Was Hitler a socialist Jew?

Was Hitler a socialist Jew?

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Yes, also African


there goes the claim that hitler's grandmother got knocked up by a jew banker into the traaaaash. they also say that the jew banker in a city where they didn't even allows jew in, let alone banker jews gave hitler's grandmother child support for 14 years after getting knocked up with alois. but wait a minute! she was dead in 1847 (ten years after his birth). and how absurd is the claim that a jew banker is gonna give child support to a stupid goy for 10 years and then an extra 4 years after her death. smells like bullshit and jewry when i hear multiple unconfirmed stories that all lead to slandering the man. 0 documents. everything and every story about hitler being a jew is one man's word to another. and some get misquoted A LOT! fuck off kike

Nazism is litteraly national socialism.

Hitler was a Jew

He was also a coprophiliac with a micropenis, one testicle and a major drug addiction according to these people. It's at a point where their information could be true and I would still be doubtful because of all the bullshit. If he was a jew (he wasn't) that just means that they "shoa'd" themselves, and there is no reason for native German's to feel guilty (there isn't anyway).

Seems legit.


Most people who idolize the guy seem to conveniently ignore the fact that Hitler made Sanders look like a laissez-faire capitalist.


alois was hitlers father, not grandfather

smells like commie in here

He never said alois was his grandfather retard. Learn reading comprehension and come back.

whoops yeah misread "with" as "by", didnt read whole post


Ally propaganda.
It is in the best interests of every authoritarian, right or left, to remove the cancerous Corporate Capitalist machine. Killing porky means killing jews and killing jews means killing porky. Once you understand this, you will realize that every man is a brother in arms in the revolution against capital greed. The only reason Nazis and Commies hate eachother is because jewporky knows that they are both socialists. (((They))) want Imperialism to take hold over the hearts of national socialists, and (((they))) want hedonism and liberalism to take hold over the hearts of communists. Hitler used slight ideological differences to invade Russia in the hopes that he could gain Soviet oil. American Neo-Nazi zionists hate communists because of a distinctly American idea that Democracy is still viable. Communists hate Nazis because of Neo-nazis. (((They))) like this infighting.



National Socialism really doesnt have anything in common with Marxist socialism. This quote from Strasser is often misattributed to Hitler


not muh true socialism

Communism is against wage-slavery, a tool of corporations to hold the people restrained with nothing but mind-numbing work and just enough to sustain himself. It is NOT against efficiency. Again, Hitler looked for slight ideological differences between his Socialism and Russian government in order to have an excuse to take their oil which he needed to gain an advantage in WWII. Ultimately, this was the worst decision he could've made, rivaling the fact that he let Japan attack the United States, fighting two world superpowers at once.

"Oy vey! We've got two revolutions against us! These Commies hate Capitalism, a system we almost wholly control, while these Nazis just hate us!"
"What are we gonna do, Rabbi Shekelberg?"
"I have an idea!"
"What is it? Well, spit it out!"
"These Nazis hate us, right?"
"These communists hate Capitalism."
"What if we simply told these Nazis that we were behind Marxist ideology! Marx might've been a self-hating Jew, but he was a jew nonetheless."
"He's right. Nazis will have two enemies and Communists will love us!"
"Good thinking, Shekelberg. I'm off to eat foreskin patté."

He never said it wasn't socialism you retard. Just that Marxian socialism and Nazism is wholly different from each other.




no yes.


Were does your buddy Marx say anything about efficiency?
Actually, that's fucking wrong. Stalin was preparing to attack Germany in a full fledged invasion and what Hitler did was catch them with their pants down.
Also, at least 80% of the soviet government was lead by jews. Hell, even Karl Marx was a jew, the leading (((philosopher))) and inventor of that ideology.
Well, it's important to know Hitler didn't have control of what Japan did during that war. Just that they're allies. And second off, Hitler (once when declaring war on America because of Japans affiliation) didn't calculate that they'd invade Germany as soon as he declared war on them. He thought they'd be occupied (at least for a while) with Japan and the other axis countries.

