Does anyone else have this feel?

It's not as fun as you might think but still kind of fulfilling

tell story

If you insist:

This is why I will never insert any body part into another human being, let alone a filthy women.

And that's why sex isn't worth it.

You can insert fingers and be perfectly safe, trust me, I've tried.

It's just glorified masturbation tbh. Feels slightly better but you have to work way harder at it especially if you're fucking a fat girl

Get married and you'll have a fucking dozen chances to turn women down a day. I don't know what it is about having that fucking ring on but you practically beat women off with a stick once you've got the fucker on there. Why the fuck don't they give you attention without it? I mean I'm married now so it doesn't matter but holy shit I will never understand why getting married suddenly got me all the fucking attention in the world.

Maybe wear a dummy ring or something, who knows man. Women are fucking strange.

Double dubs confirm wearing a dummy ring to pick up women is a good idea

Because you have already been established as a worthy mate. Why go and look for an okay one when you can steal a great one. ?

Don't be so sure about that. The bar to entry for marriage is pretty low. There's a lot of fucking losers married.

Boy you don't know how right you are. Your wife's friends'll try and get you to hang out with their husbands to help them grow a pair or be more macho, all they can fucking do is talk about video games and their dumb fucking hobbies. They don't know how to spit banter or take any without being genuinely emotionally hurt, they flinch when you bark to your wife to get you a beer or something thinking she's going to freak out about it, they're pussies. Then you have kids? Those spineless fags raise spineless faggot boys and your kid ends up playing with them and ultimately being called a bully for shit talking over playing cards or board games. It's fucking ridiculous the people who end up married these days.

I did better.
I have a girl addicted to speaking to me.
She wants sex and sends nudes often, but i keep neglecting her, we've been at it for a year or so now.
She said i remind her of her dad and how he neglects her, kek.

lmao. does she wear a choker?

Yes, she fits all the stereotypes.
Hot girl who paints her hair red, does occasional drugs but plenty weed, likes metal and sinth, and is ultimately an emotional mess.
I got into her mind by being a complete dick to her, and i helped her turn into a nihilist just so she could stop complaining so much.
She's an 8/10 but i let her think i see her as a 6.

Chokers, panties over the waist of pants and JNCO jeans on a woman are top fucking tier

I don't know what it is about adding contrast to the throat, but choker on women look so great.

Or armsbands but on your foot, footbands. I saw one video of a girl squatting on a dildo who had something like this and I just started at her ankle.



One day i told her wearing a choker is just asking me to hold her throat.
She replied "only if you push me against a wall first".

That is pretty high estro tbh.

bruh, you gotta see it
anklebands or whatever you would call that are really nice

especially if the woman is otherwise naked, I guess for gay people like him:

it's like a male stripper just wearing a collar and otherwise being naked

Thinking about it, i got pretty wild stories about her.
Wanna hear some?

Sure bro, shoot away.

She told me one of her fetishes would be to be fucked by me on her father's office desk, or with her dad next room.
Another common one is that she has a rape alley next to her, so it excites the idea of me hiding in there and texting her, just to come out of the dark when she ventures in and rape the shit out of her.
I even talked her into cucking her best friend who also happens to be a beta, with me in the same house.
I never fucked her, I'm not sticking my dick in crazy.

Is she ugly? Why aren't you doing it already? Poor girl.

It really is not that crazy. Lots of girls have fantasies like this. Gay guys as well. Just ask them on /cuteboys/. They practically want to get raped.

i'm gay and at my school a girl aproached me who didn't get the memo, i just straight up said "ew, no" i think i fucked her self esteem or someshit because after that she started hanging around the computer lab and chess club fucking nerds. she
was like 7/10

Idk you tell me.
It's just that if i give her what she wants, she might move on.
Does it make sense?

That's a shit body. She better have a nice face

How is that shit?

Hips are non-existent. She looks like a barrel. The angle might be crap though

You are not a man of refined taste.

You just have no sense of adventure.

She's a bit flabby, but fuckable I guess.


dude, this is like the female equivalent of a guy having wide as fuck hips

she has a manbody

Gross tbh

Pick one.

man i'm so into this kinda thing
she's not fat.

and believe me, i fucking absolutely positively despise fatties

but this girl's bmi is clearly in the acceptable range

yeah sure she's kinda flabby but it doesn't hang in that disgusting way, what you say is her fupa's really more of just a normal mound, her face and hair are nice and i'm personally crazy about flat chests

i see literally no negatives here for me


You must be a faggot.

okay, but I still would fuck

the twinks in this pic before the girl, they are much prettier


pleb detected




Take it from a man who overcame it, oneitis will lead you down a path of ruin if you don't break it. I watched my pal piss away his best years yearning for a woman who was already fucking someone else and to this day he regrets it. The longer you hold onto her the deeper the trench will run in your mind, one day you'll be stuck wondering "what if" about her and unable to proceed.