how to make bomb plz?

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how big?

pressure cookers for backpack bombs, fertilizer and a truck for something a little bigger

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I'm talking about one that could blow a hole in a 10 inch wall so probably a big one

Please don't try to make this. You WILL end up losing fingers

Спасибо за помощь

how so?

/k/ommanders already looked over this, the chemicals will blow as soon as they mix. Not to mention this "type" should only be used against people. Mind if I ask what material you plan on blowing through?


10 inches of what?

and how big does the hole need to be? large enough for you and a bag of loot to get through?

I'm willing to bet that whatever dumb idea you have would be better accomplished with tools than a bomb

around 1 foot in thickness

big enough for me to get my upper body through

tools would take too long
The only source of bomb related material you will ever need.

The easiest to produce and with the most readily available supplies are HMTD, TMDD and MEKP so if you're serious about this these are the ones you should look into.

thank you guys, you've been really helpful

And by the way blowing a 10 inch thick wall of cement is absolutely unrealistic.

ive decided ill use around 200grams of semtex


it's not gonna work

do u have any suggestions?


I cant be at the point for more than 3 and a half minutes

maybe 4 at the most but that would be pushing things

nah guys, i'm fucking with ya

you could drive right through a wall with a bulldozer

but that's a lot of trouble to go through to steal your friend's xbox on the other side

OP must be planning to open a vault or rob a bank.

It easy!
You crush up aspirin tablets really fine, dissolve the non-starch components in ethanol or methanol (denatured alcohol, if you're illiterate), dry off the alcohol, dissolve in water, mix with sulfuric acid, slowly (SLOWLY!) add a nitrate like potassium nitrate or nitric acid (don't breathe the fumes here, unless you want to die), pour into ice-water, and filer the yellow precipitate. You should have something that resembles Trinitro-Phenol. It will fuck up your liver and it absorbs through your skin, so try to avoid touching it too much. Grind up the crystals into as fine of a powder as you can, and mix it with 5% petroleum jelly and 10% parrafin wax to make a plastic. You'll need a blasting cap to set it off, and don't store it in aluminium containers, but have fun!