Lewd stories

Does Holla Forums have any interesting stories from childhood to tell?

get in here

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fuck off dataminer

Since I''m bored and have nothing better to do, and 4chan has nazi mods, ask a former child prostitute anything.

Molested my younger sister when I was 12. If this thread is still up in a few hours I might post the story.

Ah yes loligag user, glad yure here

Starting off with a question from a different user from that thread on halfchan, did your dad end up in prison?

Nope. Not that I know of. I saw him in 2015 anyway, and he wasn't in jail then so he's probably not in jail now.

How old were you when you had your first time?

Saw him a couple years ago huh. How'd that go? I can assume you don't hold him in high regard. Did you two ever discuss how he molested you as a child and sold you to other men?

When did he stop molesting you?

Rolled 1 + 1 (1d1)

Was there anything you were able to enjoy or was it all hell?

May sound like an ass but, did you got to enjoy it at one point?

Take your shitty stories to discord please.

I was a child prostitute, not a sex slave. It wasn't hell on earth. When I talk about it, people always say that it seems like I don't care, but things could have been a lot worse. I had a PS2 and an Xbox, I ate decent every day, I had TV. I had toys. It wasn't 100% hell growing up.

Yeah, in a weird way. It's not that I enjoyed the physical act of sex, I just had Stockholm syndrome, I guess. I don't think people can understand unless it happened to you, but even though you were being used and abused, it felt like the only time you were loved too. So it creates some weird emotions.

here's a really dumb story about how i sorta lost my virginity at 14. didn't get lucky again till 19.

for the life of me I couldn't tell you how or why we were able to get this chick to hang out with us. she attracted chads constantly but blew them away. I guess she just hated normies, and we were a bunch of weirdos.

>make the dash out the back door and into the woods

After you were dropped off at a park, what happened from there? Did you know what the guy looked like? How did he approach you? Was he nice and friendly to you?

Were you ever explained on what exactly you were doing? How did the guy initiate and instigate molesting you?

Were you typically told what to do, like take your clothes off or take their pants off, or did they just violate you while you laid there?

Anything you would do differently if you were to relieve this? Like runaway but try to seek help or something

Did any customer ever try to get you off? Like deliberately try to make you cum?

Tits or gtfo tbh

I'd play. You don't always want to sit there, it'll draw attention. You want to blend in as another kid. Then a man would come up and tell me he's here to pick me up. Usually something like "Your dad called me and told me he had to work late". You know, stuff like that. I'd play along like I knew him, just incase people were spying on us and thought he was a pedo trying to lure me to his home and fuck me (which, technically he was).
No. Never.
Yeah most of the time. But the people that are rude, are really rude. They hated me, they didn't even see me as human, I don't think.,
It depends. Some guys want foreplay, they have fantasies too. Some men even bought dresses they made me wear, or made me ask to get raped. Stuff like that. Only the more depraved clients just took my clothes off and fucked me. But most people had very specific plans on how they wanted the entire thing to go, and I always had to go along

I'd call the cops, to be honest. I could have ended all of this, but I didn't because I was scared. I regret it a lot. It's on my mind often.

Yeah. There's two types of guys. Those who get off knowing you're enjoying it, and those who get off knowing you hate it.

I was a whore, not a slut.

Do you feel contempt and disgust for the guys who used you?

Quite honestly this entire situation is incredibly fucking hot to me.

did you cum sometimes? Did you cum at 10?

How often you would get to "work" on a day?

What were the type of dudes you would get often?

Did you ever got pick by a woman?

Were there other children like you?

Were you and a man ever almost caught by anyone?

How were you typically fucked? I'd imagine it's different with a kid. Plow you from ontop? Ride on top of their dick? Bent you over and fucked you from behind? Did anyone ever inflict any abuse on you? Like excess spanking or intentional throat gagging with their cock?

Some of them yes. I didn't like what any of them did to me, but some weren't completely fucked in the head. They still treated me nicely and didn't hurt me (which can't be said for all of them). I think the nicer people had serious issues that hurt me emotionally and mentally but I don't hate them. Hate is a very strong word that is used too often. But the others, yes I do hate them. It's edgy, but I have fantasies of me torturing them and getting my revenge. I think it would make me happy to see the tables turned on them.
Eh, you're weird but it's nothing new to me.

To be completely honest, I don't remember the first time I had an orgasm, but I did climax back then, yes. I just don't remember if I was 10 when I had my first one.

I didn't work every day. It was usually twice a week.
Contrary to popular belief, most pedos are young men around 25 or so. Not old men.
I never met another child worker during my time working.

Not that I know of
Well, all men have preferences and want to switch positions, but I think doggy style was universal.

Hello, *FBI.

Well honestly, that whole situation is erotic to me. It's so taboo and universally despised, and the amount of risk those guys took just for the chance to violate and molest and have their way with a girl whose their daughters age

Yes but… poor kid. I mean, I see no point being rude to a little girl

I wish. Sounds like a comfy job.

I can't prove it, but I feel as though this is more common than the public would like to think, and you don't read about child prostitute rings being busted every day. I've never been on the other side of the situation, but from my experiences it doesn't *feel* like they took a risk.

The stuff you went through sucks, hope you find even the tiniest light of hope on this dark path you had to walk through

No, no, I wasn't referring to you.

