I say the opposite

Poor excuse to make a pedo thread.
Closet pedo detected.

stick your phone up your ass


I ain't repoting that shit nigga

Im using a free vpn faggot


that means you're the product.



what's the big deal? she's just practicing eating a lollipop.

Why are lolis always from Russia

mods = cowards

it violates the DOST

>give your credit card to (((vpn companies)))



ok thats it for today

thanks a ton, jim

Fuck today has been lively

Why do little girls pretend to have a sex drive?

Pretty sure Sonya wasn't faking having a sex drive

read the pedophiles handbook on hiddenwiki hardcandy section. Goes into child psychology. girls become sexualy curious around 4 and start masturbating. Boys dont become sexual till puberty.

put all pedos in vacuum?

Bull fucking shit. I was looking at my dad's Playboy mags when I was about 8 and furiously masturbating to them.

Because preteen girls that age start growing interest in their sexuality and tend to try and experience different "sexual-acts" mostly by mimicing and copying things they have seen in this overly sexualized society

Can confirm I think I got one of my first erections to one of Brittney Spears old af songs

worst book in existence


Yep I remember it vividly I was 7 and it was to either 'Oops! I did it again' or 'Baby one more time.'

I was in middle school when she became popular and around the age of 10. Pretty much every boy in the school was talking about how they wanted to fuck her.

tbh imma start reading that later today or tommorow

Teenage Brittney was sexualized to oblivion and god damn I'm fucking glad they did. I also remember this one weird kid saying 'She's average at best and he wouldn't go near her,' think he was a closet homosexual but not sure what he's doing now but I'm pretty sure its men.

duly noted.


too old




moar yummy toddlers pl0x

do you like cookies?

at least change the flag


If you sleep over at a friends house and wake up to his little sister sucking your cock does that make you a pedo?

This is exactly what I'm talking. Antis dumping their 'propaganda' thinking it will trigger the pedos but all they do is sit thre and edge for days

No, it makes you a fag for sleeping over at a guy's house.


that will be a dream come true tbh

if i delete did will i still be banned?


keep calm and wait for the van

Ig ill have to try

wat the fug????

Fuckin hell, are you attracted to babies too? You must realize you have a mental illness, right?



not bad tbh

I'll take that as a yes



you jest but that's what probably is happening

sick tbh

nothing wrong with incest

jesus christ dude
we're fucking alive and kicking today aren't we antis

incest is wincest


this is what a father should be doing

Yeah, just wait till that kid gets older and realizes that her parents were exploiting her for $, and that her cp will forever be floating around the Internet for pedophiles to fap to–something tells me the poor kid won't be smiling then.

mods are asleep, post your ip address and social security number as well as your home address so we can send the party van after you.

Or post stuff that is not just pics i guess.

mfw you dont know the siberian mouse story.
the parents had NO idea it was going on,as the girls were all recruited by masha herself…and they were making shitloads of $$
Thats how they were busted when mom found her cash stash in her bedroom.

just wait for dyslogia to wake up


not gonna click that

this is me waiting

should be 1 hour or so tops


girl on the left is cute tbh

i like loli's eating

Heh, that's kinda funny actually. Nevertheless, she's gonna regret that shit.

girl on left looks like younger pretzel girl tbh


yeh must be kinda weird to have everybody in school know that you and your little sister lick each others assholes

Well Masha cuts herself now.

implying she doesn't regret it already.

Also why do fags always result to dumping Masha she's legit the most basic and 'normal' model you can post. It's getting really bland…

not requesting cp

Maisie is kinda hebe kryptonite tbh…i would lower my aoa for her.

stop it we know you want that pizza. it is why you are posting duh

Well… there ya go.

Probably just me but
She has a real Masha vibe to her idk

Look nigger, If I was actively seeking CP I wouldn't come to Holla Forums just to be blue balled by anons. But I'm not seeking it so BTFO

she was a sexual predator.

Yeh ive seen that pic…kinda sad.
And just think she was a totally content little entrepreneur till they got busted.

remember…lg's can be pervs too.

Maisie has no vibe like Masha…were the hell do you get that from?

How old was she when she was recruiting children?


alright I'll give you that one

fug don't remind me :'(

from when she was about 11-14.
The other girls were payed too,but she got a bonus for introductions

Imagine working at a summer camp with a bunch of little girls like this running around. I'd have an eternal boner.

does anyone know what this girl's name is?

Lmao glass all pedos becomes a share thread for them (us), people are stupid.

Not you guys, the person who thought this thread would do anything lololol

nice try but jews like lil boys just like priests


Used that word very loosely. Idk but when I see Maise, I see Masha. I think its her facial structure and energy; seems 'similar' to Masha.

