It's a murder. It'a a sin

Tell me at least one anti-abortion argument.

Cause there are plenty of pro-abortion arguments, so how is this even a discussion?

useless people make good soldiers

Honestly, the only one I can think of is that if people stopped procreating–particularly if it was localized to certain countries–then it would effect their positions in the global economy. In fact, Japan’s population is expected to shrink by nearly a third within 50 years, and this could have dire effects on their economy. But I suppose that's not really a pro-life vs. pro-choice matter.

As far as I'm concerned, there's no such thing as a logical pro-life argument.

abortion isn't really about if the baby is alive or not, it is about a 3DPD's choice to kill that baby up until she shits it out.
I don't really care about human life, but please stop pretending that it isn't alive, when if the father tries to abort the child, without the consent of the 3DPD, he is charged with attempted murder of both the 3DPD, and the unborn child


I think, it is misleading to call fetus alive.
Fetus cannot survive on its own, it's just a part of the bigger organism (like an arm or an ear).
What distinguishes a fetus from other body parts is its ability to eventually become independent and transform into a person.
The question is, is this property of a fetus valuable enough to preserve it. Aren't we killing a potential person by aborting a fetus?
On the one hand, yes - we do kill a potential person by aborting a fetus, but on the other hand, we also do it by ejaculating and/or having periods.
Pregnancy is just another step in a series of events that forms a person. It is necessary but not more important than any other step (ejaculation, conception, birth).
So in this regard interrupting a pregnancy is not much different than throwing away a tampon with unfertilized ovaries. It does not require a special reason to be done.

By that logic, everyone with a pacemaker is dead.

Women are stupid and they destroy civilizations, all pro-abortion arguments are nuked.

Check derectum and his evolution or check any matriarchal civilization, if you dont want to read just check what happened with anything forced to receive women as a worker force.

you don't have get charged with murder for jerking off, having a period, cutting off your/someone's arm, or trowing away a tampon.
Again I don't really care, but I don't like people lying to themselves to make themselves feel better.

The argument against abortion is that it is murder.

My uncle is a pacemakers fetus. If the pacemaker got ai would that make it my grandmother? Could it legally decide to abort my uncle?

Murder is a legal term, dummy. It's taking a life, but murder is just a construct.

Obviously abortion isn't any of those things. Difference between jerking off/period is that there is no mix of genes between mother and father. The baby is not you, it's not your arm it has its own genetically information which makes it it's self which also makes everyone themselves

Murder is what people define it as and anti abortion people define abortion as murder

Yes, hence "murder is a construct". Saying it's murder is not an argument, in and of itself.

so abortion is murder, and it is just the 3DPD's right to do so?

The argument is they try to describe why it should be defined as murder

Abortion harms the mother

Right. And ultimately, they end up back where they started–"it's bad cause it's murder and murder is bad cause its murder."

This debate almost always comes down to 2 main positions: you either believe that life is intrinsically valuable or you don't. And if people want to call it murder, that's fine, but it doesn't change the fact that any notion of sacredness is purely illusory.

It is a good argument.

It can also harm the father (psychologically)

(checked for satanic trips)
Bolded efects are effects that take place under more severe cases
Physical effects:
>High fever
>Uterine scarring
Psychological effects:

u know women have multiple chances for procreation - 1 abortion doesnt ruin it. Not even 10. Many women do it and even more illegally - we r still here

Any anons hanging around ITT are free to add to this list if they have anything
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so do children leaving to live on their own

the logic of when a life actually begins is hard if you don't define it as beginning at conception. if the instant of observation is all that matters, it might be ok to kill a sleeping person because they aren't doing much, and are essentially just a blob of cells, albeit a large one

regarding a fetus, to a reasonable man, it is known that it will almost definitely develop into a human being that can survive on its own

regarding a patient in an induced coma, to a reasonable man, it is known that the patient will almost definitely wake up from the coma and be able to survive on his own

if it's not ok to kill people in medically induced comas, it's not ok to kill fetuses.

given that the real only reason abortion is legal is because fetusus don't look like babies, so there's not an emotionally salient reason not to kill them, one might being up the emotionally salient factor of pain:
doubtless, a fetus with functioning pain centers would be in agony during abortion, thus the post 21(?) week restriction on abortions. however, the pain centers have the capability of functioning at around 17-18 weeks, so a strong emotionally salient argument can be made to change 21 weeks to 17 weeks.

of course, there's no such thing as objective morality and god isn't real, so who cares anyway?
the human sense of "morality" is incredibly inconsistent with itself, and a woman's indignation with having to saddle the responsibilities of motherhood can easily override any sense of concern for a developing human's welfare.

abortion is, in my opinion, a tragedy of the cruelty of nature and human behavior, but i don't think it would make sense to outlaw it all at once. free birth control is a hell of a lot cheaper, and prevents conception before it happens. maybe after a few decades, we could get rid of it

What's really annoying about that is that they usually try to do so on religious grounds

Nope, check statistics, races that do abortions arent here anymore.

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Because everyone deserves a chance, even if they aren't wanted. also roasties dont deserve to wash away their responsibility like that

this is a good one

When an individual is born into the world, they're born into the realm of law, so to speak, and the same laws and rights that apply to every other citizen apply to the newborn. See, there are practical reasons why we have laws; we can't just have people going around killing each other for no good reason, as it things would become relatively chaotic.