I was referring to myself. Hello, I'm FBI.

i second this, good luck

Talking about it is cathartic enough, oddly. I'm 23. Last time I did anything I was 15. It's been a while, but the memories still there. But at least I'm not there any more. Life is better, even if it still seems bad.

What the fuck am I paying taxes for? FBI is useless to me.

That's what I'm saying here. I can't imagine ever doing that to a kid but 12 years on 4chan certainly has skewed my mind in more ways than one. Such a blatant disregard for a kid to be actively used as a sex worker for profit. Like she said, she had encounters with vile people but I can't see them all being like that, not to defend them or anything. I'm not sexual attracted to little kids running around but the whole situation is so taboo and immoral it sparks intrigue.

Did you ever ask your dad why he made you do this?

Like imagine how the guy felt after blowing his load in her. It's a strictly forbidden thing. Imagine how they felt getting away with it. They'd feel like they just stole the crown jewels of england.

How the fuck would someone even have sex with a 12 year old

How can an adult dick fit inside a 12 year old


Some people still had regard for me, at least a very little bit. I think some people didn't mean too much harm, but their sexual desires were just stronger. Maybe I'm too much of an apologist, I don't know.

No, that would have been a dumb question. I know why, because he doesn't really consider me "human". I was a childhood schizophrenic, which is very rare and disruptive. My mother took good care of me, but my father didn't like me at all, and after my mother passed away, he showed me he didn't even love me as his daughter. Luckily my symptoms have mildened with age and I'm somewhat normal now, but my dad blamed everything bad on me growing up.

Was everything always done at their house? Would they jump the gun and make you blow them in the car going to the house?

Any particular times that stood out to you?

Did they cum inside you?

Were you used by different guys more than once a day? Ever have to get fucked by two at once?

Kek, did old guys try and make out with you?

Also, would your dad penetrate you or make you suck his dick later on after a client?

Would he tell you to do these things for him or did he ease his way on you and you just went with it. Did you suck his dick a lot?

Any time a guys dick was too big to fit in your cunny?

No, sometimes we'd go to a motel. But it wasn't often. I think they were afraid of getting caught and someone noticing I wasn't actually his daughter.
Never in a car, no.
My first client, and this time I was almost choked to death. Those two times really stick out. My first time was really weird. The guy was really nervous and treated me like it was a date. He made me wear this big pink dress and even ate me out. In retrospect it didn't feel like I was being fucked by a client who paid, more like some weird guy who was in love with me.
Yes. They were supposed to use protection, but some didn't care. Luckily I've never been pregnant though
Only once, when two roommates had their way with me. They didn't go at the same time though.
Yes, A lot of people made out with me

My father did both. I almost always did something sexual with him a day, usually only oral though. My father was very assertive, and always told me what to do, even if I knew what to do anyway.

Nope, although some couldn't fit it fully.

I have friends who have daughters who are 10-12. Not that I'm creeping, but it's pretty obvious they mature at different rates: one of the 10 year olds is nearly 5'4" with obvious breasts and one of the 11 year olds is still a 4½' waif with no development at all.
And the human body is pretty flexible: some kid who was being fiddled since 5 or 6 is probably going to be able to do things that a 12yo virgin can't without significant pain & bleeding and such.

Well loli user thanks for sharing your experience. You were dealt a shit hand in life as a kid but it's in the past. Interesting stories, crazy how common it is. Hope it didn't mess you up too bad, take care and GL in the future

Thanks user. Was a rough time but I'm in a better place now. Thanks for hearing me out. Good luck to you too

Feel free to pop in on 8ch again sometime if you ever want/need to talk about it, although I'm sure you've done a lot of soul searching since you've been through that.

IMO conversing issues with anons can actually be a therapeutic thing.

What did most guys prefer anal or cunny?

I just assumed they would all eat you out?

How long would they have you for?

I have told this story a few times before, but fuck it:

I never did anal. So….vagina. Some people like oral more though.

Nope. Most wouldn't perform oral on me. I was their sex toy, not the other way around. But as I said, people had fantasies. Some people, like the first guy I was with treated me like I was their girlfriend. It was weird to go through so many artificial relationships as a child.

Anywhere from 2-10 hours. I think it depended on how much they paid my father, but I don't know.

How much did you cost?

What was the most times you've been fucked/sucked dick in one night?

I actually don't know. My father never told me and neither did any of his clients. I assume I couldn't have been too expensive, because a lot of guys could afford me.

The most I've ever done is two guys in one night (three if you count my father). Clients were scheduled on separate days, never the same date. But one time a client let his roommate use me too

Why would your dad drop you off at a park? Doing that a lot and getting picked up by different men is highly suspicious.

Why didn't they pick you up directly?

You mean to tell me that you were a sex toy for all these people and not one time no one tried anal with you? Not even sticking a finger up there?

We're you even a cute girl?

Because he didn't want them to go to our house. He always kept our address a secret, or at least tried to. I should note I wasn't always dropped off at a park, I was dropped off other places too, just mostly parks
We'd try to go to different parks. There's about 5 in the city I grew up in and we'd rotate. But I agree, it was suspicious, but I was never caught so nothing ever came of it I guess

Fingers don't count. If they do, I guess I've done anal a few times then. But no, I've never had a penis in my butt.

As a kid, yes, I think so. Didn't translate to adulthood though.

will you post your tits/pussy?
are you a roastie?

