How do we deal with anti-pedo kikes?

As you may or may not know, anti-pedo kikes come from normalfag sites like 4chan and Reddit. Their goal is to enforce more rules on smaller chan sites so they can turn it into a safespace. Is there any tactic we can use to scare them off, aside from triggering them with images of fully clothed kids?

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fuck off, you sniveling kike

weaponized cp

kikes are the pedos

So the Nazis said you could fuck 14 year olds. Then they go on to say "if mitigating circumstances are present, a prison sentence of no less than 6 months will ensue". That's pretty light tbh. This should trigger your average Holla Forumsack.

t. kike

t. anti-pedo kike goof

kikes spent the last 50 years convincing the masses that pedo = pure evil
Holla Forums is so fucking stupid

Pedos are pure evil, kike. You will hang soon

Kikes are pure evil, correct. But they still are anti-pedo kikes

Does your last name have something to do with precious metals?

t. Rabbi

t. cryptokike

No such thing, faggot. All kikes are pedos. Your rhetoric is tired, and has never actually worked in the first place. No matter how hard you try, kikes will always be known as the pedos.

Kill yourself Moishe

There is, at an estimate, 100 times more non-jewish pedos than jewish pedos.


Why is there a huge Catholic church conspiracy involving anglos and not kikes in Israel? Show me an instance of jews in Israel committing mass crimes against children that can compare to the Catholic church.

Did the (((media))) tell you that?

That's because jews make up a tiny percentage of the world population. You have to think about proportions.


so you basically agree. good job. now try again to explain why the jewish owned media spent the last half a century brainwashing the public into hating white male pedos but is suddenly doing a full 180? that makes no fucking sense. keep sucking that jewish cock.


Read the underlined bit. They also risk castration.

That was just used as an excuse to castrate jews. Aryan pedos got 6 months.

I doubt it

Do your research. The only time an Aryan pedo got that kind of treatment was when he damaged a girl so bad she became infertile. Your life is forfeit when you do that no matter how you spin it.
Jews on the other hand? Every time a jew got caught molesting a kid they went straight under the knife.

t. someone who hasnt done his research and making baseless assertions with no evidence to back it up

This. Provide a source for your claims.