What the fuck's up with your picture btw the girl's like fucking small


Here you go