If any of that were indeed real, then yeah (s)he would be, by sheer logic.

I hope your dad at least had the decency to now allow niggers to go anywhere near you, but I wouldn't expect a degenerate who molest his daughter and sells her for money to consider things like that

Promiscuity doesn't cause meat flaps though.

Not allow*

how is this even possible? so the feds dont know the addresses of the houses you went to or your dad having a bunch of money he cant claim or…? this wouldnt even have to be good police work, just avgerage lazy police work would be enough

Sure kid whatever you say.

I don't think so. Are you a robot? I've had a lot of sex and my vagina isn't sloppy roast beef. I can't speak for others but I don't think sex actually affects the anatomy of the vagina, doesn't feel like it to me any way

II have had sex with black men. My father just wanted money.

Nobody reported anything, so nobody looked into it. Or at least, I don't think anyone reported it. Never had any run ins with the law.

That's just terrible.

You Jewish?

then prove it. post your cunt.

I actually am ashkenazi, memes aside. Have we talked before?

I hope not.
This practically explains it though.
Pity that Jews can never feel sympathy for even their own kind.

i think i just read your sit on half chan's Holla Forums.

how can we tell if you're not a fat dude jerking off to his own fake stories?

Because she just said she's Ashkenazi.
So now I slightly believe it but then again this still smells like bullshit that stinks for miles around.

I could post a timestamp, but I personally don't mind if you think I'm making up all of this. I'm just trying to pass the time because I'm bored.
I've posted my experiences a few times on their Holla Forums as well as r9k, as well as this morning. I only came to 8ch because the mods over there kept deleting the threads.

Probably because they're all likely fake and no one wants to hear you over and over like some tripfag.

Well, clearly some people were interested and wanted to hear about it. I wasn't the one making those threads anyway. You're needlessly confrontational, which is not an attractive trait IMO. I've passed a good couple hours since I began posting, so I'll find something else to do now since my presence clearly bothers you for whatever reason. Pretty cool site, although I do find it odd that the janitors here complain about 'people acting like tripfags' while they have a special badge letting others know they do it for free. It's a little confusing, but it's none of my business.

Am I trying to seduce you? The fuck does that have to do with anything? Is that really your best argument against everything that I've said?
really the best you can come up with?
Jewish molestation chick everyone.
Also if they love hearing about your little larping persona you should probably go back there.

i knew it.
saw your story on Holla Forums. thread got deleted shortly after.
mods are pretty sensitive over there.

i'm sure you do.
you're here to share your story, and i'm guessing it would make you feel better if lurkers gave a damn about it and didn't think it was all bs.

a timestamp is needed for that.

Best and Worst experiences?

Not to mention even if she's real, then no one will give a shit anymore because she just admitted to being a Jew, so Holla Forums will basically jump off ship, 90% won't care anymore.

if she's real, i'm sure many pedos will find her stories interesting (fap worthy).
pedo stories from the little girl's perspective. allot can jerk off to that

Kek, good point. That's probably the entire reason (s)he got any attention. /v9k/ jacking off to losing their virginity to a kid.

You have a very fragile ego. It was a joke and yet you feel as though I'm trying to personally attack you. I didn't call you a virgin, imply you're a virgin, and I don't care if you are a virgin. If you feel that insecure about it, I can't help you with that. I would recommend laying off the r9k (or whatever the 8ch equivalent is) tho, it might help your self esteem in the long run.

Are you actually a 4chan mod? I have some odd experiences with the mods over there. I've been banned for being underage when I posted I was 23

you must not be from Holla Forums. I am. We would still care because it involves a jew selling his child and want him busted. Jews are actually known for doing this, historically, yes their race is disgusting. Holla Forums wouldnt try to save a kid that isnt white, but at least try to get usable info from her and wouldnt pick on an actual child. there is no purpose.

Holy shit are you sure you didn't sustain any mental scars from all that sexual abuse?

You must be one of the old ones then.

There's no real 'best experience', just least worst. Not all of my experiences are awful, like I've said before, but that doesn't mean they were enjoyable either. Best would I guess be the first guy I mentioned, because he was really timid and kind. I could tell he didn't want to hurt me, he just wanted to fuck a kid really badly. Worst would the time a client was into light BDSM. I was choked a lot and slapped around, and ended up breaking my collar bone (the only real injury I've had from my "work").

You're the one who brought it up, not me. As I said before, you have a very fragile ego and it shows. It's almost like you want me to attack you so you can feel like a victim.

Anyway, for real this time, I'll stop answering questions for now. Maybe I'll answer more later if there are any? I don't know

First off no, I'm too aggressive to be the victim, you yourself pointed this out. And it's ironic how you're calling me the victim when you started this whole thing by claiming you were a victim of child prostitution.
You keep contradicting every argument you make, at this point I don't even need to point it out to embarrass you.
Secondly my argument when I brought up the whole virgin thing was a flanderization because you mentioned /r9k/ and me being apart of the beta legion.
I just really felt like pissing you off for no reason, Holla Forums's already shit so please feel free to post here, can't make it any worse.
I need to go too, so this arguments done I guess.



And what about second time in 19?

So naive to take all bullshit from boards as "True Storie". I think if you came up to people beleve , you must post some proofs. Not even tits, just sup with date or somth. But 75% of anons are fucking kids, anyway will eat everything and ask for more.So who gives a fuck.