We draw lines, and it's just a matter of where you believe that line should be drawn. I don't imagine you're too concerned about the 10's of billions of animals who die every year to feed us and clothe us, are you? Most of them are living in unimaginably horrific conditions, and people have the audacity to say that a human being should be born at the moment of conception… amazing.

all societies do abortion and they r still here

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Human lives are much more valuable than animal lives (you cannot compare those two).

Are you more concered with the wellbeing of europeans or africans? We don't care for animals as we do our own, because we are more important.

Please notice this, classical lefty shilling, start with a claim that you can prove and magically use it to prove another thing because he/she/it says so.

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Second "mass abortions" "high quality abortions" arent things with milleniums in this world, not even a century, maybe few decades and just in a few countries, every one of them is having changes in their "native" population ratios and are being replaced with low iq nigros, thats a fact.

Exceptio probat regulam in casibus non exceptis and they are still having problems.


killing an innocent human is immoral

So killing an abortionist isnt immoral? or is just moral and the ones dont killing them are immoral?

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I actually didnt't mean to sage, I swear.

I really dont get why people listen to this guy.

Value is invented. Subjectively speaking, I consider human beings to be more valuable, but our suffering is no greater than that of farm animals. You clearly missed the point I was trying to illustrate.

I could also go on about existential suffering, and the fact that the nature of life is predicated on suffering, but it always falls on deaf ears if the person I'm talking with buys into the notion that human life is intrinsically valuable. I'm not exactly an antinatilist, but I certainly don't believe that the the cycle of suffering needs to be preserved and perpetuated.

The average person is incapable of rational thought, rational thought isn't something inherently human, it's something humans can develop.
Someone who does think and states the obvious in public becomes a new age philosopher, like the guy in the video.

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This guy is really becoming a new-agey, self-help guru for pseudo-intellectuals who spend too much time on the internet. I'll bet he's already seen a massive boost to his bank account.

Makes sense, but its really sad to think about it. I often think the internet is the worst societal cancer around today, despite it being my main source of information. It is the main reason most NEETs exist, and its addictive+instantly gratifying properties make the dumbest people. I think the internet would be at its best if it was never more than wikipedia, anonymous forums like this maybe, and instant message systems. The internet of youtube+twitter+facebook+reddit+instagram+alltheothernormieshit needs to go.

I tried. I can't understand anything he says. It's just a stream of incoherent gibberish. I can't pinpoint a single thesis.

Has anyone really been far as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

These things break my brain every time.

Alot of you concede that abortion is murder So is it okay to kill someone for the most common reasons to have an abortion. Can I kill my kid because it will ruin my career or because I am in school?


idk, does your kid have brain function and a central nervous system?

if so, it's not really the same thing

Do you grow your food? how many houses have you ever built? if you dont have to take measures against ebola or gang rapists is because we are living in a civilization, money isnt real and you can dump a gorillion in africa and they will be still "africans".

Women dont give a fuck about consequences, but they are first running from wars, famines, crime or poverty.

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the only abortion that should be legal is abortifacients (the morning after pill)

waiting until the zygote grows into a fetus then hiring a "doctor" to dismember it and remove it piece by piece from her cunt is completely unnecessary, it's literally only done because the pregnant woman is lazy and stupid

the bitch knew she got creampied, why didn't she take the morning after pill?


Amount of abortions would fuck the state.

humans r animals and they r not independent to the sutrvival of the planet


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no abortion means more niggers & spics.

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If neither murder nor sin stops you, there is no hidden third argument that'll magically make you grow a conscience.


sperm=not a person
egg=not a person
sperm + egg = person

You can't kill a person for economic reasons. I equate a mother killing her child because she cant support them, to me killing an old person because I have to pay their social security.
You can't do it.

There are exceptions to this, when the child is a threat to the mothers life, you can equate that to self-defence, like a nigger attacking you on the street, to preserve your own life, you have to kill them.

The only real debate in killing a child, or abortion, if it is a person.

sperm + egg = dog girl

Your not human if your not raised as one

Hey retard,

"You can't kill a person for economic reasons"

Perhaps if republicans weren't defunding planned parenthood which provides contraceptives and education to prevent unwanted pregnancy in the first place.

Perhaps if republicans weren't defunding health care.

Perhaps if republicans weren't chomping at the bit to prevent maternity and paternity leave.

Perhaps if they weren't depowering unions.

Maybe if they weren't importing all these fucking immigrants to take our jobs away.

Maybe if they weren't handing half of our jobs to prisoners who work pennies on the dollar.

Maybe someone could afford to raise a fucking family, or prevent themselves from getting pregnant if they couldn't.

You care about life so much?


before all this recent political polarization, i was pro-choice.

a bundle of cells isn't a human being, neither is a shitskin, and neither is a retard or a vegetable. then i felt like i should be pro-life just because it opposes the authoritarian left.

but being against choice is also being authoritatian.

then i realized that i don't realy give a shit about babies, but forcing niggeresses to go through with babies really reduces everyone's quality of life.

It comes down to an argument of definitions:
If you consider a fetus to be human, then the only good reason to kill it would be to protect another life (in this case, that of the mother should such complications occur). Otherwise, all other arguments regarding economic status, women's rights and the like go right out the window. You don't have the right to kill for economic benefit, even if you have a vagina.

If you don't attribute personhood to a fetus, then there's nothing wrong with abortion regardless of any other factors. It's not human so who gives a shit?

I am pro-infanticide and abortion.

The only reason to ever not abort is if you have a healthy white child.

Everything else should be culled.

By dire effects you mean Japan is going to be richer than ever right?

Higher population = poorer country

this tbqh fam. abortion is only bad for white babies.

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