Why is SoSad so sad?

Draw why he's sad

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he has no face





Is this OC? That's great!

Thanks user.

Bretty good

He snapd

the fuck is this shit

an 8/r9k/ user made this. I have the archive link.

embed is not working right now you fucking turd

He's sad because he's a forced meme like Milhouse and that boy. The creator created it as an alternative to Pepe because he actually believes Pepe is a White supremacist symbol.

Except literally none of that is true you dumb faggot

No, now he has no face

There's the kike offended by Pepe. What does kek mean? Kill every kike?

i feel like its forced too but if your right then it will explain the shilling as an alternative for pepe.

he knows he will never be the ideal platonic solid

Embed doesn't allow youtu.be and playlist links you fucking newfaggot.

Why did I spoonfeed? I'm such a fucking retard.

Robot OP reporting in. I wasn't trying to "replace" anything. I just happened to be bored, drew a doodle in ms paint and thought it was neat, so I posted it. A few people thought it was cool as well and made edits, so I made some as well. It was a pretty funny evening.
Here's one I just made. I'd like to see your spinoffs on your favorite games or movies.

Trips of truth.
Why are you bothering? He's either insane or trolling. Just ignore him.

kek, just noticed this thread and thought I'd respond

Wow, you are on fire today fam.

Here Faggot

who the fuck even uses youtu.be links?
probably only terrorists and the gays

It's just a shortened link of a youtube video, idiot.

why not just copy the url?
its fucking easier than getting the shortened version