True story. Came up to people.
Fuck this too drunk to spell anyshti

what are you drinking?

Hello user. I'm glad that at least you can talk about this all. Are you seeing a shrink?
I hope you're also dealing along with schizophrenia.
It's a cold world out there, but I send you a hug from my wintery corner, my dear human girl
If you are in Argentina, hit me up and I'll buy you a beer

Send me the link to that thread plz

Jeezus Christ it's evident your ass is on fire so shut the damn fuck up.

And there goes the thread.
You happy now?
It's peculiar to me how you would roam around these places to begin with, since we have all these pedophiles.
You're not trying to meet one, are you?

I want loligag user back here

he scared the piss out of me, so I always stayed away from him.
Later I realized this was alcohol.
Satan has a daughter 4 years younger
ask me anything.

Ever date Jeromes?

That quite honestly disturbed me

Yeah, I already realize I'm scum.

How old are you now?


How would you even know how to molest a girl at that age

Because I was molested…
I just did to her what Satan did to me

post tits?

Jesus Christ that's horrifying sounding.

Go molest your little cousin again

met a cougar nigres on the beach while trying to break into the pier around 1am. She wanted to meditate and all this hippy shit on the beach. I humored her and went with it, and ended up going back to her hotel for vodka. It's actually a pretty long and funny story but I just did a greentext on it like a week ago.

I keep seeing these femanon posts and am still in disbelief. tits or gtfo.

are girls coming to my imageboards? jesus fuck

eh well, I'm not that kind of person
Holla Forums wouldn't want to see them anyway kek. How about a face picture?


Post tits with a timestamp or you're a guy larpring as a girl who was molested by satan.

Will a face image do?

shouldn't have expected much but here ya go.

also eyes aren't tits

you'll suffice.

I am conflicted right now. Your story on the one hand makes me want to stop being a pedophile. On the other hand you're my ideal damaged Holla Forumstard redpilled GF. I wonder if you live in Ontario.

still don't believe it. chicks on reddit, yea. chicks here? unlikely. prove you don't have a penis.

Poor Canada cuck. My heart goes out to you.

anyway I can prove that without showing my vagini?

afraid not

I fucking hate Canada. I want this country annexed. Funny thing is the Canadian military rejected me but the Americans keep offering me money and consider me an asset. I feel like garbage in this country and I hate Canadians. I consider myself an honorary American. I love America and Americans. Never met a Canadian I like.

You could probably keep a thin lace or something over it IDK.

I'm not sure who you have this modesty about you when you've already been molested.

Are your parents still alive? Maybe you fear them having your nudes emailed to them?

I believe there is.

Never lose hope my friend.

Women should be modest.
Yes they are. I'm not worried about that, I just try to be a traditional modest woman.

for fucks sakes why do I have to be trapped in Trudeau land.

I'm going to officially cry myself to sleep right now.

I hate pretty much every woman I ever know but right now I love you so fucking much.


Stay strong friend! Theres always room in America. Don't cry, your day is coming, I promise. (not for death, kek)
hail victory!

Choose one:

1. Go back to Holla Forums where they care about that shit

2. Go to a mirror. Take nudes with timestamp. Open nudes in paint. Paint over face. Post nudes.

3. Get the fuck out


One day I hope to have freedom, guns, and to join you in the wheat fields ♡ ♡ ♡



tits or gtfo you whore

It was funny when I thought you were larping. You should go join fug on the namefagging slut containment board

How, if at all, would you say your experience has affected your approach to sex now?

Have you ever found yourself aroused by memories?

I stayed away from men, and have only had one partner. It affected me greatly, I could barely hold his hand.
Yes and no. Not with satan obviously, but with his daughter. She was just a child. Innocence was very arousing to me years and years after I had stopped molesting her.

sound like kentucky

So you're saying that now you're a pedophilic lesbian sexual predator?

No, I am straight with pedophilic urges.
I don't hate men now or anything. I am obviously more comfortable around other women but no I'm not a lesbian.

cute tbh

So little boys are your thing?

well, to put it bluntly yes.

That's been my dream since the 12 years I've been going on Holla Forums. She's the perfect age too, 18. Just young enough to be near loli status, but just old enough to not look like a weirdo to date. Fuck.

I got close and acquired a really hot somewhat internet swav gf back on anonidate a few years ago. she turned into a complete hipster faggot now. nothing of value was lost

aint nothing wrong with that

but you're not going to molest any, for obvious moral and legal reasons, right?

Yes, I haven't touched anyone since.




12 years, wow. Any wise words?

have you ever considered suicide?

Considered and attempted.

You missed out on the golden years of Holla Forums on 4chan.

Holla Forums was always shit but I'd suggest not even bothering with going to cuckchans Holla Forums anymore, this place still holds a spirit of what Holla Forums used to be

also don't forget, you're here forever

why'd you do it?

Well, I'll try to carry that flame.

wish this board was more active though. you go on any other boards regularly?

Being only 7 I did it out of curiosity. The older I got I felt like I was doing the right thing..?
Hard to explain but I felt she didn't deserve innocence. It was clearly morally wrong.

