Crowded bus story

I'm sitting there with my hand on the guard rail/pipe/whatever you may call it, so is she but in front of me with little room to spare, she grabs the rail/bar but accidentally grabs my hand instead, turns around and looks me in the eyes, face blushing, eyes giggling then turns back facing the door. Bus speeds up, going uphill, I was paying attention to her hand, she moves it again slightly brushing then grabbing mine as she trips a bit into me, she turns her head around and smirks at me.



Yeah sure I'll bite.

you know what to do

A couple of stops later the bus gets bit more crowded, she edges closer to me and 'accidentally' bumps her ass into my cock, I try to pull away and avoid getting hard, there's a fat lady behind me so there's basically no room, her head is up to my chest, I can smell her scent, her hair, oh god, must hold composure.. for 20 more minutes…

I'm thinking of getting off at the next stop by this point, I simply can't sit through 4 more stops. The road's a bit bumpy/uphill, there's some swinging motion going on in the whole bus, no room to "wobble" so I accidentally hit her bum, she turns hear head around yet again, this time not blushing but kinda biting her lip, I ignore it, try to get my mind off it, another bump and she pushes her ass into me, I can feel my cock throbbing, pulsating but I'm struggling not to get completely hard… but she's wearing a skirt and I can feel the warmth of her ass and her arching it back into me… 3 more stops.



Keep going…

Alright.. Next stop, more people get in than out, it's a tighter squeeze, the AC is on at full force but it's still incredibly hot, it went from 2-4 bumps every couple of minutes to almost full contact, I can feel her "presence" if you will, her body warmth without even touching, I get hard I can't control it anymore, the next bump she pushes back again twice in rapid succesion, I don't back down the second time, I manage to push my hard cock between her butt cheeks sort of, she is visibly aroused, turns her face back at me looking up with her mouth slightly open, our mouths are inches away, I can feel her heavy breathing and eyes constantly switching from me to my dick up down up down like she's hinting it.

At this point I can still pull back but can't, it feels too good, wrong, but good…

Start to slowly grind, I can almost feel her asshole clenching every now and then. At this point I'm paranoid, I look around the bus to catch if anyone is paying any attention, fuck it, fuck it, I can't stop, not now, I slip my left hand down.. caressing her body in an "accidental fashing" at lest that's what I hoped it would look to onlookers but who am I kidding my face is red and I'm sweating, but hey it's hot outside, everybody's sweating, fuck it, slowly go down to her waist while still kind of paranoid, trying to make it look accidental/nonchalant.

Keep going you fucking retard.
>inb4 get on the floor and do the dinosaur


ah, classic, but not quite

I slowly move it down towards her legs, she's burning up. I can't help myself at this point, I move towards her inner thigh while still grinding, lift up her skirt and just push in… she pushes back, arching her back and pressing her ass against my hard cock, I'm about to explode, I just grab her by the waist and explode in my pants between her ass cheeks as she wraps her asshole around my cock sort of wanting to absorb it. Then I just sit there thinking oh fuck what now, oh fuck how do I get off, she gets off at the next stop, turns around just smirks then leaves, I'm left there with my pants dripping with cum on the bus having to get off the next stop… This was the most intense experience I've ever had in my fucking life…

So, Holla Forums, tell me, what was the hottest public experience you've ever had?




Could be, gonna fap to it anyway.


I am trouble having with understanding this when it claimed they're both seated.

Literally first sentence, first post, why would I be clutching on the hand rail if I were seated?


ok, keep dreaming then


OP here, why is this unbelievable?


Never said I was seated.

Looks like we've got a manlet on our hands, folks.

not really

She probably thought OP was just another teenager

I have a beard(note, not neckbeard).


why? why? why?

I do not understand what kind of mouth-breathing retard you have to be to fucking ask this? Do you really want validation every step of the fucking way mate?
Jesus Christ, mate. Even if your story is fucking made up, just get on with it you fucking nigger.

Did he died?

Beanbags don't kill people, bruh. Maybe he got a nasty bruise from it though.

I meant stand, oh, seriously nigger?

You're not only bad at writing, you're also bad at damage control. Just stop.

No, but nobody will read a wall of text and I adapt it along the way, the story isn't made up, rarely post OC here, or post..

Seriously? I didn't proof read it, lol, but honestly, why would I be copping the hand rail if I was sitting down? I sat there next to the door. This fucking happened for fuck's sake.

thats not real
no1s that lucky

Well how the fuck was i supposed to know he had beanbag rounds loaded and not straight up buckshot?

Man, the tingles I felt when she first touched my hand and looked back, the sudden rush when I knew what she was doing wasn't accidental but intentional were FUCKING REAL. It's conflicting, honestly, you know it's wrong but so so right , my god, need to ride the bus more, gonna fap to this now, her scent.. her smile, her "i'm so innocent, actually not"… god fucking damn it I'm hard again.

Her first clumsy/innocent look back was the most intense shit I've seen in years, her lip biting hnnng. FUCK

One time a 6 year old girl was grinding her cunny on a bench behind me.
My dad was with me and he noticed it first.
"Told ya, all women are sluts, even when they are this little"
Top kek.

That's a bit too young for me, top kek still. This one was like the youngest that would get me hard, maybe it's the idea of her wanting me that got me hard, fuck knows..

When you make this u at make it somewhat believable or better yet entertaining, dumb nigger. If you didn't say you were initially sitting down then I would have assumed you were standing up.


You're fucking retarded if you can't grasp that "grabbing the rail" and being "next to the exit/door" =/=sitting down. Poor choice of words on my part? Yes. You being a dumb nigger that doesn't understand context (plus bus being full so I had to sit.. oh sorry STAND next to the exit door) then go fuck yourself for dismissing what I said because of semantics.

user i had a 10 year old ask for my cock in very explicit terms
Granted, she wasn't a virgin, but you don't need to convince me

In what shitskin country do you live in user because when a bus is full you generally stand up not sit down you fucking sperg.


Obvious fake, try harder next time.

plot twist

op was in a bus in india or some third world over populate country

"How to Write Stories Good"

Have an angle (topic, point of view, or whatever you want to call it) and introduce it early. Give the readers a reason to want to read the story.

Don't waste your time with irrelevant details.

Use an effective writing style. It is sometimes effective to write in a deliberately illiterate style in order to achieve an effect; but even people
who say they don't care about grammar become turned off when writing becomes
just plain confusing.

Make the sex scenes achieve the effect you want. For example, not all erotic stories are supposed to be "hot"; but if yours is supposed to be arousing, you yourself should become at least moderately aroused when you reread the story. Try to look at the story from the point of view of your readers. If you expect to turn on respectable but sexy high school English teachers, try to imagine someone of that description reading your story and imagine how she will feel while she is reading your words.

8/10 pretty good. just need to greentext them and it'll be a good Holla Forums story time

I made good solid eye contact with a very flirty 11-yo raven-haired Loli at the supermarket today. She made sure her mum and grandma weren't looking, and totally gave me the grin, wink nd licked her leips! No shit! Talk about almost cumming in my pants!

so numale

I like this thread. It has some positive role models for all pedos.

It's like this time, when I was in the queue at MacDeaths, and this stunningly-cute 11-yo raven-haired loli smiled at me… talk abut spaghatti