So what is this called again?

I want to believe that there are chicks like this but most likely only about 2% willing to do it.

not having a gag reflex? letting you facefuck them? more girls are down for it than you think, there jaws just get tired

I keep waiting for his dick to blast out the other side of her head.

It's called having zero self esteem, and severe daddy issues.


It's frustrating how nose rings are either a sign that a girl will take a massive amount of abuse, or have 0 tolerance for any sign of male aggression.

looks the gay

I must be lucky, I face fucked my wife just this last Monday.

Muh nigga.

That poor pillow

Brain damage

Man, if you saw the two of us fatties banging you wouldn't be so jealous, user.

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they'll do it for Chad

Can't get any better the this.
Rocco is the king

rocco scenes sometimes have a minute or two of decent facefucking, but he isn't the king

Don't you say Maxxx is the king. Because his tiny Wang does not reach as far down their gullet

How does someone face fuck their pillow?

I mean, why else get married?

nah, I'm not a big max fan. I'd put him under rocco, but in the same category – they both just occasionally luck out and get a minute or two of decent facefucking in their otherwise dull scenes

johnny thrust, tony t, alex sanders, yuriy sergeev (the guy from youngthroats) are all more entertaining facefuckers than rocco. Although, none of those guys are active any more, so maybe rocco could be in contention for current kingship because the world of facefucking is in a bit of a lull and he has no real competition at the moment




how autistic do you have to be to get off to shit like this?


did you see the scene with roxy rush? i've fapped to that a billion times. he weasels his way into her ass even as she's telling him no and even cries a bit. he keeps forcing her to go ass to mouth. even makes her go dirty ass to mouth and she looks so horrified but she keeps doing whatever the fuck her wants her to do because she's very submissive. i wish i had that guy's life.

shaken baby syndrome ffs
that's dangerous af for her cervical spine jesus

I'd be inclined to agree if he was throat fucking a baby.

I want to "face-fuck" a girls mouth but I wouldn't want to do it standing up. I'm short and most girls face won't be at my waist level so that wouldn't fly

I'd, ideally, like to "face-fuck" her mouth while she lays on the ground or has her head propped up on a pillow on the bed. I can then ram my hips into her mouth but have a good nice base to work from for some added grip if I needed it.

If anyone has webms of what I'm talking about that'd be appreciated so I can save them and use them to elaborate further on future threads

Getting that done to you is zero fun if you're sober.

But it's super fucking fun if you're drunk and high and feeling submissive.



Dude has a small cock, that's how

lying on her back?

pic related is my favorite position to watch in porn, but in practice having her kneel in front of me is the best. I'm short too, but it's not so bad because there are two ways to get her to adjust her height which also happen to leave her in a more submissive position. She can either lean forward and put both hands on the floor, or sit flat down on her ass, still kneeling, just not holding her weight up though

(PIc related) isn't exactly what I had in mind but I can't find a better picture

Yeah. The girl is lying completely on her back while I fuck her mouth and drive my hips like I'm going to fuck the floor but instead its her mouth that's in the way

Is my preference. For comfort (since I may take a while) she can be propped up against the sofa arm rest. Like…..she is still completely on her back. But her head is slightly tilted up in a resting position with a soft pillow behind her head next to the arm rest

I bought a sex slave off the darknet to be my wife…


Flacid nigger dick