As do I. Yes I'm a regular on Holla Forums, /a/, and Holla Forums

what convinced you to stop
was it out of regret or some other shit?

actually its only fitting that the new generation of Holla Forumstard consists of an 18 year old pedo girl like you, that's definitely keeping the spirit alive

also nice. i'll see you on the day of the rope, we can hang some niggers together

Actually Satan got divorced, which caused them to completely shun my family. Never saw her again.

Oh mistor trip, do it again wiht me please!

You should get in contact with her just to see how you affected her, it would be fun.

do you ever think that satan did something to her as well?


I'm not sure why you felt the need to try and upset me, but whatever

It's good for people to be skeptical, you shouldn't believe everything you read on the internet.

I've had one relationship with a white woman when I was younger and another relationship with a white man. Never been with a black man

I have appointments with a psychiatrist every 2 weeks and I see a therapist once a week. As for my schizophrenia, it's still there but the symptoms have mildened a lot. I'm somewhat normal in the head, I think.
I don't drink, but I'd almost take your offer if I lived in Argentina. I'm American though. Thanks for the concern and offer though.

I know there's a few people who might get off of my stories. I personally don't care what they do, I just like talking about it because it's cathartic for me.
No, and I'm 23. So I don't think any pedo would want me anyway.

Absolutely. You see, I stayed in her room when I spent the night. She would NEVER sleep alone, always slept with her mother even when I stayed the night. She did that until the last time I stayed the night. she was probably 10 and still sleeping with her mother.

Because it's fun and you're easy bait.

Oh neat, you're back.

Not sure if this was asked earlier, but have you had a normal relationship as a teenager or at your age now? Would you tell them about your experiences as a kid?

It would be interesting. I actually helped her learn how to read. I imagine she has some sort of romantic interest still towards me. Poor kid.

what exactly did you do to her?
and did she ever scream, struggle etc?


The worst cases of shit like this are the ones with emotional attachment.
I'm glad when I lost my virginity it was random and surreal with me not understanding anything that happened because otherwise I would be pretty sad, more so than I am now out of regret.

What part of "tits or GTFO" do you not understand?

If it's not a larp she probably meant it in a manner outside of prostitution.


I made her make me feel good I guess.
Its embarrassing to explain user.
She never screamed but she would say "I don't want to do it" I would just tell her we have too.

We're all user here, it doesn't mean shit. Go on and tell us.

I'm not sure if replying to a post is considered being baited but w/e

When I was 15 and 16 I had a relationship with another girl. After years of being abused by men, I was afraid of them. I figured dating a girl would be good for me. In a way, I almost forced myself to be lesbian/bisexual. I ended up falling in love with a girl who was my friend of mine when I was in a psych ward. The feelings weren't entirely mutual though. She sorta played along but I could tell even though she liked me, she didn't really *love* me. It was a weird relationship, but still a relationship nonetheless. I also dated a man when I was 19. That relationship lasted a lot longer but I think did more damage than good in the long run. I've told both about my experiences as a child, but I'm not sure how much they truly believed me.

The question was "have you ever dated a black man" not "have you ever had sex with a black man". I've never personally dated one, but when I was a prostitute I have had sex with a couple.

So any proof that whole shit about child abuse is true? Its you who came here with your story, and then you said you dont give a shit if anyone believes you. Just do photo with captured screen and pice of paper with date. Not so hard. After that, we all can continue pretted that your story is true.

I would make her eat me out and finger me.
She obviously hated being touched so I would just shove things in her.

Man, your typing mannerism are so sincere and you're very articulate. You seem like a pretty decent person actually. Wish you the best.

I mean in terms that you didn't have any evidence and situation wise you were a good person to fight with for fun.

I'm about 95% sure I know who you are.

Dox or I will self dox because I'm a dumbass.

I doubt it.

how badly did this affect her
or do you think that it might have not been completely bad?

I wish i had dated with some whore. I mean, not like you back there, just adult whore.


For what purpose?
I mean if it's a fetish I can understand but otherwise that would be strange.

I think it affected her ability to determine the difference between her attraction towards men or women.

No. I can prove I'm female, but I cannot prove anything about my past experiences.
Which is true. You can choose to believe them or not, if you think I'm a fat male larping it does not affect me. I was thinking earlier if I wanted to post "proof" but decided against it. In a way, I think it's a good thing people think I'm making it all up, as you can look at then from a pure entertainment standpoint. Perhaps if I get bored later on I'll say something stupid on vocaroo or post half my face or something. But you're never getting tits, sorry.

Unfortunately I fumble and sound like an idiot in real life, but I try to come off as articulate online. After many years, you're the first person who's ever complimented me on it. So thanks user.

Why would you ever want to do that?


I agree. Very interesting femanon.

You and her really made this a great thread. Hope you guys stick around

Thanks user, I'm blushing.
I plan on it. Hope other femanon does as well.

I don't realy know. Mb because she date with me not because money.I mean why prostitute must abuse me with that, if she can easyly earn much more with her job. Fuck this sounds realy stupid, but in my place, girls like parasites, with 90%will abuse you to buy her closes, phones
or anything else, adn then just brakeup when you are empty.
Mb because i realy mean something to her. I think prostitues looks on guys like on chance to earn money, not like a person. Most of a time. So mb im realy special to her.
Or maybe i just sick fuck, who Mentality broken. You see, even with your abuse, afterall thing became better. I've never had a Xbox, own room, but it never bothers me when i was a kid. But now, it all just got worst. Still no xbox, no room, no phone, no friends,no gf and blablabla. My place is crapehole. Everyone trying to fool me, offence. So i just start to hare everyone and wish em dead. And for me, this is will get worst.
So i just want some feelings about myself, mb some understand. Never get those though. So yeah, about whore gf, its just one of my sick fetishes.

