Any 8chn fags got more of her?

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whut is her name? i think i know her.

Pretty girl.

You're not getting fap material today from here

What's so special about her? All 3D women are shit.

But at least they are women, and not cartoon drawings.
A $2000/hour high-class escort

With hairy armpits

8/10 body and face. 9/10 charm(genius lvl). 10/10 hairy armpits. I would pay maybe 500$ but 2000 is too much holy shit.


I was wrong. It's $3000 for four hours.
But be ready to leave an DNA sample and a print of your butthole.

Do you at leased get to fuck her??

With no info about STD testing and a requirement for a clean bill of health, I'd say probably not. She's most likely just an escort who will attend to you on some intimate and emotional level at best, but sex is at her own discretion and she probably has a policy against fucking her clients.

The sad part is that there are people who are willing to pay for her to show up and be arm candy just to look successful. Also her billable hours are fucking ridiculous. Her best rate is $250/hr at 48 hours if she's "touring your city," otherwise it's $292/hr because you're "inconveniencing her," and she "needs at least two references from other providers."

The fuck is it that she provides that she thinks she's worthy of all that?

I went to her website and looked it up, and I take it back, she's definitely fucking guys. She waives her requirement for 2 references if you "get to know her," and requires you meet her for at least a 4 hour lunch date before she's willing to book an appointment for something more.

I guess she's assuming that anyone who has a lot of money is low-risk, well one Charlie Sheen type will "fix her up."

you have to go back

I'd poz this slut so hard she'd get AIDS immediately.

Infect the world of degeneracy.


Jesus fuckin christ, any man who's willing to pay $2000 an hour for a slightly above average whore should be fucking shot.


She had a tumblr too. Liara-roux. She posts alot of stuff there like this.

most of the ones I have are too large in file size

Reduce them then you fucking Newfag.
Spoon feed _ Use Handbreak…

Christ honey, disposable razors don't cost shit nowadays…… you look like you got Chris Rock in a leglock.

Open it and resave in paint until its small enough lol

Goddamn, hairy armpits on a girl this cute are sooo rare. I would say I'm in love but she's a whore.


people pay to have sex with a used up 5/10

that bitch would have to pay me to fuck her.

Do you think she is that used at $4000 a session?