The Human Animal



perfect 10/10

Very nice


Humans are animals

I accept that post as what it is: your opinion.

How big is her penis?



Not him, but it's a fact. Were mammals. Part of the animal kingdom. Were just self aware.

There are animals among men, and then there are parasites among animals.

The female 'human' is a parasite.

I wouldn't refer to women as "parasites". To call them such would imply they could survive by themselves. They're more akin to viruses. Women aren't truly alive. They cannot live without having a man fertilize them for their DNA or survive on their own.
you can't

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All I'm looking for is a cute blonde caucasian teen with a huge daddy fetish. is that too much to ask?


yes, since you have nothing to offer in return

Where is the hope?


No where, because your fetish is shit.

Where is this from?

Book on the shelf looks like it says "the keeper" or something in Russian. It's kinda grainy, but the "храни" bit is pretty obvious.