Why are Americans so retarded?

Like seriously why don't you want healthcare but blow it all on the military?

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gonna /thread you right there

Yet the healthcare is still shit because they refuse to make use one of the models european countries use.
They don't even need to have NHS like the UK, they can do it like France and have the insurance be national.

Healthcare is so fucking expensive because we allow the medical/pharmaceutical industry to have regulations that favor corporate interests over consumers. We pay more for our healthcare, per capita, than any nation on earth, yet many people either don't have coverage or it's """coverage"""–something to think about.


because i hope every nigger & faggot in this country slowly dies of aids.


Healthcare isn't bad as long as you have the money to pay for it.
The thing is americans hate the poor, so they make healthcare expensive and they fund the army so poor kids can be sent to die in meme interventions over sea.

I really wish more Republican cunts would just be honest and say shit like this.

this. if we have "free" "healthcare", it just means I have to pay more income taxes and get fucked more than I already do. I basically pay 30% of my income so niggers can have litters of niglets and get EBT, section 8 housing, and "healthcare". meanwhile I have to opt to have a really high deductable just to be able to afford mandatory scam (((medical insurance))). So Im young and cant afford to go to the doctor, I thankfully never get sick. Or if we have even more socialized medicine the commies would fuck me even harder and I would pay about 40% of my paycheck. This isnt Europe. its give shit to niggers land.
yes, that totally justifies 30% or more depending of my income being stolen, thank you.

I want all faggots, niggers, and beaners to fuck off and die of AIDS

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'deserve' is a pontless word. the world doesn't care what you do or do not deserve.

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It would depend on how we decide to pay for it. And it probably wouldn't be the middle and lower classes who would be picking up the bigger share of the tab. In fact, I'd be willing to bet that your poor ass wouldn't see much of a change at all.

Sounds a little fishy

Great contribution to the discussion, user.

And I'm pretty sure the world DOES care about what people do and do not deserve–they're called rights and laws.

yet people still get oppressed and murdered all the time. children get cancer even though they definitely do not deserve to.

this is what I mean. deserve is not some magical force field.

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Captain obvious strikes again


sorry, I don't speak your taco language

Use google translate retard.

provide an english argument, retard

how is that fishy? yes, it would make a difference. you act like you make over 80k a year yet post on here. just shut the fuck up.

are you a time traveling edgy teenager from 2007?

Since atheism is on the rise in today's youth, no wonder we get exmaples like yours.

No… it probably wouldn't. But we'd definitely have to take care of the things outlined in

Seems like I struck a nerve. Republicans are massive fucking hypocrites, that's all I was trying to say.

so you're saying children deserve to get cancer because your god is an asshole?

got it

This is what justice (ACTUAL justice, not social justice the media is trying to force on us) look like. If you don't like it you should go back to tumblr.

For one, stupid people like your parents should stop procreating.

And help contribute to the white genocide?
Go back to shillville.



The brice we pay for freedom :DDDD

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Nice non-argument, nerd.

tbh, something americans rarely are about themselves, you'd want to add to the military spending at least half of the science budget, half the international affairs budget, some of transportation, half of education, all of veterans benefits, most of the debt interest and, well say, 30% of medicaid.
the military spending is so out of control that Nasa and federally funded medical research have been stripped back to nothing to finance new guns. madness defined and it doesn't even win wars.
when oh when will americans understand that more weapons doesn't make you greater?

You okay there buddy?


Why are you so retarded? Of course we want healthcare, just not the way you Eurofags or whatever do it and obviously any country needs a strong military. Are you fucking for real?

I don't think he was trying to convince you of anything. I believe he was just heckling your lack of intelligence.

this is why

Damn, I wanna go live innawoods. Unfortunately, I'm not nearly disciplined nor industrious enough and would die within months.

By throwing an empty ad-hominem?
Well, I guess it sorta backfired then.

become more disciplined, then

Why dont eurocucks have a military so russia doesnt assrape them? Oh, cause they waste it on welfare to rapefugees and their own limpwristed population

More importantly, why do they have more refugees than soldiers? Seems a bit weird…

I fucking wish.