Proof ur a girl. Thats enough to believe you.

So because it would be a more genuine and more rewarding relationship than others?
I mean I guess but I personally cannot get past the fact that she would be a whore. But maybe that's just because of past events too.

kek you live in asia don't you

I realy dont gice a fuck whore she or not.
You are right here. If she nice to me, and i know its true dont realy care who is she and what she did.

Sounds sweet user.
Who knows maybe you can help her get her life on track and have a family, live happier than most people today would.
This entire thread just got sad really quick.

No.Try again

If that's the caliber of girl in your country then you're probably shit out of luck. Christ no wonder why there's a gigantic sex tourism industry.


Yeah, and every "gilr" like this, thinks she's the quen. Man must obey,contain. Uhh
Its russia dude

i was actually going to say russia. christ, i thought only USA had fat slobby women


Maybe. I dont realy know what can i do. Just support her, make her feel that she not alone with her problems. But it just dreams, never gonna happen i met some1 at all


Even if you did she wouldn't be right for you and you would fuck and never talk again, not in this day and age.

Dude, like i said before. I dont give a shit about what she did. If she had real feelings to me, thats allright what i need

How did you get this picture of me?

But I am merchant and you want to gas me :(

Well, I can't say that I completely understand how you feel. I can only speak from personal experience but I always just wanted someone thst made me happy. I've read a lot about how childhood sex abuse victims can become sex addicted, but it was opposite for me. I lost all my sexual urges, I just wanted a friend. I don't know how it is for adult prostitutes, I think most just looking for a way to survive. I don't know if they're any different than anyone else, I've never met one.


I have to say, you were pretty cute as a child prostitute

I wonder how Chris is doing.
He supposedly works for Google now but that was announced two years ago, and it seems now Google is dying.
Well, at least he didn't get jewed by Jim like the rst of the site owners did.

Well, friend will be good too. I dont think sex is something this special. Just someone with who i can do friendly talk, hang out, or be silent.

I dont know, just point it out to myself.

I actually have a few pictures of myself when I was around that age. Probably not a smart idea to post them though.

You seem to be very sure of what you want from a partner, which I think is smart. It's hard for me to say that is sex isn't some special, because it seems like my entire life has revolved around it. I didn't read above too much, are you Russian? You sound depressed.

Booo. I'm sure everyone ITT would have liked to see them, especially since this was a 2 day thread that crossed both 4 and Holla Forums. But then again, I wholeheartedly don't blame you for it.

Please don't blue ball us :(

I'd say Chris is doing fine. He probably never expected that his imageboard would land him a job at Google. If anything he'd be content with what he's done.

moot is, was, and always will be a faggot. he was never really one of us tbh famalam, although he was perfect as the iconic de facto figurehead for 4chan

At least he wasn't Jim or Hotwheels.

Or god forbid two bit site owners like Milkdud and Hirohitoyuki.

I am moot AMA

Are you gay?
Are you a nigger?
Are you a gay nigger?

also get out of here you clown. moot never capitalized the beginning letter of his sentences.


Well yeah, i think al ot about what i want from life and people. Just being honest. Why i think sex isnt so important, mb because most of people going for it just for physcialy desire. For me its more about sences and feelings. So i feel comfortable with some1 just being near, or hones. Sex is realy optional for me. But in my place, people only care about themselfs. Every one think they are so smart, think they are hunters and you are victim. They always try to abuse you, fool you. Not all the time, but if situation turning to affect them, even in very small point, people just betray you. Find just honest person here, is realy rare. So i learn to not make any bussines with anyone here. Some simple conversation, in few words. If any thing i need to, i get it by myself. Thats why i depressed. Whole alone all the time. All this turn me to like some weird stuff, like i find joyful to fell depressing at some point.
And yes, im from russia
Gonna pass for few hours, i like to talk to someone, hope i can do it more

How's your job at Google going? Do you get raped 3-5 or 6-9 times a day?

haha you're right i forgot haha i am sorry hahaha

every day we have diversity lectures where they bring in large african men whom shove their weiners in our buttholes as we tell them "sorry for slavery!" over and over again

We're all faggots and Chris was definitely one too and that makes us all 'normal' user. :)

that's actually a very sad story russiabro. i hope you find peace and and genuine love one day


Have you met Jim?
Is his dick really only 3 inches erect?

i heard from some druggy who lives with his trailer trash mom in florida that jim feeds people he doesnt like to his pet pigs. his pigs penis is 7 inches erect dont ask me how i know this. okay i'll tell you its because i sucked his pigs cock

Damn, even Jim is too good for Moot.
This is just sad.

oh no jim was sucking the pigs cock too, we were taking turns as long as we both agreed id get the dick while the pig was finishing

What about Hotwheels, as far as I know the man was last seen snorting coke to try and rationalize his life.

