Refute this, Ayncraps!

Your property is a piece of land you bought. However, I have then bought all the land around your property, such that it encircles your property. Your property has no means to support itself, no farmland, no food. Without this, you will surely starve to death. The only means to survive will be to leave your property in search of food, HOWEVER, doing so means having to step on my property, which I DID NOT give you permission to do. Stepping on MY PROPERTY violates the NAP. If you step on my property, I have no choice but to shoot you for initiating aggression against me. You have no guns to fight back with, no private police force to protect you, and I refuse to negotiate for your ability to cross my property borders. How will you ensure your survival from starvation while at the same time not violating the NAP you claim to uphold?

That's impossible, because I would demand some sort of contract that WHOEVER might own that land around me, they have to allow for the owner of the propery I own (so me) to pass through. And my house/property also would have road access. It wouldn't just be "randomely" placed somewhere in the wilderness.

That road whoever owns that, could be some sort of collective too, would allow me to use it and also have a deal with surrounding property owners to let people pass through to get on the road. After all they benefit from the road being there, maybe they even own a percentage of it.

That is ridiculous. You don't have to kill anyone for stepping on their property. That makes you a murderer and you would get prosecuted for that. I am not some scary looking person, whose outward appearance like some hoodrat or Islamic terrorist would warrant even the thought of using force.

I would go right up to you with my arms held over my head and give you a hug and hope that the release of ocytocin in your body kills your sociopathic tendencies.


By restricting my freedom of movement, you're violating the NAP. The only way you could completely encircle my property without violating the NAP is by negotiating an easement with me.

Why would I want to own something which isn't connected to a road, not even in an extended sense, is surrounded by some Sociopath's property, who will shoot his neighbour on sight and also not have a job or occupation, because I even have trouble of feeding myself, which also means I wouldn't have the money to waste on something this stupid anyway.

What if I buy the road?
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Actually, what I can do using OP's example is to buy the whole circle and then rent it to someone else. Then I walk in one day and say I'd like to tickle their bum. They disagree of course, they don't like their bum tickled.
So I rip the renting contract in half. Suddendly, he's in my property again, and he had no permission to do so (it was in the contract that is now void).
I loudly scream at him for threatning my security and promptly blow his head all over the wall. His familly will have to pay the cleaner of course, since I did not put the blood there, HE did in the last moments he lived.
THEN I tickle his bum because he's now a corpse i.e. a thing in my property which means I own his ass for me to tickle any time I want.


buy some land

But that would entail giving access to land that the landowner doesn't own. Aside from that, these are the conditions and you cannot violate them with some sort of counterfactual "But I would never-" No. These are the conditions. And if not you, then someone else would have this scenario.
YOU'RE VIOLATING MY NAP. Who are YOU to tell me who I can or can't defend my property against you fucking fascist?
Prosecuted by who? There's no monopoly of force meaning there is no public police force to take me to public court or throw me in public jail, we abolished all of that when we live in ancapistan. Even if you could afford a private police force, I have my own private police force and they would protect me; you cannot haul me off to a private court or private jail because I refuse to go, even if I did commit a crime on your property, so my refusal means you do not have my consent and if you kidnap me you are violating my NAP.

Nobody made you live there, I am not restricting your movement, it just so happens that protecting my property means preventing force. Stopping me from preventing you from initiating force against my property violates my NAP. If you didn't want your movement restricted, you shouldn't have allowed yourself to become engulfed by someone like me buying the property around your property.

You originally bought the land, but then awhile later, I bought the land around your land. Sorry if I didn't clear that up in the OP.

But then you would have to leave your land to go and talk to the property owner around my property to buy it, and you'd have to cross my borders again. Even then your meme pic still remains you'd have to leave your inner circle to get to the outer circle and you can't do that without crossing my borders. You've essentially solved nothing and even worse wasted your money.


And another thing, you're fucking wrong. All you own is the property you bought, you DO NOT own the area around your property any more than I own my fucking neighbor's yard in the real world. If you owned the area around your property it would be your property, but it's not.

So what, idiot? You still have to honour your obligations. You have to honour the contract.

Nope, you can't just do that. Because people will be worrid about stuff like that, they will demand some standard clauses be included in every contract, which are going to be common standard.

You can't just do that shit.

And you wouldn't even have to put that in a contract. Have fun getting hunted, ostracized and having your bum tickled by gay rapists who rape outlaws.

That scenario is stupid. I will adjust it to my liking however I wish.

So what? Do you not know what a contract is?

You can't just kill other people like that. Human life is too precious.

