Any of you fuckers interested in the idea of a handful of guys sharing one slut long-term?



Benefit #1

Said slut wouldn't have the time to bitch about things and there'd be enough stimulation going on to keep her in a healthy mood most of the time.

Oh you mean like swingers?

More in the direction of roommates with room service?


My line of thought was that she'd basically be fucking set -

she puts out, she gets a few guys' worth of attention, doesn't need to worry about money ever, and the house could be pretty fantastic in not much time.

The guys would basically get sex on tap, lower bills, and some close friends if they could handle being in eachother's space that much.

Meanwhile if you had a general agreement to keep the fucking in-house, you wouldn't have that much of an increased risk of STIs. It'd basically be her role to keep the house focused on her.

Sounds hot but difficult in reality

I'd buy in if it were a new girl every 6 months.

Yeah, I think this concept needs to be a thing, even if it's not for everyone.

I don't want to be in the same room as a naked man.

Yeah, there's alot of things that could suck about it, but the benefits I listed are real.

I mean, instead of paying $1000/mo each, you get 5 guys together you can buy a house 3 times the price and pay it off twice as fast.

Instead of a wife, who bitches and nags about groceries and bills, you'd have a slut who crawls across the floor naked.

I'd be tempted to make video.>>7280430

You know, that could be okay. As long as you don't mind her going from room to room all sloppy.

won't work out


yeah, if they didn't go so big I would get one

I'm sure over the course of a few years there'd be some rotation in who's part of the house.

I actually think the opposite. I wouldn't like a small one because smaller ones could get into smaller places and like bugs being able to hide in all areas that would freak me the fuck out. Granted it's not one of those fuckhuge dangerous constrictors, I would prefer a bigger snek because that way I would always know that it would be within my sight or confined in the same areas that I could be in.

If the snek gets too big though, he might size you up for eatin'. There have been cases.

pretty gay tbh one guy is going to end up being the cuck.

nah, it just going to be one guy who is the biggest or the meanest or both that that guy is just going to fuck the 3DPD, and the only time the beta(s) get sex is when the alpha is out for some reason. Way it is always been, and the way it is always going to be.
I don't really care about this cuck-shit, just be careful. You're going to be dancing with other's people's feelings for a long time. The 3DPD will most likely to stupid and weak, however it is likely the other male(s) won't be.

Can the snek be trained?

Not much gay about fuckin' a slut except there are other people at least in the house at the time. Sluts already go from room to room.

As for someone cucking - well, that's their problem.

You are touching each other's penises indirectly

You do that every time you shake someone's hand.

Also, fish cum in your water.

i fuck hookers

it's like having a timeshare in a harem

but i don't want the guys that i share with living in my home

Also do you legit think your slut isn't fucking Jose the gas station jockey while you're at work?

Yeah, I get it. I just figured it was a missing concept between hookers and housewife.

Like I wrote earlier, there are benefits all around to the approach *if* the participants are willing to live that close. I mean, a house 3x the size would basically give you quite a bit more breathing room.

are these niggers?

No. I don't keep nigger porn.


I mean, i don't have much against them, I just don't identify with the participants very well if they look so different.

Hmm… maybe housekeeping would also be needed to keep the fighting down. I mean, I wouldn't make the slut do it..


Wait, would some kind of condo arrangement be better?

I don't have a slut or a girlfriend so I can't get cucked

That doesn't mean you win, bro.

In a way it does.

You don't win the stanley cup by not playing hockey, and even the hockey players that don't get the cup are getting paid better than you. Sure you get to say they lost…

Alright, I'm done.

Sounds like a good way to get STDS.
I'm more comfortable with a bunch of sluts sharing a single guy long term.

Not a fan of used goods