Dont be sorry for me. Like i said before, i feel ok with depress at some point i hawe you guys. Its SO bad, just feel little lonely some thimes. But anyway thank you

hotwheels has a fetish for climbing up on peoples shoulders and having them walk him around (probably because of his lack of legs) last i saw him he was on the shoulders of one of the goldwater girls strolling through town, people mistaking him for a young child gets his dick erect

Its NOT SO bad*

Moot we both know better.

its hard to tell if it was a girl or codemonkey, since codemonkey looks like a girl enough as it is

Codemonkey looks like he has 30 different std's so maybe but you can barely tell he even looks human, that's why he calls himself a monkey, not just because he's Jim's personal codemonkey.

perhaps, speaking of monkeys i have to go to another google diversity lecture good luck my dudes

Yeah, later Moot. Good talk.
t. Fellow piece of shit mod deliberately making Holla Forums worse by Jim's orders.

It's the same situation everywhere generally unfortunately. Most women are vapid ditzy materialistic insufferable morons. Shit, that's probably why so many guys turn to pedophilia and this in turn hurts helpless kids like CP girl in this thread unfortunately.

Always try and hold out for someone special. I feel you that you can tell a lot of a person's character based on how they type and articulate themselves, and CP girl seems like a genuine and decent and interesting person who actually breaks the mold. Could be completely wrong however

Eh. I only have one picture of me on the internet, another one wont hurt. In this picture you can't even see my face. I think I was around 9 in this picture? Couldn't have been older than 10

That sounds like a very hostile environment to be in. I hope things go well for you in the future. From just your few posts, you seem level headed and mentally strong. I hope you find someone to love.


The world of online management is a dark one user.


That picture breaks my heart

inept moderation, inconsistent administration, spam, invasions. The last thing we need is an infestation of moots.





She got another boyfriend, I meant.

If she did get one so quickly, it means your suspicion of her fucking others were completely on point.

what exactly satan did to you?

please, censor eyes and post em

If you insist.

Hahaha, if I ever go to North America, I will post a message on Holla Forums and maybe we can have a drink. I give thanks to you, for writing your story. It is sad and painful and it saddens me to read it, but it conforts me to know that at least now you can narrate it the way you do.
Would you like to tell us about your relationship with the white man?

Sounds like you fucked up the relationship of your lifetime. Why? Were you annoyed? Was she ugly?

I was in the mental health system for a long time and was hopping to various psych wards. When I finally got discharged I didn't have a place to stay. I met a man there who let me stay at his place so I wasn't homeless. Our relationship was platonic but I developed feelings for him quickly. He did too. Unfortunately I'm not good at controlling my emotions. I'm the obsessive type. I always think about what if he's seeing other women behind my back, or what if he doesn't love me as much I need. I always needed constant validation and was jealous of him spending time with anyone else but me. It's not really possible to explain but I put all my self worth onto him. I really loved him but it was too much for him.

I realized that I am not meant for romantic relationships. I'm too sensitive, too needy. You know the saying "don't stick your dick in crazy". I don't really like being alone but some people aren't really meant to be with other people. Relationships, I've never been too good at that shit. I was always finding something wrong. I can't control myself when I'm in love. I need all their attention for myself only, and even then it's not enough. Truth is no matter how much attention, love and affection I got it'd never be enough to sate that craving. It just doesn't leave.

The main reason I liked her in the first place was how convenient the relationship was for me. She lived like a block away (hence us going to the same busstop) and neither of us had stay-home parents. Besides that she wasn't that cute, and honestly I don't think I really wanted to have kids or a family with her; She was pretty short and plain looking (aside from other things), I'd rather have kids with someone with better genetics. You also have to think about at the time I didn't see her as much as I did when I was in HS with her, which kinda lead my pea-brain to feeling like I was growing apart from her. It was sad really because after I dumped her and broke her heart, it [her distress] really showed me how much she genuinely loved me.

I kinda meant shortly after as in shorter than I expected for someone like her. In reality she started dating a bit over a half a year later as far as I can tell.

you were super cute, and I'm pretty sure you are cute even now :)

It amazes me a bit that you can see your self, or at least that part of your self, with such lucidity.
Even if you aren't meant for it, that is not a reason to stop looking for it. That is my personal belief. But of course that will cause you a lot more pain than if you just stopped searching.
I like writing. But some days I think I was never meant for it. Either way I prefer to burn myself, my life, all my potential trying to write something worthy.
Could you tell us how did it end with him? What happened after?

Have you talked to her again?

Thanks. Unfortunately you're mistaken.

Things just got too intense because of my melodrama, so he broke up with me. We were together for years and I thought I was going to die. I was very suicidal, I guess I still am. I begged him not to but it didn't matter. I managed to pick myself up though somehow, but I don't know if it was really worth the effort. Life sucks :/

Somehow, you did.
What about your other relationship, with a female, who was also interned? How was that?
Das Leben ist ein Born der Lust. Life is a spring of delight. This is true. It is the fact of being alive, of breathing, of feeling pain, of feeling desire, of needing and giving. That, is pleasure, and it is life. And yes, life also sucks, life is also disappointing, it is also feeling a weight so heavy on your back, and having to bear with it for no reason at all, and finally be empty, always empty at the end, this is also a part of life wherever life blooms. So, why living? Why living.
But I know, that life is a generous, ever running spring of pleasure. And the rotten can spit their poison in it and make it unbearable for us. Still we'll live to yearn for its fresh water. We strive for a pure drink. Once again.

