Heard she got nudes out now.
Not requesting it. Just saying, I mean, it's news.


you really expect me to believe that?



I saw it. Literally nothing of interest because you can't tell if it is her. It's an out of focus ultra zoom in on a girl touching her pussy. The finger nails seemed to match her nails so probably her, but it's a lot of hype over nothing. If she did some real camming where the camera was more than 1 inch away from her body, I'd be first in line to see it

And the clip is about 2-3 seconds long. It's trash.

Your mom hoe


My mom's hoe? Shameful.

She has hot feet.


I have no idea who she is

Then why are you even here? You can't "get" this place if you don't know who she is.


who doesn't in this day and age?


ho dis?

Cash me outside, how 'bout dat?

not okay. not. okay



What this guy said.
You would have to spend twenty bucks to get them.

ask the >>>/creep/ discord


she said catch me outside with the shittiest attempt at a ghetto accent so it sounded like cash, but she said catch, just dragged the tch sound, dumb asshole

She acts like a whore on Instagram already. If she's this repulsive at 14 /15 - imagine how repulsive this bitch is gonna be by 18.

She's probably gonna OD on drugs by 17 anyway. She's a trailer trash attention whore. Not sure what the attraction is the Ephebe cunts have for her. She looks like a walking STD to me.

She is 14 and she is hot as all living hell. Thats the attraction.

you people are legitimately dumb. yeah what you say is true about 4-5 years from now. but right now, she's stellar jailbait. you use her up now and destroy her relatively inexperienced pussy and ass. you see a 14 year old that is that primed for sex with a body like hers and acts like a total slut, you move fast and don't look back. the reason is every other guy in town is lining up to do the same and that is exactly why she turns out the way you so accurately predict.

understands perfectly what to do

her dad's a jew

Satanic dubs says you are a liar Lucifer!

John 8:44 (KJV) Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

Agreed. I'm an ephebe, but she's pretty fucking nasty looking.


It's true. Been confirmed. She's actually a (((Peskowitz))) and I think changed name? Or she was just born with a different last name?

idk about nudes, I have seen news of it too… but I do have these.

Just follow her on Instagram and get updates if you want to see titties or videos of her twerking or some shit. That's how she "leaks" them anyways. "Whoops accidentally posted my boobs hope it doesn't get deleted lol"

why do you have an instagram account? that's faggy as hell.

Where did I ever say I have an Instagram?

(I didn't)

topo keko

"woops accidently posted my boobs"
umm, that's cp distribution. She's not rich enough to survive that yet is she?

do you have an instagramp account?

Lets trade str

Bleh, typical mouth-breather. Back to the loch wi' ye, Nessie.