Always keeping the little guy down!

Zhenya Kotova. She's a russian model.

Any sfw sauce? Not a pedo fag, just autistic enough to want to know what happened to her ever since the bust.

That's fuckin depressing. Did they catch the adults who were behind it?


There was only one adult…"uncle" Sergei.
It wasnt her real uncle,but thats what she calls him in several vids.
And btw,all the girls supported him,and none would testify against him.
Nobody was forced to do shit,it was all about the Rubles.

You realize this is all an 'elaborate' bait by the anti pedo who's disguised as a pedo to bait anti pedos which in turn bait pedos. Seems to convoluted but these fucking antis and pedos are convoluted human beings.


i don't have any, but there are recent sfw pics of her from facebook or something, she seems to just be living a normal life. i've only seen one pic where her scars are visible.

they're just attention scratches though, she's still at least somewhat manipulative.

this is all very depressing,
This thread needs a loli to cheer it up.

where is uncle now?

They were probably either threatened, or they were too young to understand that he was exploiting them and making a whole lot more $ than they were. Also, children don't tend to think about the long term consequences (as evidenced by the fact that the one girl now cutting herself).

They were not all "children" as such.
Nik was probably the youngest(masha's sis)…but most were mid teen(13-16).
Thou Masha ALWAYS came across as the predator even when performing with older girls..she was totally aware.

the contrast in those two pics makes my toes curl man.
such a sweet little thang in the left pic,and a little perv in the right one,getting off that her friend is coping a sly grope of her titty!

Masha came across as the predator even in her blowjob scene.

Wait, so Masha was molesting her little sister?

She was a sexual deviant and knew exactly what she was doing and how to further her 'career.'

I think you're projecting a bit too much user. Maise isn't a sexual deviant like Masha was is

Maisie is a goddess tbh

We sell you some GIRLS PICS!
Please e-mail us at "[email protected]/* */", if you want.
We'll send you further details.

whos head do you think is between Nik's legs in this

larger version of that pic

I want to untie those little knots on her dress to expose her sexy flat chest.

Well i am guessing this thread has been a fail?

I see. I'm not well-versed in this shit like you mental patients.

dem little freckles!

And yet you find yourself intrigued by it,hence your questions…
Welcome to the dark side bro.


what is taking so long with dyslogia


He's masturbating to this thread's potential.

moar like dis pls

I never said I've never been aroused by questionable material, but most of the CHILDREN in this thread are way too fucking young. Like, this shit doesn't even compute with me.

He wouldn't be deleting pics like that anyway

Dude i'm a hebe too.
But as much as raiding nappies isnt my thing either,i try to cut them the slack that normies refuse to cut us.
Each to their own.



He'll just delete the thread using the logic that pictures like that eventually lead to someone posting Daisy's Destruction.

Top kek….just kidding

that shit is not a joke.
hurtcore of the most vile nature.
i saw it once back in the OPVA days,and it guilt tripped me into normie porn for years….just didnt want to be associated with the kind of scum that liked this.

The thing is, pedophilia is more of a mental illness, and they tend to be more obsessive about satisfying their urges. I think Hebephiles are mostly just lonely men who are intimidated by women their own age, and therefore, find comfort in the fantasy of being with an innocent, naive girl.

There's nothing unnatural about being attracted to a pubescent, but I wouldn't consider myself a "Hebephile", as I'm attracted to females from 12-50.

your mom's a mental illness

"intimidated by women their own age"…well i cant speak for others,but i am not at all intimidated by woman(and my wife can attest to that).
My AoA is from 8-60…and i am a happy little camper in the fact that my life sees me surrounded by females all across that spectrum.

Hebephile range is 11-14 15 user. So you're a closet hebephile you just don't know it yet

Nothing, literally nothing can make me feel as bad as DD. I've only seen screen caps and heard an mp3 and that shit shook me up for fucking years. The sound byte is fucking ingrained in my head and it took me years to come to terms with it.

You shouldn't joke about hurtcore user. Its not funny nor is it amusing to us.

So, you have a primary attraction to pubescents, but have pedophilic tendencies?

A hebephile is someone with a PRIMARY attraction to pubescents. I don't really have an ideal age range, but my youngest ideal would be around 15.

I was not joking about it mate…as i said it turned to normie porn for a couple of years and i very nearly purged my own collection(thank go i didnt,as it had taken nearly 2 decades to aquire).

have a loli to lighten the mood.

So this makes you dare I say it normal, for lack of a better word.