It's weird. It was a weird time. I had just ran away from home, I had been homeless for two months, after my attempted suicide I was in a familiar environment but it wasn't a happy place. I was at my most vulnerable and lowest point I had ever been. And I met this girl who was just so nice to me for no reason. It was so nice to just have a friend after such a long time of abuse and hardship. I didn't mean to fall for her, but it just happened.

I pushed myself onto her really hard. She was kinda scared at first, because you know, I was really clingy and I was forcing myself. She eventually began to reciprocate but she wasn't bisexual. She only liked me emotionally not physically. Id want to hug or hold hands (which Is against the faculty rules) and she wouldn't like that. It was more like a really intense friendship. Sometimes I could convince her to let me kiss her but it was rare. I really did love her, but she got discharged a year later. She promised to call and visit but never did. I know she didn't care about me like I did her, but it really hurt how she just walked out of my life and I was stuck there with nobody else. Some might call it puppy love, i disagree. It's complicated I guess.

Also, did you write that?

prove me wrong then

You sound great honestly

Dub dubs KNOWS that this happens much more than is acknowledged.


Yes, I wrote that. The phrase "Life is a spring of pleasure" is from Nietzsche. It has inspired me a lot, especially at this point in life.
Right now I'm posting from my phone. I will be back home in a while so I can reply at ease and, if you wish, you can answer some questions. Hope you have a good night user.

I don't want this thread to die. I want to be her friend.

I'd like to talk to her also. She may be a jew but seems intelligent

Its easy to just dismiss every jew with "GAS THE KIKES RACE WAR NOW" without taking a couple steps back and seeing someone for who they are as a person

my last girlfriend was actually half a kike

Don't count your fleshlight faggot.

I think that when someone is so close to your heart as you were to her, the love you feel for the person blends with the fear of hurting them. But at the end, I think, she made the right decision to get close to you, otherwise you might not have lived to tell us your story.
You also mentioned that you told your story to each of your couples. How did it feel to tell it to others?
…and why aren't you sure about how much they believed in you?

It is such a strange occurrence that in a world so wide and crowded two people meet and share some warmth. It happens so seldom… Look around you, look: only noise and noise, and cold surfaces. Electric lights. So many people, like us, walking and walking to places, to places, looking for a bit of warmth. Somehow, it touches me that you had been able to meet the two persons you met.That you shared your warmth, for a brief instant.
It is never perfect, it is never clean, it is never round and balanced and fair and even, like in the movies, no! It is never symmetrical and geometric like in tv ads… it's already odd enough that it happens. That two sparks crash midair. That's why even if it ended, and even if it only left afterwards more pain and the same void within, it makes me glad, in a melancholy way, that you had met them.

**I recently moved to Argentina, from Venezuela. I came alone. Along the bus trips and night flights, I slowly realized that I was finally leaving behind another stage from my life. Perhaps the happiest and fullest stage I'd ever live… Your heart, it is like a dark room, dimly lit, and there you are, within it, resting. And you ask, "why does it feel so unfair?", and why should I relinquish that which makes me happy, and why should I let go of that which, for once, made me feel at ease, why should I go back to not having a home, if I know right where my home was, and I heated my hands by its fire?
Why do I have to lose this, too? And who could profit from my pain? Not you, not me. Then why?**
And this all stays within the boundaries of a dark room. Within a plane that crosses cold air, fast and indifferent.

Why do I love life so much, I asked myself. I cannot explain it. The taste of blood, the name of Hell, the name of desire, hope and wind. And also knowing that my brothers and sisters of a same blood are out there. These are some words I use to try and explain what I don't understand myself, but that Nietzsche captured so briefly and so beautifuly when he said, life is a spring of pleasure.

You really don't

Well I don't blame people on the internet for not believing me when I tell them of my experiences. It's a lot to take in. But it's the same way face to face too. I know they believed me to an extent but I don't think they believed me fully. I guess I don't really blame them. But when you love someone and you feel like they don't really believe you when you pour your heart open, it hurts.
The hedgehog dilemma is that there's two hedgehogs that both crave the warmth of the other one. But they cannot be too close because they hurt each other. It feels sorta like that to me. I don't like being alone but when I'm in love my emotions go crazy and I can't control myself and that hurts me too.
I'm happy for you. I've heard about some of the stuff going on in Venezuela. If you look at life as just stages then I guess try to make this one the best? You have a way with words for not being a native English speaker. It's very impressive. You should keep on writing.
I wish I felt the same way

I write well when I can write sincerely. I learned that writing always demands you to be honest, even if you're writing fiction. Terribly honest. To the point it tears you in half.
When I read what you have written, I can tell it is real because I'm acquainted with the seams, the nuances that distinguish lies from truth.
Can I ask you, why do you tell us your story? How did you hear about the chans, and how did the idea came to you, to talk about your past?

It makes me happy that you like the way I write, really happy. I find it hard to sit down and write and write, which I should, but it always comes out easily when I find someone to talk to: I write letters to my friends. It's easier than writing a poem or an essay. Writing to you comes out naturally.
I think I am afraid of one day realizing I am actually good at writing and finally devoting to it…

You wrote up there "You really don't", Haha I'm sorry but I didn't understand that part.
In case the thread dies, feel free to mail me at botameenlabasura (at) gmail.com, if you ever want to chat.