Anarcho-Capitalism/Voluntarism means without RULERS, not without RULES. There still would be courts, police, etc.

Your retarded ass scenario literally made me spawn there like a videogame. It's retarded as fuck and would never happen.


Go back to what I said earlier here. I would have access to your land to get connected to the nearest road. That would be a contractual necessity for even buying the land.


I don't think you understand the concept of an easement. It's not my property; it's your property that you're placing on limits on how I can pass through. You can tell me when, where, and how I can pass through your property, but you can't wholly prevent me from visiting Joe's property without violating the NAP.

That's not capitalism works, you fucking imbecile. Without a central controlling force the concept of money and even "buying" itself is meaningless. Also I'm pretty sure shit like that has happened numerous times in history. If you have studied law, you would know the implications and the precedents.

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You are all trespassing in my thread. Get out now or I shoot.

How the fuck did I even get onto my property if I didn't have any way to access it in the first place after I bought it? I would have had to have negotiated an easement with the prior owner of the land you bought, and that contract would transfer to you when you bought it.

You're also forgetting that the NAP is the basis of libertarian ethics; it's not a law. You could just walk onto my property and shoot me if you wanted to, but that would be unethical and you would face social repercussions. Likewise, caging me onto my property and starving me to death would be unethical, and the fact that it's your property wouldn't protect you from similar social repercussions. Scream "MUH PROPERTY" all you want, but everyone around you will see a man that murdered another man just because he could.

He is implying that he could buy the land without honoring the contact. In his impossible scenario you would die. In the same way you could ask him what he would do if he was inside a house and you bought it while he was inside with the previous owner's consent. In his mind you could walk in and blow him away.

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He couldn't, though. It would have to part of the terms of the purchase of the property and if he wasn't happy with the terms he would have to renegotiate them with me.

And once again, even if I only had a handshake deal with the previous owners, the NAP isn't a law, it's a moral guideline. If OP intentionally starved me to death, he would still be morally in the wrong, NAP or no.

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Yeah, that's why virtually every state and county and town has laws about these little things called easements. See I'm not in favour of a huge, powerful government, but the reason that governments exist is because of assholes like OP. In a less structured system, he might just end up summarily shot rather than simply sued to allow access.

Little do you know, Jim has reneged on your contract, as I placed a bid on the thread that he couldn't refuse.

So… you were saying?


In his mind you could blow him up anyway since no centralized government=no law. It is wild capitalism ofcoarse.

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Most anarchists and libertarians are just bratty, self-entitled ideologues who don't know how to cooperate with other people.

Is there any doubt that the rate of autism and anti-social personality disorders are higher among these groups?

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Most authoritarians are pieces of shit. Imagine that asshole cops who stops and searches your car while smiling sadistically and making snotty remarks. Then he gets back at home and jerks off to the memory. That's how I see you guys.

So, you see things as either anarchism or authoritarianism?

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You didnt say anything about you owning the airspace

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Just a reminder OP, we can tell by your posting if you are an idiot. Just because you got dropped on your head repeatedly as a baby doesnt mean everyone else also has an IQ of 65 like you.

Former real estate appraiser here. You realize no taxing entity or political subdivision would approve of this property claim. Thus, just because you claim it, but dont get it approved by zoning, or municiple engineering makes it an ""illegal subdivision". You killing some hapless victim will still send you to get ass raped in prison once the law comes to review the facts of the commie vs deceased. Only fucking hippies have such low IQ to create such stupid thought experiments. If you can claim such a property, I can claim all of Disney world. "Real Property" is a legal agreement between owners and governments.

What's a taxing entity? Political subdivision? I guess it depends on who owns them.


Not OP, btw

This is literally the best of the best arguments against the NAP. How will anarchism ever recover?


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The scenario is quite possible actually, there is nothing to ensure it doesn't happen. If I buy the land around your house from someone else who owns the land, what you want or not want to happen means jack shit to me. You don't own the land around you property, you only own your property itself.

Again it's quite possible. Nice non-argument.

I'll starve a million of you niggers to death before I let the precious NAP be violated. Why do you want to murder me in cold blood? Don't you respect my property? How would YOU like it if I just came into your yard or house and started stomping everywhere? HUH?


There are no easements in ancapistan unless we signed a contract which we didn't, faggot.

There are no central laws in ancapistan which is what you're forgetting, faggot. There is only the NAP and financial power. THAT'S capitalism. If you don't like it, go start your own country out in the wilderness or something you nigger.

corporations are a legal construct, so managers/owners aren't liable for losses and can somehow blame it on an artifical personhood "a corporation"
they won't exist

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