You just linked a holocaust revisionist site that has been know to have been deceptive in the past, with an article extrapolating the word of ONE person giving "evidence" for Stalin's invasion of Russia. Is this not akin to your criticisms of Jewish peoples testimony (and the absurdity of some) of crimes perpetrated against them in concentration camps?
>Also, at least 80% of the soviet government was lead by jews. Hell, even Karl Marx was a jew, the leading (((philosopher))) and inventor of that ideologpics related. first one is of bolshevik party membership in 1924.
Also, heres a quote from Marx used by many to charge him with antisemitism
I dont exactly know what you mean by "invade Germany as soon as he declared war on them" in this context. D-day took place two and a half years after the events of Pearl Harbor (Germany having declared war in 1941)

the first pic is of the bolshevik party membership in 1924. the pics were in response to this
>>Also, at least 80% of the soviet government was lead by jews. Hell, even Karl Marx was a jew, the leading (((philosopher))) and inventor of that ideologpics related. first one is of bolshevik party membership in 1924

*apparent plans to invade Germany. sorry phoneposting

But in what way? In denouncing muh 6 grillion/(((plans))) of hitler systemically killing the jew of which there weren't none?
Actually that's the wrong link (my bad)…
What you mean the food that Germany didn't have to feed them? Or the allies fire bombing Germany's supply lines/cities that had nothing to do with the war? Or the fact that the the allies had bombed those camps and blamed the massacres on the germans?
I mean they helped fuel the war by supplying the UK and other allies with airplanes and heavy artillery/bombs.

Where did i imply that (((bankers))) weren't Jewish? It was jewish bankers that funded the Bolsheviks you dumb nigger.

Complete and utter bullshit

Well, it appears the only people on leftypol who can meme are nazbols.


Well, since (((they))) threw away their religious books and became atheists. it doesn't magically not make them jewish Also, Putin has said that the jews were around 80-85% of the population (who's the one that's lying?). And another thing, just because they stopped being jewish, doesn't mean that they stopped hating Christianity and other religions in Russia. In fact, the jewish (and I mean religious kind) was very under represented in the gulags. Which makes me come to the conclusion that Russia was anti-christian. However, it does seem to appear that you are right. Karl Marx himself seems to be quite the anti-semite. I've even skimmed over some of what he said and he appears to be pro christian and anti jewish. Honestly though, I think if most of Holla Forums actually read what Karl Marx has to say about the jews, they'd probably be very disenfranchised with their own movement due to extreme political correctness. Tbqh, I think this could be a critical blow to the cucks who've aligned themselves in that movement.

yes, hitler didn't have a problem with jews only the racist zionist's.

Also, I forgot to elaborate a litte further… if you are right about this (and Marx isn't just lying), I can only bet of why the jews took up "marxism". It was an attempt to smear his name (and his beliefs) with shit on the pavement. What better way to insult his name (for being anti jewish but jewish by blood?) than to pick up his ideology and make sure it looks horrible? It also could be a way to punish the goyim for picking up an ideology that appears to be harder to monopolize. So, they "allow" the goyim to take up something they're very against, but will punish them in the process.

Can't tell that to Holla Forums. They can't into genetics worth a fuck and everything else is autistic screeching with good information littered throughout. I don't think the majority of users are even Holla Forums at this point.

Bookchin memes are pretty well executed and have infected a lot of the internet tbh


wait, is that woodstock

Disinfo meme created by the ADL….don't be so gullible


This is exactly what i've been saying. Jews WANT capitalism to remain. ANY revolution against it, either led by communists or nazis, would end up fucking them. Capitalism is a system that they control; by this is mean that it was made for them to thrive. Greed is rampant, all you need to do to become the CEO is be smart, be cutthroat, and be a jew. If not a jew, then you'll have to have sucked at least one jewish dick for them to vouch for you, making you kosher. Boycotting doesn't even work, corporations can survive. When you walk down a food aisle at a typical grocery store, you might think that you have a choice in what to buy. To put it simply, you don't. All of the products there can be traced up to 4-5 mega-corporations. Think Monsanto, Nestle, and Tyson. Evil, terrible companies, and guess who owns them?
The reason they use Marxist ideology is because they WANT you to believe they control Communism. The truth is, they don't. The people do. The people control everything, and it is easier to control a gun than it is to control your life as a wage-slave. ANY revolution against Capitalism, Communist or Socialist, is a bad one for jews. Don't let (((them))) mislead you into believing otherwise.

Also, forgot to mention.
Boycotting façade companies does not work. These are simply the hands of a corporation, and all they have to do is rename them. When you're buying local food, you're probably supporting a farmer employed by them. They're just commissioned by the mega-corporations. A lot of people talk about Usury, a common jewish practice. In fact, there's already a thread for it. The farmers who work for companies like this, such as Tyson™ or Nestle™, are common victims. Basically, the company will send them equipment to farm with. Later, they force them to buy new equipment to standard because their original equipment is outdated. Do this a couple of times, and they've basically already turned them into indentured servants. They literally enslave workers. I'd like to see someone defend that.

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