Is what I meant to put

Yeah, like I said, there's nothing unnatural (abnormal) about being attracted to pubescents.

But ironically, I've always been more into milfs than anything; it probably has something to do with an unusual attachment to my mother. Unfortunately, the older I get, the more the MILF's become GILF's–and it's slim-pickings in the GILF territory kek.

Ah yeah don't worry, sorry to snap. Its early in the morning for me and that's when some of my 'demons' start to manifest/ resurface.

Collection must be fucking big my dude. Also as someone who doesn't care about other people's beliefs and preferences what is it that triggered you to start collecting. I haven't started a collection and I'll be damned if I do because there isn't a real reason to. I find the lolis in this thread beautiful in the sense of 'pure' beauty but not sexual attraction. I've come close to starting my own collection but I don't want to go down that rabbit hole, you know?

Yeah, I suppose I find some of them attractive too. However, I don't feel anything when I see girls in that age range in public--girls like on the other hand...

looks real to me

its edited, but quite well. you can notice its edited from the cornes of the phones screen if you stop the vid a couple of times to that part

3TB? Impressive. Please share with me. Call 703-224-2150 and we can arrange a meeting.

somebody got banned :^)

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children®
Charles B. Wang International Children's Building
699 Prince Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22314-3175

24-hour call center: 1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678)
Phone: 703-224-2150
Fax: 703-224-2122>>7279173


t. fbinigger

Well fuck, god speed user. Not sure if you decided to delete your reply or mods are waking up but you seem pretty adamant about your likes and dislikes, so that's all I can say.

banning only works if your not using a vpn
but ive had enough for tonight neway :)

sleep tight

wat do?

tell her to go back to sleep because its too early.

Also sleep tight user

sleep well user

The google'foo is strong in this one^

Somebody got banned. Its their own fault


Im surprised i didnt get banned tbh


do you fap to these pics?

Eh well, can't stop all you pervs lmao

Tell me she is not the cutest if anyone has more, please, feel free to share


i don't see how is it any of your business

fuck you



that is true


Putting the number directly into google and looking at the first result isn't what I'd call "strong"


3d so reality hits them hard!

i didn't realize dyslogia had changed rules again

Is that anything like mattybraps?

any other race traitors here? :^)


I got just the right place for your kind!

you're are a doodoo head!

Anna needs to state a public apology for abandoning her race for the Chinese. She has resorted to working for Chinese giveaway spams. -8/10 for being a race traitor.


pls… how old is she again?


7 or 8





it workd!

b-because I found this s-spellbook and I w-wanted to try if it w-works

I see I see…well I hope the witch doesn't find out.. >:)

Fuck off, dysniggeria

did i miss a Siberian Mouse dump?

It's coming
Your days are numbered

The Pedo Army will rise




Not an argument


Well, we all love german girls
That's something we can agree

God-tier German chick



(nice trips) user.
A pedo scat fag? Now i've seen it all

Hitler did nothing wrong™



I heard someone posted my videos earlier.
Please delete them





I'm more /hebe/ so that one on the left looks delicious

Pick one

gods damn i wish the pedos would fuck off to a different sitr

I think reddit is more appropriate for (You)

Checked but kys for bumping thread

we will never leave :^)

thank you for your valuable input



damn. i'm not even pedo. more of this?

north korea has missiles capable of delivering playloads like this to other continents

i don't know
no memory where that was from anymore

Everyone knows it's opposite day when it comes to pedos





Any new pictures of her sister

user was talking about newer ones. That one's pretty 'old.'

No, that's the one I was talking about, I haven't seen any newer than that.

Fuck off faggot.

Well fug mb. I was probably thinking of her new pictures the ones from a few months back. Still looking cute and deviant as fuck though.

how recent are these then?
Not quite as pretty now, unfortunately.
Maybe just Russian aging?

Pretty sure those are from earlier this year. Was on some shithole russianchan a few months back and saw a a couple timestamped pictures of Masha which were early from late May. Sadly no links :(

Why is it every picture I see with her she is with an unattractive guy?

She was born to be with some ugly slav user. It's hard to fight something that's embedded in her DNA.

might be the fact that she got abused as a child and her copying mechanism to the trauma is self harm and being attracted to ugly slav mother fuckers. **At least its she's no eing attracted to niggers though*

as an 11 year old can you really tell me what *you* as a individual want


poor girl :(

I'm out of the blue here. Who is Masha / can anyone redirect me in searching for more information about her ?
I am intrigued by her beauty

Sauce on this. Didn't see that story.

Did you just request what I think you requested?

How about you lurk moar, newfag?