I'm a first time user using raspbian. Why do all the most simple, mundane tasks require so many fucking steps just to complete? I read somewhere on stack exchange that people enjoy nano while it makes me want to literally kill myself. Why, in terminal commands, are directories case fucking sensitive?? It's 2017, no self respecting OS should be that autistic about directories. And for the love of god why do you have to chmod a simple fucking script just to execute it? Windows figured out how to implement batch scripts in the fucking 90s. Are you really telling me I have to write the entire file over again every time I want to test it? Kys. Why do I have to open a text file on my desktop with fucking SUDO if I want to be able to save it? Garbage. Why is the default keyboard layout set to the UK? Garbage. Why didn't it update when I set the time zone? Because Linux is garbage, that's why. And I know what you'll say, "these are just a raspbian/debian specific bugs. My preferred version of Linux much superior" go Fuck yourself. There are some things that should just fucking work, no matter the flavor.

Let me put it like this, I now understand why Apple charges so much for OSX. It's because Apple had to implement so many basic fucking features into Linux to make it even remotely usable.



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god bless

Raspbian is a piece of shit. It's not suppose to be fully featured it's made to be put on a a little shitty computer. Try some other main stream distro and decide based off of that

lmao. noob.

i use noobuntu

it's free, and does everything i need it to. but i also don't do any of that gay shit you described so idk




I'm gonna assume you're trolling, not completely computer illiterate.

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The fuck? Don't like the sound of this thread

this was gonna be my answer…
i have a ras pi, but its really just a toy - i use the gpio to fool around with robotics and shit but of course im gonna use a more fully featured distro for my desktop
even my elderly mother uses mint…

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There are retards and then there's OP.

It's the same in every OS. Have you ever used the command prompt in Windows or the terminal in OSX? Also are you clinically retarded or do you really think it's a bad thing that they're case sensitive?
The rest of your post seems to either be specific to Raspbian (which I've never used, nor actually heard of) or it's just more retarded rambling (like the sudo thing for saving text files). Why did you choose Raspbian? Use Ubuntu or Linux Mint if you're new to Linux.

Sounds like you have fucked up something

You should have just saved yourself the customization time and bought a mac, since that's evidently what you aspire to.

Are you for real?

I'll bite since you likely too shitscared to post this in Holla Forums

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Stay the fuck out of IT kid. Nano is a kiddy safe text editer, also relevance?

Because the cpaital and lowercase are separate ASCII codes. Since you are likely just some dumbfuck noob you lkely dont' know what the ASCII table is. Windblows implemented an additional layer over NTFS to hide this functionality form the lusers and it has led to some hilarity.

(((current year))) and you are just flatly stupid if you think OS's are not super autisic about filesystems

File systems permissions. Ask windows how well its gone virus wise to have everything executable with admin privileges.

Fuck nose what context you are talking about here but when you change a file it has to be rewritten from scratch. This is literally how all filesystems work. Congrats for noticing.

Probably because its owned by root. Once again ask windblows how well it went having everything executable/openable by everyone. They shoehorned UAC in for a reason..

Its normally US. PEBKAC most likely.

kek these aren't even related. This most be trolling

Your opinion is garbage, you lack even the basic knowledge of computers and ranted on here like you knew something.

my advice: exit bag stat. Stay out of IT

OSX isn't linux, they just use some Linux library. 0/10 you fail.

Linux is shit but at least it not Windows™

Linux fanbois: the thread


I actually like Linux. I just know it's important to recognize and try to fix its massive usability gap.

This is some new, bizarre species even more disgraceful

Well I actually agree, Ubuntu was doing a good job until they went down the stupid Unity route.

I don't think windows is all that much more usable these days its just what people are used to and they can all their stupid little garbage apps on it.

The biggest problem is graphics drivers. While they do exist AMD are just fucking awful and NVIDIA are tyrants who want everything their way making it a bit of a shitstorm. Intel works good though.

not our fault if you don't know how to use a fucking computer you basic scum

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Good. Go back to Windows, OP. We don't want your kind spoiling our rising star. Get yourself the latest edition of NSA 10.


what's your DE/WM of choice and who's your favorite 2hu?

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literal retard

Linux in 2017 is piss easy to learn unless you have an IQ below 110, in which case your should kill yourself for being genetically inferior.

Hi, Pajeet

kys I'd recommend!

i have 115 user, is that good enough


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