What is the most perverted way you got off?

Mine was to a girl repeatedly prolapsing her asshole while I had a vibrator in my ass.

Masturbating to drawings. That's the extent of my depravity.


Oh shit sonny. Now they know you like masturbating to anime on the internet! You're sooo fucked tbh.


I know, I'm the devil.


No! You are WORSE! You are… you… you voted for Trump, didn't you?

I like to break into my neighbor's houses and ejaculate on their daughter's bedrooms.

Cum into their underwear in ther drawers, yu mean?

Now you're talking!

"Mommy? Why are my panties all stiff, and smell funny?"

"Ask your father, honey…"

"It's called cum, babygirl… daddy wants to show you where it comes from, OK?"


Nice style, user.

saw some nullo creation videos. Got weird feelings about it, can't quite describe what it is I think its just the "danger" factor.

I know two people who have told me they together went half way with it (one testicle each) and its like you know, if someone says don't think of the purple hippo all you can think about is the purple hippo.

I'd never do it because I get that its a chastity meets dominance and control thing and I'd much rather be the dom than the sub in this kind of scenario.

Too add to it, I repeated this multiple times without cleaning the panties or toothbrush, just didn't record.
It got to the point where I had to hold my breath to put them on…

Waxing everything, putting on makeup and
wearing a wedding dress with matching lingerie underneath and getting fucked by a woman with a strap on.

Loved every second of it. Still technically never done anything gay, though.


kv here
never seen a woman naked even. i had a huge crush on these girls at work. they dont acknowledge my existence and talk loudly when im around so its easy to overhear stuff they say. i think they know id never tell the boss anyway cuz im a bitch

anyway, i eventually learned one girl was onher period. before sheleft work shesaid shehad to go potty and tookher bag withher. i knew that meant she was changing makeup or her tampon

after everyone left i went into thegirls restroom and dug through the trash and found her used tampon and fresh applicatorand smelled it. then pulled my cock out. and jerked off to the smell. luckily it was theonly rhing in the trashcan

i did thisto the other girrls as well. on mylast time i was jerking it when i thought everyone was gone. asi was stroking i heard a sudden shuffle of the door handle. i got scared and came then quickly threw the tampon back in the trashcan. cum all over the toilet seat

i figured she would leave so i waited. then i heard a knock. figured she would leave so iwaited. then a harderknock. so i quickly opened the door and walkedoutof the building and ran home

she was a lady who worked inthe office acrossfrom us. i planned to say i had to vomit and was sick and needed the closest bathroom ifmanagement ever called me in. nothing ever happened but she did look at me strangely for a few weeks afterward. idk if she knew it was cum on the seat

btw i dont know why guys say pussy smells bad. the applicators and used tampons smelled quite nice to me. if i ever smell a pussy IRL i think id enjoy the smell

Wow. I wish I was 11 again.